Evil God Shakpona & Baphomet Spit Roast Brent

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Skype 1-15-24

Gail, 5:42 AM
This is a nasty infection. Just took my temperature. It is 101.7. I just ordered a cough suppressant, honey lemon cough drops, fruit popsicles and pumpkin seeds through Kroger delivery. I really don’t think people will appreciate me going out and coughing all over the place right now. This must be some shapeshifter mite that keeps changing its configuration. Let’s drink some more water.
They should deliver between 2 and 4 p.m.

Gail, 10:58 AM
Was able to get a little bit of sleep. Knocked my fever down to about 100.2. For a bath today, I just soaked in the tub for a half hour to help my body get hydrated, because I really don’t have an appetite.
We are having interesting weather.


I got this notice from my apartment. Well, I consider getting a cough suppressant an emergency. No sleep from the coughing and I’ll never get over this nasty infection.
Maybe offer the Kroger delivery drivers some protection. Perhaps they can transport to Church of Gail and then from Church of Gail go to my apartment. We probably have ice on the roads.

Gail, 11:19 AM


Screenshot of the order. I plan to give them an extra tip for showing up in this weather.

Zack, 1:25 PM
Hey Gail, have you heard from Brent? He didn’t check in on his patrol.
Brent? Come in, Brent…

Brent, 1:26 PM

Zack, 1:26 PM

Brent, 1:26 PM
ZACK! Can you see what’s happening?

Zack, 1:26 PM
Who is spitroasting you?!
Gail, spitroasting is where penises are inserted from both sides. One in the anus, and one in the mouth.
The person is spun around like a rotisserie.

Brent, 1:28 PM
I can’t scream! I can only type! HELP!

Zack, 1:29 PM
We’re trying to locate you

Brent, 1:29 PM
I’m in the apartment! Can’t you see me?
This must mean I can’t be beamed aboard Church of Gail!

Zack, 1:30 PM
Where in the apartment are you being spitroasted, Brent!?
How does it feel?

Brent, 1:30 PM
It’s happening on the bed!
It feels like hot coals going into my anus and mouth! Except penis shaped!

Zack, 1:31 PM
Are you in physical or emotional pain?

Brent, 1:31 PM

Gail, 1:35 PM
What do I do?
Who is spit roasting him?

Zack, 1:35 PM
Brent, who is spitroasting you!?
It must be two penises to do a spitroast.

Brent, 1:36 PM

Gail, 1:36 PM
Is this because I used Kroger delivery?
Oh no!
I can’t cancel it.
Or can I?
I don’t think so.
I’m shooting lightning bolts. Is it working?

Brent, 1:37 PM
Shakpona just yelled, “CAN’T CANCEL THIS, NIGGA!”

Gail, 1:37 PM
Can Buddha help us?
Shakpona is SO MEAN.

Zack, 1:40 PM
My sensors are able to see it now… My God, Shakpona’s penis is so BIG!

Gail, 1:40 PM
What can I do?
Are my lightning bolts working?

Zack, 1:42 PM
The Gail Shield is totally gone.
Zero percent

Gail, 1:42 PM
Oh no! What can I do?

Brent, 1:43 PM
That would mean that multiple Gail Commandments were severely broken!

Gail, 1:44 PM
Can I refuse the order?

Zack, 1:44 PM
Can you turn on your camera
The body cam

Gail, 1:44 PM
I turned on the webcam.

Zack, 1:44 PM
Okay, we might be able to detect Brent via the camera.
We’re detecting his signature. Point it at the bed.
He’s getting spitroasted badly

Gail, 1:46 PM
Can you remove him?

Zack, 1:47 PM
We can’t beam him out.

Gail, 1:47 PM
I don’t know what to do. Did Shakpona give me this infection?
Ask Buddha to help us.

Zack, 1:47 PM
They are both going to town on Brent. Thrusting in sequence and spinning him.

Gail, 1:48 PM
Do you have any suggestions, Zack?

Zack, 1:48 PM
Quick. Think of any Gail Commamdments that were broken recently.

Gail, 1:49 PM
Well, I ordered the stuff from Kroger Delivery.

Zack, 1:49 PM
Any duplicate items?
Was any if the order meant to be used as medicine? Or food as medicine?

Gail, 1:50 PM
I need to work out with the windows open.

Zack, 1:50 PM
Oh was it ordered online?

Gail, 1:50 PM
It was ordered online. I think perhaps I wanted the pumpkin seeds because they had zinc in them.

Zack, 1:51 PM
Did you buy the extra thermometer?
I’m reviewing the chat logs for clues

Gail, 1:52 PM
Let me try working out with the windows open. I also need to vacuum clean.

