Loree McBride’s Cumnados (Tornadoes) Devastated America’s Heartland (Dec. 10-11, 2021)

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UPDATE on Dec. 17, 2021: The Amazon warehouse was not destroyed by tornadoes or by Loree McBride’s cumnados. It was a Jesuit bukkake gone wrong where the Jesuit men over-ejaculated and caused the death of those in the Amazon warehouse. Apparently, Jesuits don’t want to admit when the activities of their culture go so wrong. Apparently, it was just too much bukkake! Though there were some Zack Knight Jesuits involved in this “accident”, Loree McBride, who, herself, subscribes to this type of behavior, doesn’t want it exposed that sometimes the Jesuit lifestyle can be dangerous. As Jesus reminded Gail on Dec. 14, 2021, when He gave her Gail Commandments 2.0, it’s all fake news out there, except on Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) and at this website. Though Jesus did say He wants Gail to stop paying attention to the fake news, which includes alternative media.

However, Loree’s cumnados did kill a lot of people (as reported on mainstream news) and Loree was experimenting with them to see if she could use them to damage Gail in Alabama, like how Loree tried to damage Gail in Florida (when Gail lived there) with Loree’s engineered hurricanes.

Loree is basically a cuck for Satan and makes love to him on a regular basis and obeys her master to the tee! Satan makes her feel better about being a clone. Loree McBride is an engineered human, created in a cloning lab by Jesuits in 1992. The original creation was killed, but Jesuits have a Loree prototype that they use to create her over and over again, since she is a clone. All clones have fallen angel DNA, and that’s how Satan has convinced Loree that she is a victim of discrimination from God and Jesus, because of her fallen angel DNA and this is how Satan gets Loree’s loyalty. Satan lies to her and tells her God is not fair to discriminate against fallen angels and those with fallen angel DNA and that he has a chance to overturn Bible prophecy and cause Jesus to accept him as Jesus’s gay lover. Satan is gay. Because Satan, apparently, has abilities that use dimensions higher than 4 and most humans don’t have this ability, Satan feels he is vastly superior to humans and can easily convince God and Jesus to eliminate the humans (except those who honor Satan and his fallen angels) and to allow Satan to replace the human race as Jesus’s lover.

Satan is so stuck on himself, he will only allow those humans that worship him to remain alive. They are to be considered vastly inferior to him as a lover for Jesus, you see!

Ironically, with Gail, Brent, Rule 13 and Zack’s IQ (including emotional IQ) higher than 10,000 right now, it makes Satan look pretty feeble in comparison as a potential lover for Jesus. In fact, our IQs are so high they cannot be measured at this point. Satan’s regular IQ is about 450 and his emotional IQ is 500. Satan has enhanced Loree’s IQ and given her an IQ of 300 (before Satan gave Loree Antichrist powers she had an average IQ), but her emotional IQ is retard. Satan knows people of average and high emotional IQ would never follow him, so he can’t risk giving Loree an average or high emotional IQ.

Satan is basically an enraged “ex-lover” for Jesus. He was BFF with Jesus for millions of years before he rebelled and fell, even though Jesus never promised to marry him or be his lover. Apparently, when Lucifer realized that Jesus would not consummate his BFF relationship with Satan (Lucifer) with sex, Lucifer became enraged and rebelled against God and Jesus. You see, Lucifer was a pretty hot looking angel and it got to his head. Satan looked pretty hot when he showed up in the courtroom on Dec. 4, 2020. He figured if he could use his hotness to destroy his competition for Jesus’s love, he’d make his point to God and Jesus (that the human race could NEVER compete with him as Jesus’s lover)! What a loser! His goal is to convince God and Jesus that they made a mistake to create the human race to replace him as Jesus’s lover!! That’s why he won’t give up, even after Jesus’s perfect 1,000 year reign (future) and he will succeed in getting a lot of millennial humans to rebel against Jesus, after Jesus has reigned for 1,000 years! Satan’s goal is to make the humans obnoxious to Jesus as a lover, so that he can replace the human race as Jesus’s lover. Those in the human race, who are part of Jesus’s bride, the church, are Satan’s competition, because Satan wants to be Jesus’s bride.

