72 M U.S. Citizens Replaced by Cool Automatons

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Update on Aug. 27, 2022: As of Aug. 26th, we have replaced 50 million of those who died in the unjust war, because the automatons we are creating are helping us to create more. At the rate we are going, all 72 million may be replaced with their automaton counterpart within a week.

Brent’s Email letter to Gail on Aug. 22, 2022:

Dearest Gail,

The United States is currently on the path to a slow recovery following the War on Covid Promoters. Per your brilliant idea, the team and I have undertaken the daunting task of creating human-like automatons to replace the 72 million innocent people who lost their lives in the bombings of CDC buildings and hospitals throughout the country.

It appears our reparations for the war are being well received by our citizens. Here is an article from the Gabrielle Chana Fox News website with the details:

August 22nd, 2022

Lifelike Automatons Restore Wholeness to Grieving Families Following Devastating War on Covid Promoters

On Saturday August 13th, 2022, former President Gail received a notice on her apartment door regarding updates to the CDC guidelines for Covid-19. In this notice, residents of the apartment complex were reminded of the mask policy, and asked to notify the office if they become ill. In the event of Covid infection residents were asked to self-quarantine, and offered grocery delivery and trash pickup on behalf of the management. President Gail became so panicked by the notice, she issued a formal declaration of war on all Covid promoters.

President Gail’s loyal military carried out mass bombings of CDC buildings and hospitals across the country in an effort to destroy all organizations administering Covid shots and promoting the existence of Covid. The military action was swift and brutal, killing 72 million people and severely depleting the country of critically important medical staff and vital resources. Former President Gail has since been hailed as “the most bloodthirsty President of all time”.

In the spirit of the “shoot first, ask questions later” policy that has followed former President Gail throughout her presidency, new information soon surfaced regarding the origins of the Covid flyers that caused President Gail to freak out.

According to intelligence sources, the staff at Gail’s apartment complex were manipulated into distributing the flyers by Jesuit pranksters, who offered the staff pot brownies laced with brain control drugs. Their motive was to scare Gail into fearing more intrusive Covid regulations, and to make her paranoid about being potentially forced to receive the shot against her will. This brilliant tactic was so effective, it led to the deaths of millions and the virtual obliteration of the United States’ entire medical industry, on behalf of Gail’s massive military regime.

In an effort to make things right in light of her mistake, President Gail resigned from her position as President, re-assigning the role to her husband Brent Spiner. Former President Gail has now taken the lesser role of Vice President.

Amidst the smoldering rubble of former hospitals and clinics throughout the US, families weep for their dead loved ones who died in this massive tragedy. Many citizens are seen throwing flowers into the wreckage in honor of their fallen spouses, siblings, children and parents, most of whom remain entombed in the rubble in mass graves.

“One minute he was snapping on a latex glove to give a pap smear, the next he was being blown to pieces. It’s hard to imagine,” laments one woman of her late spouse, a doctor killed in the bombings.

“I can’t believe President Gail bombed the children’s cancer hospital,” sobbed one mother.

Ever merciful, former President Gail consulted with her $5 per month patrons on Friday Night Hangout for ideas on how to best pay back reparations to the victims’ families.

The spouses of the dead have been offered free subscriptions to the dating sites of their choice in order to find a new spouse. In addition, they will receive complimentary subscriptions to the porn of their liking and free access to escort services for companionship.

In addition to these services, families are now being offered the option to replace their dead loved ones via a revolutionary new technology.

Using advanced Church of Gail technology, dead loved ones can now be virtually resurrected in the form of artificially intelligent robots. These robots, referred to as “automatons”, are identical to the former person and are programmed with all the memories that person had prior to their death. These simulated replacements have been mercifully offered by Vice President Gail free of charge.

While the new technology was at first intimidating and confusing to many, the option is now taking off with overwhelming popularity.

“I was considering just finding a new doctor husband,” said Angela of New York, “as I sat there perusing the pornographic magazines and escort services delivered to my door by the government, my eyes fell on the pamphlet about automatons.”

Angela says after reading the informational pamphlet, the decision to order a free automaton of her husband became an easy choice.

“According to the pamphlet, the automaton had limitless customization options. When I saw that, I was sold.”