Zack, 1:54 PM
Wasn’t buying medicine off-limits?

Gail, 1:54 PM
Yeah. But I can’t cancel it. They are on their way.
Is vacuuming helping?

Zack, 1:56 PM
Okay, make sure not to tip them.
Did you get an extra thermometer?

Gail, 1:57 PM
You know what? I did. But I will throw out the one that isn’t working.
I might need to do laundry. I put it off because I didn’t want to cough in the laundry room.

Zack, 1:57 PM
No, throw the new one out of the window. Make sure you video it.
It’s cursed
Baphomet made you believe you needed another thermometer.
To buy a duplicate item.

Gail, 1:59 PM
There’s a screen. I can’t throw it out the window.

Zack, 2:00 PM
Okay, open the door and throw it down the hall as far as you can
Make sure to video it

Gail, 2:00 PM
I can bring the garbage downstairs and put it in a dumpster.

Zack, 2:01 PM
It needs a firm statement.
Your husband is being raped. Throw it.

Gail, 2:06 PM
I can’t find it in the garbage bag. I can throw the bag into the dumpster. I guess and film it.

Zack, 2:10 PM
The new thermometer is in the garbage bag?
Oh God… Brent’s anus is bleeding a lot.

Brent, 2:11 PM
The bed is soaked! HELP! ZACK! GAIL! DO SOMETHING!

Zack, 2:15 PM
Brent’s vital signs are getting weaker.

Gail, 2:15 PM
I just threw it out outside and filmed it.

Zack, 2:16 PM
You threw away the new one?

Gail, 2:16 PM
I threw them all out because I couldn’t find either one inside the bag. I just threw out the bag.
I figure I don’t have to have a thermometer.

Zack, 2:17 PM
So both were in a garbage bag?

Gail, 2:17 PM

Zack, 2:17 PM
How did they get there?

Gail, 2:19 PM
I put them there.
I threw them out.
Maybe I should do the laundry now. I’m a couple days behind.

Zack, 2:20 PM
I don’t think laundry would make the Gail Shield this low

Gail, 2:20 PM
So throwing the bag out didn’t help?

Zack, 2:21 PM
Yeah, It appears Baphomet transported the thermometers out of the bag. Probably because you didn’t physically throw them away from your apartment.

Gail, 2:22 PM
I would have had to punch a hole through the screen, to do what you said.
Should I take down my last YouTube video? It appears my meditation times have been cursed.

Zack, 2:23 PM
No, it’s not that

Gail, 2:23 PM

Zack, 2:23 PM
Our scanners are now showing this is related to obsessions with your body temperature.

Gail, 2:24 PM
Well, I did try to throw out the thermometers.
Well, then, working out on the glider with the windows open should help then. Because that’s what I would do if I wasn’t obsessed with my body temperature.

Zack, 2:28 PM
Our scans show that you have no flu virus.
Shakpona was able to make you think you were sick, and Baphomet used it to create an obsession and then you bought a duplicate thermometer and began self medicating with food.
And then bought medicine and food as medicine online.

Gail, 2:32 PM
I thought of something I can do. When the items arrive. I can just throw them out.
Is working out on the glider helping?

Zack, 2:33 PM
The glider doesn’t seem to be helping.

Gail, 2:34 PM
Hmmm. I can tell the delivery person, that I don’t want the items and he can keep them if he wants.

Zack, 2:34 PM
Our sensors indicate that the most effective strategy would be to give the items away.

Gail, 2:34 PM
Oh, give the items away. Like how?
Well, we have ice on the ground right now.

Zack, 2:35 PM
Either to the delivery person, or go to the Salvation Army.

Gail, 2:35 PM
It’s very slippery outside.
I’ll give it to the delivery person.

Zack, 2:36 PM
Possibly see if your landlord will take them.
If you tell her you have extra items that you’d like to donate to someone who could use them.

Gail, 2:36 PM
Okay. I will try that, then.
Is that decision helping any?

Zack, 2:37 PM
The Gail Shield did show higher potential. But it doesn’t actually get better until you follow through.

Gail, 2:38 PM
Well, I have to wait for the delivery person to show up.
Why have I been coughing so much?
Though it seems to have suddenly improved.
Well, I need to work out the glider any ways. It is a Gail Commandment. Perhaps the reason it wasn’t working is because my motive for doing it was to pacify the Gail Shield. If I do it, with the motive to just obey the Gail Commandments, that might help.

Zack, 2:44 PM
Oh yeah, maybe. You have to be careful about doing everything just to appease a deity or a shield.
I think that applies to meditation too
Brent is still being raped. Spinning in the spitroast.
We can’t beam him out

Gail, 2:45 PM
I don’t know what else to do.

