Brent Spiner & Zack Knight Deserve NOBEL PRIZE IN MEDICINE

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Gail gives a brief history about Loree McBride and her motivations for all she does and boasts about her “husband” Brent Spiner, who unselfishly uses his M.D. degree from U.C.L.A. medical school to give free medical services to his patients at Church of Gail. He is also at the forefront in promoting cures to all sorts of illnesses. Zack Knight and Rule 13, good Jesuit leaders, are cooperating with Brent Spiner in this and have released Jesuit cures to a multitude of illnesses. Please visit the following links to learn about these cures:

Loree is proud and selfish and punishes people who won’t play her game of lies and control and abuse, including murder and rape. The real Brent Spiner, not his clone, lives and dies for me and even went to medical school to help me with all the illnesses the Jesuits have given me over the years. Loree is trying to take my Seroquel from me, by making it so that no doctor in my town will have me as a patient. She is working with the insurance companies and the organization in my town that has ninety percent of the psychiatrists in this town, to make it impossible for me to get my Seroquel. So I asked Brent, who is a doctor, to write me a prescription for Seroquel. When Brent decided to do this, Loree immediately went into action and is striving to block Brent from doing so. She is mainly concerned that if Brent is able to write a prescription for Seroquel for me, that it will expose her web of lies and everybody will know that all I say about Brent and Loree is true. So she is moving heaven and earth right now, to try and take Brent’s M.D. license from him, claiming that he raped her (when actually Loree brain raped Brent in 1992 to try and take him away from me). Brent has never wanted Loree EVER. Loree has gone so far as to artificially impregnate herself, using her child Jackson as a weapon to maintain her control over Brent. So she is claiming that because Brent wants to write a prescription for Seroquel for me that he is not honoring his obligations to her, and should be indited for rape and his M.D. license taken from him. I am sick and tired of defensive warfare. Let’s go on the OFFENSIVE. Brent Spiner and Zack Knight, both are acting as humanitarians and both have done so much to help so many sick people in the past year, both DESERVE THE NOBEL PRIZE IN MEDICINE!

Once Brent gets the Nobel Prize in Medicine, try taking his M.D. degree away from him, Loree!

In the meanwhile, check out this weapons video and listen to it to help us defeat Loree:

If Loree takes Brent’s medical degree from him, his patients will be SO disappointed! He is saving lives and does it FOR FREE. He DESERVES A NOBEL PRIZE IN MEDICINE!! He is on the forefront finding cures to cancer, heart disease and many of the maladies that plague our world.

I still feel that unless Loree comes clean as Zack Knight has done, she must be executed. She causes so much suffering in this world and only brings heartache and pain into the world. She’s a murderer, rapist, liar, con-artist and has a heart like Satan, proud and full of herself. We could forgive her, if she’d humble herself, but I think she’d rather die than do that and die SHE WILL. Her partner in crime, the Brent Spiner clone, is a pathetic excuse for a human being and so far below Brent Spiner, only someone who does not know Brent as intimately as I do would EVER think he is the REAL Brent Spiner!

Zack Knight has special semen which can cure just about any germ-induced illness and has been using it unselfishly to help many people sickened by bombs from Angelina Ballerina and Loree McBride. This is why I feel he, too, should get a Nobel Prize in Medicine. Loree has been going after him in court claiming she is his victim and blowing smoke with nonsense about Zack being a woman-hater, trying to justify her murders against innocents as self-defense against Zack, when she is the AGGRESSOR and full of baloney about all her accusations against two men who deserve the NOBEL PRIZE IN MEDICINE. Rather then take Brent’s M.D. license from him, HE SHOULD GET THE NOBEL PRIZE.

It took great courage for Zack to abandon his post as Satan’s right hand man and come to Jesus, and Loree is trying to punish Zack because he won’t endorse her criminal lifestyle anymore, and wants her to come clean as he has done. But PROUD Loree refuses to do so. She’d rather be proud and full of herself, than have the humility to admit her life is a big baloney factory and that she probably only tells the truth about 10% of time. Her entire life is a lie and she has delusions of grandeur about herself that she refuses to give up, even if we have to execute her for it! She just can’t bear to be an “ordinary” woman who doesn’t have the “status” of celebrity wife.

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