LIZZO JUSTICE VOTEs For Future Elections

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Sect. 8.10 of Conspiracy Laws and Government, Part One states that those murdered by Lizzo or rendered retarded by her will have their votes count according to LIZZO JUSTICE VOTE rules, where we use the votes of Lizzo murdered or retarded people how we want and seven times how we want.



8.10 Any person who was eligible to vote under Conspiracy Law, who has become retarded or who DIED as a result of any of Lizzo’s activities, will still retain their right to vote, even though for all intents and purposes they would otherwise not be qualified to vote, as in the case of a dead person, they would be dead and so their vote wouldn’t count and in the case of a retard, they will be like an UNWILLING AGENT and so their vote wouldn’t count. Those who become ineligible to vote, either because they are murdered or because Lizzo has rendered them retarded when they were not previously retarded, will have their votes count in elections by treating their vote as a LIZZO JUSTICE VOTE.

8.10a All those who are considered a LIZZO JUSTICE VOTE, will retain their voting rights by allowing those who tally the votes to determine who among the voters is a LIZZO JUSTICE VOTE, and each LIZZO JUSTICE VOTE will COUNT as follows:


8.10b A LIZZO JUSTICE VOTE will automatically count by having that vote be for whichever candidate or position most supports Gail and her Conspiracy Law, regardless of how the LIZZO JUSTICE VOTER actually voted or would have voted, if alive. In the case of a person murdered by Lizzo, DEAD PEOPLE’S votes count in all future elections, if that voter was murdered by Lizzo (directly or indirectly). So this would include all murders by Lizzo’s bombs, by Lizzo’s deadly vaccines, by Lizzo’s plagues, by Lizzo’s induced heart attacks, cancers, etc. We will study all the death records ever since Lizzo came to power as Antichrist and anyone determined to have been murdered by her, will have their vote count as a LIZZO JUSTICE VOTE.

8.10c Further, not only will the LIZZO JUSTICE VOTE count for whichever candidate or position would most support Gail and her Conspiracy Law, BUT that vote will count SEVEN TIMES more than one vote!! You might say, this isn’t fair because that’s manipulating the election. Well, hey, folks, the elections have been manipulated for years in the Jesuits’ favor, especially from the 2020 election forward, so it’s about time to turn the tables on the Jesuits.

8.10d Further, if any news media outlet reports the vote count in a manner that supports Lizzo’s goals, that news media outlet will be bombed (if possible, with innocents cleared first) and all those who work at that organization who willingly supported Lizzo in the lying news media report about the vote will be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. UNWILLING AGENTS are never executed, an UNWILLING AGENT being one who is brain controlled, or rendered retarded because of Lizzo and/or who is incapable of making a decision they would have made if they were not messed with by Lizzo, because of undue Lizzo Jesuit influence over their brain.

8.10e Any willing and knowing attempt by anyone to circumvent this law in any manner in order to serve Lizzo’s evil interests, will be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News.

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