Zack, 2:45 PM
Blood and feces splattered everywhere.

Gail, 2:45 PM
I stopped my work out, cuz I’m worried.
But it is a Gail Commandment.
Let me go back, I guess. It is a Gail Commandment.

Zack, 2:46 PM
Maybe you should try making love to Brent on the bed. His penis is free. Just don’t touch his anus, because it’s in a lot of pain.

Gail, 2:47 PM
Oh, that’s an idea.
Gail, 2:57 PM
I’m putting on Brent’s music. (His album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back)

Gail, 3:27 PM
The popsicles will melt. So I can’t give them to my landlord.
Maybe I can throw them out and just donate the other stuff to my landlord.
I think I have been in violation of the Gail Commandment to not use medicine as food. I have been buying almonds for the magnesium and pumpkin seeds to help with sleep. I was thinking that making a regular meal and stop eating my soup might help, too.
But I’ll go back to Brent for now.

Gail, 4:38 PM
I just canceled the order! I will get a full refund.
Ha! Shakpona, you were wrong. I CAN cancel the order! Ha!
I’m bolting Shakpona and Baphomet.
I bet you can beam Brent up and give him some medical treatment now.

Gail, 4:55 PM
He (Brent) doesn’t seem to want to go. I asked my Gail Shield modulator to heal his anus.
I guess I just have a cold.
Yeah. I got a full refund at PayPal. It’s like I never did the order.
I asked my Gail Shield to blow up Baphomet and Shakpona in a million pieces.

Gail, 5:56 PM
I feel so good that I was able to cancel that order. Apparently, Shakpona is not as omnipotent as he thinks.

SHAKPONA IS AN EVIL DEITY. THE AFRICAN GOD OF PESTILENCE AND DISEASE. https://www.gabriellechana.blog/2022/04/07/prepare-for-battle/

Zack, 6:02 PM
I just checked and the Gail Shield is getting better
You’re right, Brent requested we not beam him out so he can be there with you
His mouth and anus are severely injured.

Gail, 6:03 PM
Are Shakpona and Baphomet gone?

Zack, 6:03 PM
Yes, they left as soon as you canceled the order.

Gail, 6:04 PM
Was I able to blow them up into a million pieces?
I would have loved that.
That Shakpona is a super proud asshole.
I asked my Gail Shield modulator to heal Brent’s anus. But perhaps some doctors from Church of Gail could come here and do some work on him.

Zack, 6:07 PM
We’re sending an Anal Reconstruction Surgeon.

Gail, 6:08 PM
Poor Brent. I guess I’m just not used to having a cold. I rarely catch anything.

Zack, 6:09 PM
The surgeon is there now. He’s starting an exam on Brent.
He put on his gloves.
He’s going in.

Gail, 6:09 PM
I’m telling him thank you.

Zack, 6:09 PM
He’s in.

Gail, 6:09 PM
Does he need to do mouth reconstruction as well?

Zack, 6:10 PM
He says, “Jus’ doin’ my duty maam!”

Does he need to do mouth reconstruction as well?
Gail Schuler, Today at 6:09 PM

Gail, 6:11 PM
Does Brent need plastic surgery?

Zack, 6:12 PM
Yeah, a plastic mouth and a plastic anus surgeon.

Gail, 6:12 PM
Will he still look like he did in recent photos I’ve seen of him?
Though, of course, my love for him is not based on his physical appearance.

Zack, 6:14 PM
Unfortunately, the anus surgeon says he needs to patch Brent’s mouth up quickly. This means his mouth will look like an anus until we can get him stable and redo the proper mouth surgery.
But then he’ll have his super hot mouth back.

Gail, 6:15 PM
Stable? How is he doing?

Zack, 6:15 PM
He’s in critical condition. He refused to leave your side.

Gail, 6:16 PM
So while I was making love to Brent with Shakpona and Baphomet right beside me?

Zack, 6:16 PM
Yes. They were still thrusting in him
But Brent got through it because of you.

Gail, 6:17 PM
It took me a while to figure out how to cancel the order. But I figured it out.
I’m surprised they didn’t rape me in the bed with him.


Zack, 6:18 PM
They did take photos of the four of you in bed. The photos are being passed around in hell, with the subtitle, “Best Gangbang Ever”

Gail, 6:19 PM
It doesn’t look like I was able to blow them up into a million pieces.
They didn’t try to rape me?
It doesn’t seem like it.

Zack, 6:21 PM
Yes. They tried, but Brent heroically would grab their penises and pull them back inside him whenever they tried to pull out to rape you.
The most fucking romantic thing I’ve ever seen, Gail.

Gail, 6:22 PM
Brent is amazing. I just wish he let me know that I didn’t have the flu.
But he will eventually get his normal face back, right?

