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As U.S. President and world empress, I have appointed Larry Elder as California governor, because Gavin Newsom and all politicians in California who serve Loree McBride are guilty of HIGH TREASON and, if caught, will be executed publicly on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. The California recall election was a joke and Loree McBride controlled it from beginning to end, clearly violating many death penalty bans I’ve instituted.

We are experiencing similar death penalty violations to my Conspiracy Law in New York and Massachusetts, so all politicians in ANY state or country who disobey my death penalty ban on the DEATH SHOT (or Loree McBride’s COVID vaccine) must be totally and irrevocably impeached and wanted for HIGH TREASON. If caught, all such politicians will be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News for violating my death penalty ban on the COVID vaccine.

Furthermore, any one who obeys any Loree McBride Jesuit politician, and these can easily be spotted because they flagrantly violate my BAN on the COVID vaccine, must be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. This probably means we have a lot of executions to carry out!

To facilitate this, all parts of any country or state (like Australia, New York, California, Massachusetts, etc.) that is not obeying my BAN on the COVID vaccine, will be set off for destruction. First we will clear out innocents in these countries, states or regions, and partition these innocents off into Church of Gail cities with a dome over each city to protect my supporters inside. After we have done this, we will DESTROY all those in the rest of the country or state or province. We have declared war on the Loree McBride Jesuits back in 2020 and the war is ON. Loree has instituted a civil war in all Conspiracy Law honoring countries and we won’t win the war if we continue to play her games. All Loree McBride Jesuits who dare step foot on the soil of any Conspiracy Law honoring country MUST GO, along with ANY ONE who obeys their treasonous edicts.

Bernie Sanders actually supports me (along with my death penalty ban on the COVID vaccine) and I think would make a fine governor for Massachusetts. Loree McBride has taken over his online presence though, so don’t believe what his “treasonous substitute” says on his social media presence.

We have successfully taken over Germany and Adolf Hitler (under Vladimir Putin’s leadership) is doing a fine job there. I encourage him to take over Italy and make it a Conspiracy Law honoring country! The first thing we must do when we take over a state, province or region or country is to sack all Loree McBride Jesuit leadership there and EXECUTE THEM (along with anyone who obeys them). This is war, after all.

I give Brent Spiner, my co-President, full authority to make any appointments necessary, to help me enforce Conspiracy Law worldwide. He does not need to ask for my permission first before doing so.

I sign this executive order on Sept. 28, 2021 as Gail Chord Schuler U.S. President and World Empress.

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