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43.0 Gail is hearing brain-to-brain that Loree is still fighting her men in court. She justifies her murders claiming self-defense against Zack Knight (her former leader who she has rebelled against). She justifies trying to take Brent Spiner’s M.D. license from him by claiming he has raped her and is a rapist. Brent needs his M.D. license to prescribe Seroquel for Gail (which Loree claims is not working to help Gail’s “mental illness”). Actually, Gail takes Seroquel for her yeast infection, and Loree wants Gail off of it, so she can use full brain control on Gail (via yeast infection).

43.1 If Loree’s goal is self-defense, then why is she so obsessed with BRAIN CONTROL in all she does? These bombs she drops worldwide use yeast with strong brain control capabilities. Until she removes the brain control aspects of her bombs, she cannot claim self-defense. The mere fact that she uses brain control contaminates her arguments and we can rightly accuse her of evidence tampering by such actions. This is because we use mind, emotion and memory reads as evidence in the courtroom; but if the brain is contaminated by brain control then this can invalidate this evidence. In essence, until Loree stops her brain control, she is guilty of evidence tampering.

43.2 Next, if Loree won’t stop her evidence tampering, we shall do a brain and motivation read on her to determine why she insists on using brain control in everything she does. If our reads determine that she is a criminal and has the heart of a rapist and murderer and that she uses brain control in order to contaminate the evidence, she must be executed. If she claims that we have tampered with the evidence and that our evidence is contaminated, we can reply that we have not tampered with the evidence, but she HAS. We do not use brain control and she DOES. And if she were truly innocent, she would stop all use of BRAIN CONTROL right now. This is within her power and if she refuses to stop using brain control on people, she is guilty merely because she uses BRAIN CONTROL. If she were truly innocent, she would not use brain control AT ALL.

43.3 If she claims that we also use brain control. Then we will just say that it is a death penalty violation of Conspiracy Law to use brain control and we do not use brain control. But that it is obvious that SHE DOES. In fact, we can prove that she uses brain control in just about all of her interactions. If she were truly innocent, why does she feel the need to use brain control all the time!?

43.4 Brain control is defined as the use of technology or mind altering drugs to alter a person’s brain to cause them to behave in a way that they would not behave without the effect of what has altered their brain and which alteration violates their true persona. Technology (for the purposes of this section) is defined as the use of genetically engineered or any germs that accomplish brain control, drugs that accomplish brain control, signals to the brain that accomplish brain control, or any organic or inorganic substance or “event” that enables one person to directly or indirectly manipulate the brain cells of their victim, so that the victim makes decisions that they would not have made if not under the influence of that technology. Their true persona being who they really are without the interference of control over their brain from an outside source or a source outside of their body and this control alters the brain causing the person to behave in a manner which makes them dangerous to themselves or others. In all cases involving the use of brain control, murder and rape happen (either directly or indirectly) as a result of that brain control, so this is a very serious crime.

43.5 Loree may say, but when Brent made love to me while captive on Angelina Ballerina’s spaceship, there was no brain control involved. Yes, no brain control, but definitely EXTORTION. As Jesus has said, Brent has never wanted Loree McBride. This was Angelina Ballerina, not Loree McBride, but Loree was part of Angelina’s conspiracy at that time. We are not going to go around in circles arguing with Loree. She can come up with defenses for everything as long as we don’t get down to the CORE ISSUE, which is Loree’s use of BRAIN CONTROL.

43.6 Loree McBride! If you are truly innocent stop all use of BRAIN CONTROL RIGHT NOW!! It is obvious that you use BRAIN CONTROL in order to tamper with the evidence. If you are truly innocent, you would have no need to tamper with the evidence. It is time to put her on the defensive. She uses her Jew clone lawyers to put us in the defensive and this tactic works because a clever lawyer can come up with all sorts of crap, as long as we don’t get down to the CORE ISSUE, which is Loree’s use of BRAIN CONTROL.

43.7 All use of brain control MUST STOP! The way to determine innocence or guilt is by who feels the need to use brain control from this point on. So both sides must stop all use of brain control RIGHT NOW. The first side that willingly and knowingly uses brain control is the GUILTY PARTY. The GUILTY PARTY defined as the one who commits murder, rape, terrorism against innocents, defamation, slander, libel, lying, evidence tampering, and who is guilty of the murder of millions (not for self-defense), but AS AN AGGRESSOR AGAINST INNOCENTS.

43.8 Once we determine who is the GUILTY PARTY, then that person gets the DEATH PENALTY. CASE OVER, there will be no case, because the GUILTY PARTY WILL BE EXECUTED, including all those who willingly and knowingly give the GUILTY PARTY support.