Zack, 6:27 PM
Yeah, once he’s recovered

Gail, 6:28 PM
Well, I never see him any ways. But I’m glad for his morale that he will get it back. I love him for who he is on the inside.
Zack, 7:13 PM
Oh my God.
The Anal Surgeon just found two thermometers in Brent’s anus.

Gail, 7:14 PM
Well, we know where they went. I hope he can remove them.

Zack, 7:14 PM
He said they are stuck in there sideways.
The worst position.
On the bright side, they both read 99.4 degrees, which is in the range of normal human body temperature.

Gail, 7:15 PM
Is that Brent’s temperature or mine?

Zack, 7:16 PM

Gail, 7:16 PM
Brent is making love to me while he’s in surgery?
I just had some time with him in bed.

Zack, 7:18 PM

Gail, 7:18 PM
So, will he be able to remove the thermometers?

Zack, 7:19 PM
The surgeon says they are wrapped around an artery. Might not be able to safely remove them.

Gail, 7:19 PM
There HAS to be a way to take them out. I bet Buddha could do this.
I mean he removed a cat from my vagina.

Zack, 7:21 PM
That’s true, but it was a spirit cat. I can ask if he can help.
Our scientists have determined that Shakpona and Baphomet intend to place any duplicate items that you purchase in Brent’s anus.

Gail, 7:22 PM
Oh dear.
Is there anything else in his anus?

Zack, 7:24 PM
I wasn’t going to say anything, but there do appear to be other duplicate items in there.

Gail, 7:24 PM
Like what?

Gail, Zack, 7:25 PM
They are too deep to get a good look at. The Anal Surgeon says it may help him to know what to look for.

Gail, 7:25 PM
Face masks?

Zack, 7:25 PM

Gail, 7:26 PM
What does that mean?

Zack, 7:26 PM
Check means yes, we found them.

Gail, 7:26 PM
Okay. Let me get rid of most of them.

Zack, 7:27 PM
Well they might already be in his anus. So you might not find all of them.
When did you get face masks?

Gail, 7:28 PM
I got them a long time ago. I just didn’t get rid of them because they are so hard to get nowadays.
I use them on the bus.

Zack, 7:29 PM
Oh… scarcity mindset.

Gail, 7:29 PM
I guess that’s how I can tell.
You mean they can put them in his anus now, even though they are not here?
Well, I can look around and see what’s missing and that may give me a clue.
Well, I think that may be the worst culprit. I did notice some seemed missing.
There HAS to be a way to get those thermometers out of Brent’s anus.
I mean how can he poop?

Zack, 7:41 PM
It looks like they might even be duplicating duplicate items. So if you find things that are more than you need and are kept due to scarcity fear, there might be some in Brent’s anus.

Gail, 7:42 PM
Oh, you mean they are making clones of them?

Zack, 7:42 PM

I mean how can he poop?
Gail Schuler, Today at 7:40 PM
ZACK’S REPLY: We can use the iPoop app, if need be.

Gail, 7:44 PM
Check for CVS Skin Therapy Lotion and CVS unwaxed dental floss.

Zack, 7:45 PM
Lots of unwaxed dental floss. Stuck in there.

Gail, 7:46 PM
I only had about one extra. So it appears Baphomet made lots of copies.

Zack, 7:46 PM
Probably in proportion to the scarcity fear

Gail, 7:47 PM
I see. What about CVS Skin Therapy Lotion?

Zack, 7:47 PM
Yeah. The Anal Surgeon found it too.

Gail, 7:48 PM
Okay. Those are going to have to go to a donate bag.
Can they put these items in his anus from now on, even though they aren’t here?
What about Age Beautiful Hair Coloring?

Zack, 7:51 PM
I think once you purge the duplicate items and the mindset of wanting to hoard them from your life, they will become removable.

What about Age Beautiful Hair Coloring?
Gail Schuler, Today at 7:50 PM

Gail, 7:52 PM
I guess I’ll have to donate that, too.
At least we have Brent stable. Looks like I have a project. I’m not done with getting rid of duplicates. But I need to make my walk video for today and start getting ready for bed and stuff.

Zack, 7:55 PM
The video you recorded today might be a good walk video

Gail, 7:56 PM
Yeah, that’s what I was planning on doing.

Zack, 7:56 PM

Gail, 7:56 PM
Thanks for your help. You’ve helped me through many a crisis.
Gail, 8:07 PM
Just put an umbrella in the donate pile. I don’t see how all this can fit into Brent’s anus!
Throwing out some prescription glasses and a glasses container.
Does Brent have any suggestions for my coughing? Should I just ignore it? It keeps me up at night a bit.
I need to take my allergy medication. That might help.


