Gail Chord Schuler from Defeated Noble Oshu Fujiwara Clan

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Gail’s Catherine the Great royal genetic profile comes from her ancestors of the royal Oshu Fujiwara family of Sendai, Japan (Hiraizumi in Sendai, Japan has been preserved in Japan to showcase the Oshu Fujiwara family’s home). The epicenter to the massive 8.8 to 9.1 quake that devastated Japan was closest to Sendai, Japan (the town of Gail’s royal ancestors).

When Jesuits take over the planet, Gail believes her novel Silver Skies and all her writings will be banned. Right now their strategy is to steal her writing income to ensure her writing career goes nowhere and to move heaven and earth to make sure none of the influential men who love her get near her. They really want to kill her, but this is a touchy matter, because she’s very popular with the people. The way to work around this, is to make it appear someone else besides the Jesuits is responsible for her murder. If they could, they’d burn her at the stake right now for what she writes, because some excerpts from her novel Silver Skies provide evidence that a pope will be 666 and, with brilliance, she exposes Jesuit plans to take over the U.S. to set up their world wide dictator, who she believes will be 666 (a Jesuit pope) who will set up his rule sometime after the rapture of the church. Jesuits feel that once Gail and her influence is removed, all obstacles that bar their way to a U.S. and world takeover will be removed. Jesuits have created an army of women (Loree McBride is one of them) designed to undermine all Gail’s relationships with influential men. They also try to bump Gail into one of their male agents to make Gail appear to have an affair with the man and attack Gail from several angles. With their mind-reading technology and precision computer/satellite ability to direct brain cell conversations, they are able to force Gail to bump into their agents at every opportunity.

About a year before the death of Pope John Paul II, Gail wrote in her CONSPIRACY LAW her VOTING LAWS to ensure fair elections in a country for political leaders, and to determine the election of a Pope (should John Paul die). Vladimir Putin brought her VOTING LAWs to Pope John Paul II who wrote her VOTING LAWS (for the election of a Pope) into CANON LAW (to determine the election of a pope should John Paul die). After the death of Pope John Paul II, because of Gail’s VOTING LAWS, Pope Benedict became the next pope. For this reason, the Jesuits hate Pope Benedict. Therefore, Gail feels it’s necessary to let the world know about her VOTING LAWS and that Pope John Paul did write Gail’s VOTING LAWS into CANON LAW to determine the election of a pope (should the current pope die). Now that Pope Benedict has become the next pope, Gail has updated her VOTING LAWS to try to protect Pope Benedict (whom the Jesuits want to murder). Pope Benedict honors the CANON LAW that Pope John Paul wrote (based on Gail’s VOTING LAWS) about the election of a pope, and wishes for this CANON LAW to be in effect to elect the next pope, should Pope Benedict die. Though Gail believes that the future 666 will be a Roman Catholic pope, she does not believe that Pope Benedict is 666. She believes that 666 will be a JESUIT POPE. According to Gail’s VOTING LAWS, no Jesuit or Jesuit supporter can be a pope.

Under CONSPIRACY LAW guilt is determined by motive, not actions alone, and motive can be discerned through computer brain-reads (admissible as evidence under CONSPIRACY LAW). So, even if actual murder is not committed, but the motive for the actions against Gail is murder, the person will be guilty of MURDER. If Jesuits are found guilty of the same crimes against humanity as outlined in Gail’s CONSPIRACY LAW Nuremberg trial, they will be executed. All Jesuits, whether men or women, who attack Gail (or try to make a move on her) will be tried at Gail’s CONSPIRACY LAW Nuremberg trial for the crimes against humanity (as outlined in her guidelines for these trials), and if found guilty, these Jesuit criminals will be executed for crimes against humanity.”

Gail has encouraged some women (in the past) to be romantically involved with some of the men on her marriage list, or with men who used to be on her marriage list, because Gail appreciates a truly beautiful woman who stands behind her man, as her man fights Jesuit monsters. These beautiful women are (more will be added as Gail feels the necessity): actress Kate Hudson, actress Vanessa Redgrave, actress Meg Ryan, actress Penelope Cruz

These beautiful women unite with Gail in support of her Nuremberg trials for those Jesuits (whether they be jealous women or criminal men) who strive to kill Gail.

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