Solar Eclipse 4-8-24: Skoll Almost Got Goddess Sol

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Can watch above video here:

Brent Spiner Skype to Gail on April 12, 2024:

Brent, 10:20 AM
Wow! So much has been going on.

Well, the GCFN has been blowing up with breaking news all week.

First of all, I learned a lot about solar eclipses that I didn’t know before.

Brent, 10:27 AM
So, apparently, according to Norse mythology, solar eclipses represent the god Skoll (a wolf) chasing the goddess Sol across the sky. According to the legend, if he catches her, the Earth will be plunged into darkness, and there will be a war among gods. This would harken the apocalypse.

Skoll chasing Sol

Triton was telling me all about it. I thought, well, that’s a scary story! But it can’t be real.

I asked Buddha about it. He calmly nodded, and said, “oh yes Brent, it’s very real. Many benevolent gods watch the solar eclipses on Earth every iteration, to be sure to protect Sol.”

He let me watch the solar eclipse with god vision! I was amazed.

Goddess Sol

Sol is a very beautiful goddess. She has sparkling fair skin and long flowing hair that glows like the sun. Her chariot of fire is awesome. I watched as she rode across the sky, and an enormous wolf came chasing her!

At first I was scared. The wolf was right on her wheels. Buddha made a calming gesture with his hand and he said, “don’t worry Brent. Sol does this all the time. She is very fast.”

The wolf got closer, and closer. His silver fur is full of sparkling stars, and he has white eyes that glow like the moon.

All of a sudden, one of Sol’s wheels hit a Boeing airplane.

It was like hitting a big rock!

The wheel swerved, and Sol’s chariot fell over!

I gasped and yelled, “BUDDHA!”

You know how Buddha is. He is normally calm and collected. But I watched his squinty eyes go wide, and he dropped his tea cup with a shatter, green tea spilling everywhere.

“This isn’t supposed to happen,” he said with alarm.

He immediately summoned the other gods to go help Sol.

Sol had fallen from her chariot, and was tending to her ankle that twisted in the fall.

Her burning orange eyes went wide.

Skoll’s hackles were raised, and he was foaming at the mouth. He saw his opportunity, and he went right for it!

I thought, “oh NO! BUDDHA! He’s going to kill her, and plunge the whole world into darkness!”


All of a sudden, I heard a squeaky sound, like the sound of a dog toy.

Muhammad was holding a tennis ball, one with a squeaker inside. Skoll immediately stopped, and his ears pricked. He looked at Muhammad.

God Muhammad

Muhammad squeaked the tennis ball again, and Skoll whimpered and began to swish his tail. Then, Muhammad THREW the tennis ball! Skoll took chase and ran off after it.

Lakshmi and Horus picked up Sol, helping her to her feet. Her goddess ankle was sprained. They hurried her to the hospital on Church of Gail, where Sekhmet got to work on treating her goddess injury, and Buddha healed her chakras.

Goddess Lakshmi

God Horus

I said to Muhammad, “what about Skoll? He’ll be back!”

Muhammad smiled. All of a sudden, there was a BOOM!

The tennis ball was a bomb.

The bomb knocked out Skoll, who collapsed into a pile of stars.

He was stunned, but not dead.

Muhammad and Triton went to tie him up and muzzle him, and then they dragged him back to Church of Gail.

So now, we have Skoll on the Church of Gail animal shelter. He is imprisoned in the biggest dog cage we have.

Gail, 10:48 AM
So this has been the headlines on GCFN all week?

Brent, 10:49 AM
Sol is feeling much better. After 24 hours, she was sent back home on her chariot, which Triton helped fix.

Gail, 10:50 AM
It seems that time works with the battle between Sol and Skoll, cuz everyone knows when the eclipses will happen.

Brent, 10:50 AM
The gods and I are thinking about what to do with Skoll. We are going to send him back to the god realm. He needs an owner so he doesn’t get loose and do this again.

Yes, this has been in the news all week. But some people don’t have GCFN, and they only watch your videos. So I thought I’d update you.

Also, OJ Simpson died.

Gail, 10:51 AM
Yeah, I heard about that.
I imagine he went to hell.

Brent, 10:51 AM
Probably. He was having sex with Shakpona before he died.

Gail, 10:52 AM
I always believed he murdered the Goldman guy and his wife back in the 1990s.

Brent, 10:52 AM
Shakpona ejaculated into OJ’s anus, and gave him a fast acting prostate cancer. And AIDS.

Gail, 10:52 AM
But why would Shakpona kill an ally?

Brent, 10:53 AM
Buddha could have put his fist up OJ’s anus and saved him, but he didn’t. He gave a belly chuckle and said, “Nope. Let that be this murderer’s karma.” Then sipped his tea calmly while watching OJ die of butt cancer.

It doesn’t matter to Shakpona. He can still fuck OJ’s soul now that he’s dead. He’s just in hell now.

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