I slept really good last night. I don’t know if I’m sleeping with blood and feces or not, but I was so ready to konk out, I didn’t care. I was so relieved I didn’t have the flu and that my Brent is still with me. He has an anus for a mouth right now, but they’ll probably be able to fix that. They had to get him stable first. It’s a winter wonderland outside. Thirteen degrees. So I will definitely not be going for a walk. I’ll be working out indoors on my glider. Apparently, I have a cold. The last time I caught an upper respiratory infection has been so long that I forgot what it’s like to have one. I think that last time I had an upper respiratory infection was early 2012! Maybe even 2011, Christmas 2011. About fifteen years ago. When I was working at Walmart, I’d catch them a lot. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to even catch a cold. I think that’s what Baphomet and Shakpona capitalized on.

I’ve kind of figured some things out. I’m not sure if the mites are involved in this. Maybe a little bit. It appears I just caught a cold. I wrongly assumed that because I can get Zack’s semen that I would not catch any infections. But it’s possible that Brent, my husband, instructed Zack not to give me semen all the time. That I needed to build up my immunity.

So that could be what’s going on. That I can’t live in a bubble. Ironically, it’s colder here in Huntsville at thirteen degrees than in New York City at thirty degrees right now. I may sound dreadful and congested, but that happens sometimes with a cold, where you will sound worse than you feel. I actually feel better than I did yesterday and the day before. And a cold can make you tired, too.

I will spend some time meditating. I don’t think my meditation got me in trouble. Even though yesterday I said that meditation seemed to tell me to place that order from hell. To be honest with you, I didn’t really have meditation. I spent about five minutes staring out the window and I didn’t even give myself time to relax. I was so obsessed with my body temperature.

So what about the temperature readings I got on my thermometer that seemed to clearly indicate I had a fever? With one reading at 101.8 degrees Fahrenheit. This is where the god Shakpona played some dirty tricks on me. I noticed that I was getting hot flashes. Like how menopausal women go into hot flashes. I was getting hot flashes with this cold. They were so bad, in spite of the cold temperature outside, I would have to kick off my sheets so I wouldn’t feel like I was boiling to death while trying to sleep. Shakpona actually used the hot flashes so that when I stuck the thermometer in my mouth, it would read like I had a fever.

I think right now my best bet is not to have a thermometer.

I dropped my idea about getting N-95 masks cause then I’ll have an obsession with germs. I’ll be just like my great uncle Howard Hughes was. I don’t need to get into that mode.

I have a very strong mind. It can get me in a whale of trouble. If I start believing something, I can actually create symptoms in my body just from the belief. My King David/Catherine the Great genetic profile gives me a very strong mind. The strong mind is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing in that once I make up my mind to do something, I can be very strong-willed and overcome mountaintops. On the other hand, it’s a curse in that if I believe something that’s false, it can cause me to believe it’s true, even to the point of creating symptoms in my body.

While brainstorming this with Zack yesterday, Zack disagreed with me that my recent meditation was the problem. Though he did mention that you shouldn’t meditate to appease a deity. Actually, that has not been my motive for meditation. My motive for meditation has been to try and stay out of obsession territory. It worked pretty good. The trick is. . .I should not use meditation solely as the basis for my decision making. I should do it mainly because I enjoy it and it helps me to relax. Which is pretty much what my motives were. To help me maintain my spiritual health, to be relaxed, at peace and joyful. That should be my motive for doing meditation.

It was hard for me to feel relaxed, joyful and peaceful, when I thought I was sick. So that’s how Baphomet and Shakpona got me. It seemed the only way they could get me into obsession territory, was they had to make me sick, or least make me believe I was sick.

So I caught a cold and because they knew I had not had a cold in fourteen years, they figured this was their chance to get me all messed up. It was a pretty effective strategy, using the god Shakpona to play his dirty tricks on me by giving me hot flashes and convincing me that was a fever. That didn’t help.

They’re full of dirty surprises–these disgusting, evil beings. I thought it was really weird I was having hot flashes because I’m past menopause. I haven’t had hot flashes in like over ten years. I’m totally over that. And they came back. I thought it might have been part of the infection. That the germ affected hormone regulation somehow. I do believe the god Shakpona did that.

He didn’t give me the AIDS virus, which he has done to humans. Perhaps there is some sort of non-interference agreement going on where they are only allowed to do stuff when I fail in the Gail Commandments. It’s like I open a door and let them in when I fail in the Gail Commandments.