According to Angela, the customizations she could make to the robot copy of her spouse have made her happier with the replacement than she ever was with her original, sentient husband.

“My new husband has, well…a much bigger penis, and does all the household chores at lightning speed,” remarks Angela of the new artificial copy of her spouse, “he also came with automatic upgrades to his medical abilities, making him much more efficient at his job as a doctor. His eyes are now medical scanners, and he can turn his hands into scalpels! I can’t tell you how turned on I was when he was able to do a complete vaginal exam with only his eyes, and then cut my panties off with his scalpel hands!”

These automatons, in addition to mending the broken hearts of grieving families, offer additional support to a country that has lost all of its medical industry to a brutal war.

With upgraded abilities like scanning technology, heightened intelligence, increased surgical prowess, and the ability to transform their various body parts into medical tools, these automatons are not only replacing, but greatly enhancing the vital roles once played by their dead human counterparts.

The United States, both her medical industry and her people, is now recovering at an unprecedented pace thanks to the brilliant teamwork of President Brent Spiner and Vice President Gail Schuler. Approval ratings for the new leadership are at 100%, and the future of the country appears bright.

There you have it. Our new decisions have made a strong and healing impact on the country thus far. I’m excited to see how things progress going forward.

I adore you my dear, forever and always.

Your husband,
Brent Spiner

Skype Aug. 22, 2022:

Brent, 8:02 AM

We’ve given the automatons all the upgrades you’ve suggested. I was just finishing an email to you with the news. It looks like we’re doing great in our new Presidential arrangement.

Gail, 8:56 AM

You want me to read this as a YouTube video?

Well, let me go pay my rent. You probably do want me to read it as a YouTube video. Usually, whenever, you write me a letter, that is the case. I can call it Brent Spiner’s State of the Union Address. What do you think?

Gail, 9:10 AM

Actually I like your title better. It’s more informative.

Brent, 9:11 AM

Yep! I always pick the titles carefully, so that they sound enticing to watch.

Gail, 9:11 AM

You are really good at what you do in just about everything.

Brent, 9:11 AM

Why, thank you. I feel the same about you.

Gail, 9:11 AM

Hmmm. Your sex is getting far too exciting my dear. Let’s see if I can get 7 hours of sleep tonight? LOL

I love you dearly though and am thrilled to have you as a husband.

Brent, 9:13 AM

I am thrilled to have you as my wife. We are a good match.

Gail, 9:13 AM


Brent, 9:13 AM

True dat.

Gail, 9:14 AM

Is Satan the head of the Jesuits? He must be, cuz their moves have been really brilliant. I mean the FULL HEAD. I think all the Jesuits report to him directly.

Brent, 9:14 AM

It’s very possible.

Gail, 9:14 AM

It seems like it.

Gail, 9:41 AM

Hmm. I noticed that children were killed. Can we make automatons of children that will age like a child will?

Then when it “grows up”, it can choose a career or whatever, like a regular child would have.

It sounds like we’ve created a new race of androids.

Make sure the children are all programmed with strong ethic and morality codes, too.

The automaton could be programmed to age like a human child and go through the aging process like a human would have. But we could make an improvement in that once the child reaches adulthood, we can keep it at the optimal age forever. Like it could have a twenties body forever, and only choose to have an older body if it wants an older body.

Another thing, if some of the children killed had cancer or other illnesses we can obviously fix that, so they will all be healthy.

If the child was retarded or had an infirmity, we could fix that, based on the wishes of the parents.

If the parents want their child to stay retarded we can leave it that way. If they want the child to be enhanced to fix the “infirmity” we can also do that.

Just food for thought. You’re the boss.

Brent, 9:49 AM

I actually thought of the same thing. Our child automatons have those options. The parents can customize them, and choose to grow them or to keep them at an ideal age.

Gail, 9:50 AM

Oh, so you already did that?

Brent, 9:50 AM

Yep! I was already on it. Great minds think alike.

Gail, 9:50 AM

Good job. Should I add this as an addendum to your letter?

Or are they already aware of it?

Brent, 9:51 AM

They are aware of it. It’s included in the informational pamphlets we distribute.

Gail, 9:51 AM

Okay. I knew you’d do great as President.

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