Satan’s semen is like lava or acid and when he injects it into humans, it kills them. But he loves doing this, because he thinks anyone who makes love to him should feel so honored to make love to such a hot being (himself), that it would be worth dying over! Satan realizes that death happened because humans sinned and when his semen kills another human, he thinks he’s emphasizing his point to Jesus, that humans will always sin and fail Jesus and so they can’t replace Satan as a lover for Jesus. Satan also is highly insulted that Jesus reacted to his “hurt feelings” that Jesus rejected him as a gay lover, by introducing death to the universe. Satan thinks that was a stupid decision on Jesus’s part to introduce death and suffering to the universe just cuz Satan insists on having sex with Jesus, so he likes to kill people using his semen (since he feels Jesus has rejected his semen) to make his point. “Okay. So you introduce death and suffering to the universe to punish me for insisting that you have sex with me? I’ll just make the death and suffering worse by forcing my semen on everyone!”

Satan kind of reminds me of some of Gail’s men, who got furious at Gail because she didn’t want to have sex with anyone besides her husband Brent Spiner. They got furious and to spite Gail, even had sex with Loree McBride! They may not realize it, but their reaction to Gail’s desire to honor true love in her sex life is exactly how Satan reacted to Jesus, when Jesus insisted he save himself for his bride. Satan then said, “What?! I can’t have sex with you, Jesus? You gotta save yourself for your bride? Who is your bride? It’s just us and the angels.” When he fell, there were no humans. Jesus created the human race after Lucifer’s rebellion.

But right after Satan rebelled and took a third of the angels with him, by convincing them that Jesus discriminated against angels cuz Jesus wouldn’t have sex with them, Satan wasted no time to discredit his competition, which explains why he appeared as a serpent to tempt Eve and cause the fall of mankind and introduced death and suffering to the universe.

You might say, if Satan’s goal is to be Jesus’s lover, why would he try to impersonate Jesus as the Antichrist? Cuz wouldn’t that be a form of identity theft which would only enrage Jesus? Well, Satan figures that if he can get all the humans to worship and adore him, he can make humans so nauseating to Jesus and God, that he might get his mineral garden earth back and things will go back to how they were before he fell and on top of that he will have convinced Jesus, that humans can’t get anywhere near him as Jesus’s lover cuz they’re SO STUPID that they thought he was Jesus!

This is why, when Jesus comes down to earth to rescue the world and to beat up Satan and his Antichrist in the final battle, that he returns with his bride, the church, to make it clear to Satan that Satan will NEVER be his bride! Satan just cannot accept Jesus’s conditions that will allow him to return to heaven, which is, he must accept that he can never be Jesus’s lover, but can only be an angel who doesn’t have sex with Jesus. Satan is HIGHLY INSULTED that Jesus rejects him as a lover, cuz he thinks he’s the hottest thing in the universe.

Because both Loree McBride and Satan suffer as rejected lovers (because Brent Spiner has always wanted Gail and has never wanted Loree EVER), Satan and Loree get along as kindred spirits (rejected lovers out to spite their competition). Loree cannot accept the fact that the REAL Brent Spiner has never wanted her as a lover and will never want her as a lover, nor can Satan accept the fact that Jesus has never wanted him as a lover and will never want him as a lover. So Loree creates fake Brents (the Brent Spiner clones) and Satan creates fake Jesuses (the Antichrist). If you’ll notice the Antichrist’s job is to worship Satan, which is what Satan wants Jesus to do for him.