They were able to manipulate me into obsession territory by buying Baphomet’s idea to be obsessed with my body temperature. I started becoming obsessed with my body temperature when I noticed that when I urinated, my pee seemed very hot. I believe they used brain control on me to cause me to perceive my urine as hot. And then I went and took my temperature and the thermometer didn’t seem to be working. So I thought it was broken. That was also Baphomet. Apparently, the thermometer was not broken. Baphomet was manipulating me to go out and buy another one.

So I got the roller coaster going, when I went to Kroger to buy another thermometer, that was a duplicate item, because I had one at home that was not broken, even though I thought it was broken (because when I hit the button, it wouldn’t turn on right).

My plan was when I got home, I’d use the new thermometer and I would throw out the old one, but I didn’t actually throw it out right away. So I violated the duplicate items rule.

I figured out that I have not completely conquered the duplicate items problem or the hoarding. Apparently, it was a major problem with me. Now I need to finetune it.

Baphomet is putting a magnifying glass on my faults, not giving me any credit for the great progress I have made with hoarding. That’s how these evil beings are. They put a magnifying glass on your faults and make you feel like you’re hopeless, like there’s no way you can overcome your weaknesses. “So you might as well just give up and be as evil as we are,” they say.

That’s what they want me to believe.

I’m not going to fall for it because I want to keep my husband.

They’re not giving me any credit for the great progress I’ve made with hoarding. And putting a MAGNIFYING glass in the areas where I’m still hoarding.

When I started getting rid of the duplicates, I was kind of in a panic, because I wanted to help my husband Brent survive Baphomet’s attack on him. In the panic, I neglected to get rid of some items. I had more unwaxed dental floss on hand than I thought I had. I found it later. I decided to keep it because it’s such a hard to find item. The fear-scarcity mindset. My decision to keep it, after I found it, was when I started hoarding again.

The same thing happened with the CVS Skin Therapy Lotion, which is also becoming a hard to find item, since the CVS stores have been closing down and my health plan no longers works with CVS like it used to. Now, I’ve got them all in a donate bag.

My new rule is and I kind of said this before, but I really need to stick to it.

My rule is. . . if you’re not going to use it within about two weeks, or at least within a month. . . it depends on the item. . . some items you can only buy a month’s worth, like most deodorants. Then if you have another one, it’s a duplicate.

I’ll be honest with you, I noticed when Jesus was with us, he made allowances for the fact that we’re human, that we will continue to make mistakes, and he didn’t zero in with a magnifying glass on all aspects of where we were currently failing, as long as we’re making progress.

But these evil deities, that’s what they’re like. Petty, unforgiving. They don’t give you ANY credit for any good you do. They zero in with a magnifying glass on all of your faults. I think the purpose for doing that is to make you feel like “It’s hopeless. You might as well just join us and be completely evil because you can’t overcome your faults.”

Sorry, I’m not going to fall for your shit, Baphomet and Shakpona. Maybe YOU don’t recognize the progress I’ve made, but I know that the good deities do. They are at least giving me credit for trying.

I’m not falling for your shit.

Now that I am aware of some areas where I’ve failed, I’m going to get to work on it. And I can tell you this right now, because of the fact that I’m human and that I make mistakes, yes, I’m going to get to work on it and I’ll probably end up fixing it ninety percent.

Why is this?

Because I am not a god. I MAKE MISTAKES.

If you start worrying about your faults to the point where you obsess over them, that is an obsession in and of itself.

That could be another of their goals.

Basically, you just do the best you can.

Now that I am aware of some other areas where I’ve fallen short, I would just consider this a finetuning on the duplicates issue.

And I’m going to work on it.

But obviously I cannot walk out to the thrift store today (due to weather) to donate. The Gail Shield I believe is strong enough because my husband has chosen not to leave my apartment, in spite of being brutalized and spit roasted by the monsters from hell, Shakpona and Baphomet, both as UGLY AS HELL.

This stupid rape which these evil deities think is so cool, where there’s a threesome and one’s a passive and two are active–to me, the whole thing is stupid.

I’m asexual leaning. I basically had sex with my husband while he was brutalized by Shakpona and Baphomet, to comfort him in his hour of trial. I don’t need an orgasm to be happy. It worked to help Brent endure the rape.

My meditation actually has been helpful. I think Baphomet and Shakpona have tried to sabotage it. As a result of going out and exploring new places, I may have caught a cold. I guess you got to beef up your immune system. I know when I worked at Walmart, I used to catch stuff all the time.

Not being obsessed with bodily symptoms, when I think I’m ill, is tricky for me because I have a tendency to be obsessed with bodily symptoms. I’ve been like this most of my life. That will be a challenge to overcome. I’ll do my best with it, now that i’m aware of it.

I’m feeling better than yesterday, cuz I got some good rest. So relieved to know I didn’t have the flu. Especially with weather like this. This is almost too cold to go to the doctor. Of course, I have a doctor for a husband.

