George W. Bush forces Vladimir Putin to marry Lyudmila (2001) under THREAT OF WAR

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In 2001, my relationship with Vladimir grew and I shared with him all my political, religious and philosophical beliefs, including my belief that in the 1990s, the Catholic Church (in their Cold War orchestrations) saw the Soviet Union as the loser against the United States. They also (in 1991), because my relationship with Brent inspired me to write, and because I believed what Jack Chick published about Roman Catholic crimes, dropped (1991) the Soviet Union as their Cold War puppet.

Mom told me (May 2002) to come to her town to take the final exam for my insurance course (mom paid for this course), because I had started the insurance course (while I lived at my mother’s) at the Community College before I moved to Tallahassee.

So, at the time of President Bush’s trip to St. Petersburg, Russia–I scheduled myself to take the final exam for my life/health insurance course at the Community College. I passed the final exam and the course. Now I only had to pass the state exam, which I did later, in Tallahassee.

What excited me more than passing this course, was that perhaps Vladimir would use President Bush to let me fly to Russia to be with Vladimir, because Bush scheduled this trip right at the time I had to drive to my mom’s from Tallahassee to take my final exam. Perhaps, I thought, Vladimir and Bush did this on purpose, so I could fly with Bush from my mom’s to be with Vladimir. Excited about this possibility, I decided to study insurance, to play the necessary game, to be with Vladimir.

But as soon as I arrived at my mom’s and flicked on the news channels, they reported that they’d found the remains of Chandra Levy (a Jewish girl) in Washington D.C. I knew that, because of my Jewish ancestry, this would probably scare President Bush from taking me to Russia. Oh, those Jesuits always sabotaged my family and love life!

After I passed the course for insurance and annuities at the Community College, I returned to Tallahassee, and passed the state exam for insurance and annuities on my first try. From this course (like the Washington state real estate course that I took in 1999), I learned legal principles that helped me as a pro se lawyer against the Jesuits. But, because the Jesuits created too many obstacles, I felt it not wise to become an insurance agent. I dropped the idea, because it seemed the Jesuits took over all the insurance companies, and I refused to work for any company taken over by Jesuits.

I had an intuitive hunch that Bush did not really want me to marry Vladimir, but just led Vladimir on, and I especially suspected this, because Bush visited the Pope in coordination with the St. Petersburg trip.

As President Bush’s jet soared over the Atlantic towards Russia–without me– my heart fell. Again, the Jesuits had sabotaged my love life.

When Bush arrived in Russia, the headlines to my mom’s local newspaper (May 25, 2002) flashed photos of Vladimir with his fake wife, Lyudmila, all over the front page, with extensive coverage of Bush’s visit with Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila. FOX News even showed extensive coverage of Lyudmila and Mrs. Laura Bush as they went to schools and promoted literature.

So President Bush left for Russia without me, and the local paper flashed whole page photos of Vladimir with Lyudmila on its front page, as it covered Bush’s visit to St. Petersburg.

As I watched news coverage of the fireworks and ceremonies that Vladimir prepared for Pres. Bush’s visit of St. Petersburg, my soul seeped in outrage.

Why did Vladimir go to such trouble to honor an American who could never understand and appreciate this Russian city so full of Russian history? Something in me sensed that President Bush disdained Russia and its history, and did not deserve all this pomp and show from the Russian President. You’d think Vladimir planned to marry Jesuit President Bush! And Bush could care less about Russia’s great history. I saw in Bush an air of American superiority and arrogance, and that he felt he visited Russia as a favor to Vladimir.

UPDATE: George W. Bush actually threatened Vladimir with war with the United States if Vladimir would not legally marry Lyudmila and play that Lyudmila was the Larisa that Vladimir married in 1983. Larisa actually died in 2000. The reason George W. Bush extorted Vladimir into marrying Lyudmila was because Jesuits threatened to kill Laura Bush if George W. Bush wouldn’t threaten war with the United States if Vladimir would not legally marry Lyudmila. The Jesuits did this to ensure Vladimir could not meet Gail Chord Schuler (“Catherine the Great”) and thus threaten Jesuit goals for a world takeover.