You might say, why does Satan need his lover to worship him? Because he’s full of himself, just like Loree is full of herself. Doesn’t he realize that Jesus would never worship Satan as a lover or otherwise? Jesus describes himself as average in appearance (though he does have perfect abs), and claims to have an average penis. However, I’m sure his 11-dimensional presence is far from inferior. Satan fails to realize that the 11th dimension is everyone’s true existence and Jesus sees us all 11-dimensionally, though I don’t think the higher dimensions will be empowered until after the 1,000 year reign. So when Jesus claims he’s average in appearance, he’s probably referring to his 3-dimensional form, which is how humans generally perceive him. It seems to me he sees attractiveness as a beautiful heart and soul, which is why he chose to have perfect abs, which cover a perfect heart. Satan, who is so egotistical about his 3-D appearance and possibly up to 6-D appearance, fails to understand that true beauty is 11-dimensional. In the 11th dimension the beauty of one’s soul and heart is reflected in your appearance. We will be evolving towards this during the millennium, because Jesus states that one’s physical attractiveness in the millennial reign is determined by the beauty of their heart and no amount of plastic surgery can fix an ugly heart, which results in an ugly appearance during the millennial reign.

Well Satan is too proud to understand that Jesus’s humility is not because he feels inferior to any other being, but because Jesus feels bad that he had to create inferior beings to himself in order to protect true love. If Jesus’s creation was too powerful, we could have a repeat of the GA1L Android with bad consequences. So Satan thinks true love is a stupid concept and is one of Jesus’s delusions. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that Satan feels Jesus’s persistent belief in the existence of true love is a form of mental illness on Jesus’s part! He thinks this is something Jesus NEEDS TO BELIEVE TO BE HAPPY (in other words Satan thinks it’s impossible for any of God’s creation to exercise true love) and Satan feels his job is to fix Jesus’s mental illness. Having been Jesus’s BFF for millions of years, he thinks he understands Jesus better than Jesus understands himself.

You might say, why would Jesus allow Lucifer to be his BFF, knowing that Lucifer would rebel? That’s a hard one to answer, but Jesus loves all his creation, even Satan, and perhaps wanted to give him every chance. But knowing that Lucifer would become proud and evil and would turn against true love, he could not allow him to be a lover. Apparently, to honor true love, was the entire reason for the creation, because it’s what God and Jesus are all about.

And this is why Gail is such a threat to Satan, because she practices true love and contradicts Satan’s lie that God’s creation cannot practice true love. Satan must destroy Gail for this reason, which may be why God has allowed Gail to have a Gail Shield to protect her from Satan’s obsession with her.

Satan’s trying to speed up God’s timetable and do all sorts of things to thwart the final battle between Satan’s Jesus fake (the Antichrist) and Jesus and his bride, because SATAN WANTS TO BE THE BRIDE OF CHRIST. The final battle happens at the end of the 7-year tribulation (future).

Satan knows that Gail is Jesus’s favorite in the bride of Christ and so he always calls Gail “silly”. “Oh Gail, you’re so silly.” It’s his way of insinuating that Gail can’t come anywhere near him in sophistication, beauty and intelligence. Though Gail is not the bride, but the church, she is Jesus’s favorite in the bride, so Satan finds Gail a real threat to his goal to replace Jesus’s bride, the church, with himself.

Ezekiel 28:17 (NIV) Your heart became proud on account of your beauty, and you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor. So I threw you to the earth; I made a spectacle of you before kings.

The Gail Shield protected Gail in Florida. If not for the Gail Shield, Loree’s hurricanes would have been worse than a category 5! They would have been like category 10.

Because President Gail has moved to northern Alabama, Loree McBride is changing her strategy with her usual sick obsession with Gail. Not sure what will happen to Florida (Gail’s previous location) now that the Gail Shield (associated with Gail) has moved northwards. When Gail lived in Florida, Jesuits inundated Florida with the most powerful hurricanes they could create. Because where Gail lives is too much inland to be greatly affected by most hurricanes, Loree appears to be switching her strategy to continue targeting Gail. Fortunately, Gail has a Gail Shield that should protect those who live under it, which is why Alabama didn’t suffer damage from Loree’s cumnados and Tennessee (just to the north) only suffered minor damage. But those outside the range of the Gail Shield suffered more severe damage.