43.9 Once the GUILTY PARTY is deemed guilty of using BRAIN CONTROL (as defined by this document), their appeals to continue the case are OVER, because the MERE FACT that they use BRAIN CONTROL is proof beyond a doubt that they are the guilty party (in terms of murder) and they must DIE.

44.0 To continue the case, after it is determined they are mass murderers, would be to only give them more time to do more murders. This is a grave injustice and will not be tolerated. I shall make a video to this effect. It would be like putting a despot on the stand to defend himself after he committed his mass murders of innocents.

44.1 Loree is claiming self-defense as her motive for bombing Gail and the world. “But if your motive is self-defense, why must you use BRAIN CONTROL in these bombs, Loree? Sure doesn’t sound like self-defense to me. It sounds more like you are a psychopath or sociopath, who likes to manipulate your victims to tamper with the evidence that makes you obviously guilty.” Therefore, the one who uses BRAIN CONTROL is the guilty party. Let’s drop all the other arguments, which just take us round and round in circles. The crux of the matter is, Who is using the brain control? That is obviously the party that has something evil to hide, or else why would they want to control the brains of those they attack?

44.2 Also, Loree, if you claim that Brent came to you and made love to you of his own free will, then why did you feel the need to use brain control on him as your lover? Drop all the other arguments, it’s a waste of time and valuable resources. All the arguments in court should be centered around this one thing: WHO is the party that uses the BRAIN CONTROL? THAT IS THE GUILTY PARTY. If Loree was truly innocent, she would not resort to brain control and would feel no need to use it.

44.3 While it is true that Zack Knight has used brain control IN THE PAST. Zack has COME CLEAN and no longer uses brain control. So, the party that uses the brain control NOW is the guilty party and is the one who needs to be executed.

44.4 Once we determine who uses the brain control, then we know who to execute. The sentence for the GUILTY PARTY is that they are guilty of terrorism, rape, mass murder, extortion, war crimes (using brain control as part of their strategy), which is more than enough to justify the DEATH PENALTY. Once the sentence is LAID DOWN, all appeals must be dropped and the focus must be on EXECUTING THE GUILTY PARTY. To allow appeals to continue, when the guilty party is guilty beyond any doubt, is to allow the murderer to go on murdering. THIS MUST NOT BE TOLERATED!! CASE OVER.

44.5 Furthermore, once it is determined in a court of law (under Conspiracy Law) that any party is part of a conspiracy that willingly and knowingly uses BRAIN CONTROL as part of their attacks on innocents and they are therefore GUILTY OF WAR CRIMES INVOLVING BRAIN CONTROL, that party will be deemed a BRAIN CONTROL WAR CRIMINAL and must be denied DUE PROCESS, and the matter will be handed over to the military from now on. Their only appeal can be in regard to whether or not they use BRAIN CONTROL, all other matters cannot be brought up for appeal. We will not allow these clever criminals to delay their execution (by allowing them to bring in legal cases of irrelevant matters to delay their execution) in order to give them more time to commit crimes. They are just buying time for themselves, in the hopes they can kill off their enemy while doing so. In fact, any willing and knowing attempt or action to allow any BRAIN CONTROL WAR CRIMINAL due process (the rights to a legal hearing or trial) will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator (being an evil Jesuit who opposes Gail Chord Schuler and her men) to that litigator. This is because this is an attempt to allow the murderer to go on murdering.

44.6 Being a BRAIN CONTROL WAR CRIMINAL is such a serious offense, that all other crimes pale in comparison!

44.7 Once it is determined in a Conspiracy Law honoring court of law that any party is guilty of being a BRAIN CONTROL WAR CRIMINAL, all other legal arguments do NOT matter, we have enough evidence to know that this person (and all those who help them) deserved to be EXECUTED AT ONCE. Any willing and knowing attempt or action to allow a BRAIN CONTROL WAR CRIMINAL to continue their crimes, whether by trying to extend their trial after they have been convicted of being a BRAIN CONTROL WAR CRIMINAL or by any other means, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

44.8 A Jesuit Conspirator under Conspiracy Law is defined as one who willingly and knowingly supports any BRAIN CONTROL WAR CRIMINAL or would willingly and knowingly support Angelina Ballerina (former Antichrist and Jesuit leader in place of Zack Knight) if Angelina was still alive.

Electronically Signed: Gail Chord Schuler

Date: July 27, 2017

Time: 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Florida, United States

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