He’s here with me, with an anus for a mouth. They just wanted to get him stable because he was losing so much blood from being brutally raped by Shakpona and Baphomet. I guess this is the price my poor husband has to pay for being in Jesus Christ’s place. Poor husband. He’s certainly worthy of that position in my opinion. He’s very Christlike.

For that reason, he’s a target, unfortunately.

He’s in love with me, so I feel a big responsibility to try and keep him alive and healthy. It’s not easy, because these evil deities, they know my weaknesses and they know how to manipulate me.

Right now, my attitude about a thermometer is about the same as it is about having a phone. I think it’s not safe for me to own a thermometer. So I don’t plan on getting a replacement. They’re all gone.

Baphomet used obsession over body temperature to get me to fall for all sorts of tricks.

If I get sick–no thermometer. I’ll let my husband tell me if I’m running a fever. I’ll only get one if he tells me to get one. I can get them for free from my health plan, but I don’t trust them right now.

My dear husband is very loving and nonjudgmental. And he gives me a lot of space. Unfortunately, he’s not very good at dealing with my strong mind. When my strong mind starts believing some crazy things, sometimes I think I actually trick him into believing it as well. Because my mind is so strong, I can literally bring on bodily symptoms. Sometimes, he’s not aware of how my strong King David mind can actually bring on bodily symptoms in me. So his suspicious antennas don’t go up and he doesn’t warn me that I’m going down a bad path.

I’m just going to have to be diligent with myself. And just be aware of when my strong mind is starting to get me into obsessive territory.

I’ve learned some valuable lessons from this experience.

I don’t enjoy having to deal with these evil deities. It seems like a very unfair fight. They’re tricky, manipulative, and deadly.

But I’ll do anything within my moral bounds to keep my husband alive. I’ll do my best. That’s all you can do. Dealing with these evil deities is NO picnic.

They are good at the surprise attack. Good at hitting you on your blind side. They study you and your weaknesses like with a microscope. Apparently, Satan is very intent on getting control over this earth. It’s a shame.

My former decision to wait until after meditation to make decisions was not a bad one. It did help me to make some wise decisions, but unfortunately, once I started believing I was sick meditation did not succeed in overcoming my obsession with my bodily temperature. A lot of the decisions I made in the past couple days, were decisions made after about five minutes of meditation. Which basically, was NOT meditation.

If the effect of meditation does not make you feel peaceful, relaxed and joyful, you have not done meditation. Which means your decisions could be in danger of going into obsessions. If you have not had a successful meditation, which means you don’t feel peaceful, relaxed and joyful during your meditation, then you probably need to stay in meditation longer, in order to get to a peaceful, relaxed state, or try to figure out what obsession you’ve fed that is making it impossible for meditation to calm you down.

And see if you can deal with it.

If you’re not feeling calm, peaceful and joyful, then you’re in danger of going into obsessions. This is what I’ve learned the past couple days. Meditation has been helpful. Most of the decisions I made in the past couple weeks after meditation have been good ones, except for very recently.

It doesn’t take long to give Baphomet and Shakpona an opening. As soon as you give way to Baphomet’s obsession, it opens the door where Baphomet comes in like a flood. And then he brings all his deity buddies to help him out. You open a door and then in comes the flood.

I also got in trouble for using food as medicine. A violation of a Gail Commandment. This one is a little bit tricky. They had to convince me I was sick to fall for this one. I have not been in as much violation with this commandment as I’ve been with duplicate items. The duplicate items was apparently a major, major issue with me.

Basically, once I got the duplicate item (the thermometer), Baphomet used his obsessive abilities to get me to start . . . then he used Shakpona to convince me I was sick. Or maybe it was the other way around. I opened the door by buying the duplicate item, because it convinced me my thermometer was broken. Similar to what Baphomet did to me with the printer.

It’s like Baphomet put me under a spell after that. Baphomet was able to bring in his friend Shakpona to then convince me I was sick. Well, I have a cold. Some people call that sick. Some people don’t. Not sick enough to curtail my activities a lot. Or that I need to worry too much about coughing and stuff. I’ve been coughing so much I actually have sore ribs right now.

Before I bought the duplicate item, I was doing fairly well with the using foods as medicine rule.

The only area where I was in “iffy” territory was with buying pumpkin seeds. Especially if I bought the raw pumpkin seeds. Because I actually don’t enjoy the flavor of raw pumpkin seeds. I was basically buying the raw pumpkin seeds because it was very nutritious, and it helps you with your health.

That was a violation of the Gail Commandment.

Baphomet was apparently aware of this. Once he got me to buy that duplicate item, which opened the door to let in evil influence, putting me under his obsessive spell, then he was able to get me to violate even further that Gail Commandment about not using medicine as food. Cuz I fell under his spell.