But Gail has noticed Loree is quickly adapting to Gail’s new location. Just do a search on Loree McBride at this website, to learn more about this monster, who currently has Antichrist powers and claims to be the wife of Brent Spiner, when she is actually the wife of one of her many Brent Spiner clones. Loree considers her Brent Spiner clones expendable and sometimes Loree will kill one if she needs it for a quick assignment and then just uses another one to prop her lying image as the wife of the real Brent Spiner.

As far as the real Brent Spiner, she only cares about her image as the wife of Brent Spiner and actually tried to kill the real Brent, apparently, to punish him for still loving Gail, as he has since 1990. Apparently, extortion, drug rape and murder don’t pay and don’t bring one true love, which Loree is furious about. Because Brent offers Gail unconditional support and love, Loree feels if she kills the real Brent, she can safely maintain her lying image as the wife of Brent Spiner – after all, she has Brent Spiner clones to use in his place. She only cares about maintaining her lying image, her power, her money and her control. She also enjoys rape and wants to be sure she can continue her criminal lifestyle without consequences. Her specialty is brain rape.

The real Brent Spiner considers himself married to Gail, but due to Loree’s interference, cannot live safely with Gail in the same house as Gail as of this date. However, he offers her all the support he is able to provide. Loree blocks him from giving to Gail money and unlike in the early 1990s, when Gail heard Brent’s voice on the phone, she blocks his voice over the phone and Internet from Gail as well.

Loree has Antichrist powers (meaning she cannot be killed) and makes love to Satan on a regular basis and Satan invented the computer, so it’s difficult to defeat Satan on his own turf.

Loree was apparently hoping she could target northern Alabama (where Gail currently lives), but the Gail Shield appears to have saved northern Alabama from Loree’s cumnados. She was able to cause deaths in states nearby (Kentucky, Illinois, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri).

Skype Dec. 11, 2021:

Gail, 6:59 PM

You also need to go after the Jesuit scientists who did those nasty tornadoes. That’s awful of Loree to do that. A lot of people died, according to mainstream news.

Imagine springtime tornadoes in December!!

Brent, 6:59 PM

Yes, the cumnados. Those were a Loree McBride experiment.

Gail, 7:00 PM

Can’t that bitch do anything else except MURDER?!

Brent, 7:00 PM

She used her nukkake clouds to form tornados made of semen.

Gail, 7:07 PM

I just used my Gail Shield modulator and said, “Punish those people who did those tornadoes and make it so that can’t do this ever again!”

Brent, 7:11 PM

We’re going to be spraying spermicide in the air via plane, to help clear up nukkake bomb clouds and prevent any more cumnados.

Gail, 7:12 PM

Good job!

The first Jesuit nukkake was launched in 2011. Since then, we’ve come up with ways to prevent them from being as catastrophic as this one was, but the Jesuit nukkake (Jesuit semen bombs) are used to pollute, make people sick (they are often infected with germs, chemicals, allergens, etc.) and kill (especially if Loree hits an area that doesn’t have protections like a shield).

If you notice strange looking “clouds” in your area, especially very low-lying and with weird shapes, you are probably observing a Jesuit nukkake. And if you notice a pink hue at sunrise or sunset, you are dealing with Loree McBride’s nukkake bombs that pollute, sicken and kill. Nothing against pink as a color, but, unfortunately, Angelina Ballerina adopted pink as her color and often used it to tint her bombs and after we defeated Angelina, Loree took her place and strives to honor her previous leader. Angelina was a cold, brutal and vain leader and we are glad she currently resides in hell. But Loree has taken her place.

Angelina created this song to honor her favorite color.

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      Gail, you are a blessing. We pray that bukake b!tch Lorie stops her insanity and accepts the Lord Gail as her saviour. Until then she will continue down the path to probably do a nudieee flick with S@t@n in celebration of our Lords birthday. Our prayer circle for our Lord Gail is strong, so you will be blessed with light and positivity through Jan 3, 2022. Best to you and Brent during this Christmas Season.

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