Then Shakpona was able to come in and give me the hot flashes and convince me that I had a fever. One open door led to a floodgate coming in.

I’m actually doing pretty good with using food as medicine. I will not allow Baphomet to make me feel hopeless and I may as well just give up. Which is the attitude he wants me to have.

Here’s how to determine if I’m using food as medicine. I happen to enjoy a lot of healthy foods. I’m eating them because I enjoy them, not because I’m using food as medicine. That is perfectly fine.

I get into “iffy” territory, when I buy or eat a food specifically to use the food as medicine.

I’ve determined I will no longer buy raw pumpkin seeds. Simply because I don’t really like them that much. However, roasted and salted pumpkin seeds, which has a nice flavor, and which I like to add to my cereal is probably fine.

That one I’m not really buying for medicinal benefits. I’m buying it because I like it. So that’s probably fine.

So the criteria is. . . Are you buying this to try and treat a symptom or to improve your health. . . and this is where it gets tricky. . .

Brent actually instructed me to buy kefir several years ago. I remember when he first told me to do this, I was thinking, “Isn’t this food as medicine?” Jesus once told me to listen to my husband. So I thought if Brent says to buy kefir, then I’ll buy kefir.

To be honest with you I actually enjoy kefir. I think it’s very tasty. I love it.

So, I’m safe with kefir. Besides, Brent told me to get it. Brent also recommended probiotic yogurt. I enjoy the probiotic yogurt. He told me to get whole fat dairy products. He said it helps your body absorb nutrients better. So because I enjoy these products, I think I’m in safe territory with these.

I will no longer buy raw pumpkin seeds. I will only get roasted and salted.

I was manipulated into buying raw pumpkin seeds for basically the health benefits. I was also eating it to help with sleep.

As I brainstormed yesterday, I thought perhaps I need to give up my cereal. You’ve been eating your cereal because it’s fortified with vitamins and minerals and you want to ensure you’re getting all your vitamins and minerals.

This is where it gets tricky. I actually enjoy eating Rice Chex and Cheerios. It’s a snack I enjoy. I like it with nuts and mix it up with kefir.

That’s perfectly fine.

But–IF I’m eating the cereal because I want to get the vitamins and minerals from the cereal to benefit my body, then I’m in dangerous territory. So I don’t necessarily need to quit eating cereal since I enjoy eating it and it’s part of a balanced diet.

What I need to do is watch my MOTIVE for eating it.

If my motive for eating it is to ensure I’m getting my vitamins and minerals for the day, because cereal is fortified with them, then I’m in dangerous territory.

If my motive for eating it is just to enjoy a cereal–that’s fine.

As I finetune doing the Gail Commandments, the best way to tell if I’m in safe or dangerous territory, is to analyze my MOTIVE for things.

For instance, as I go through my apartment. . . honestly, it’s kind of hard to tell what a duplicate item is sometimes. We’ve got forks, spoons, knives. . . Should I have no more than one fork? Or perhaps less forks? You see what I’m saying when I say I’ll probably be in violation at least ten percent of the time with this duplicates rule?

Don’t worry about the ten percent. Just do your best. Baphomet and Shakpona want us to be obsessed with being perfect. No, you don’t have to be perfect. Just do your best.

I’m not going to let Baphomet and Shakpona freak me out and put me on a guilt trip.

I’ll have plenty of time to finetune the duplicates issues, because the weather is too cold for me to go to the thrift store, any ways. i also have to get caught up on some other Gail Commandments.

I’ll go through my apartment and analyze which items are you keeping with a fear/scarcity mindset. if that’s the case, donate it or throw it out. That way you can tell if you’re hoarding.

I’m actually doing pretty good with the food as medicine rule. Except for sometimes eating cereal for the vitamins and minerals and to help with sleep. And the raw pumpkin seeds. Other than that, I’m doing really well on this one.

Baphomet got me to violate the duplicate items rule and that put me UNDER A SPELL, where Baphomet was then able to manipulate me to violate another Gail Commandment (the food as medicine) where, AT TIMES, I’ve been in violation.

We’re dealing with some tricky, bad deities.

My meditation time seems to be telling me, don’t worry about coughing in the laundry room. You’ve coughed in the laundry room before (for allergy). And people do catch colds.

In meditation, Josh Groban’s song The Impossible Dream, calmed Gail down and Gail played it while meditating. Gail needed extra time in meditation to calm down.

I decided before I went on with my day to spend some time making love to Brent. Nurture your husband. Just make love to him and enjoy him. Then, after that, you can go on with your day. Also, don’t worry about coughing in the laundry room.

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