Novel Silver Skies's New World Order (Deep State) VILLAIN is NON-FICTION

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Silver Skies Cover

I tell many people, when they ask about my writings, that I’m a non-fiction writer who writes under the guise of fiction. That is exactly what Silver Skies is, a non-fiction book under the disguise of fiction. Though Silver Skies’s plot is fiction, many of the elements in the love story between Dor and Brianna reflect my relationship with Brent Spiner. All of Silver Skies’s sub-plots about government and religious powers are non-fiction, though names and places have been changed. To read Silver Skies as non-fiction, replace the name Dallas Federal Building with Oklahoma City Federal Building, replace the name Foreign Alliances Council with Council for Foreign Relations. A complete listing of non-fiction sources I used are HERE.

Here is a good link about the cover-up regarding what REALLY HAPPENED at the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing, and because this bombing plays such a large role in Silver Skies‘s plot, it is mentioned here. History seems to be repeating itself and Gail’s novel Silver Skies is especially relevant today (2018), with all the false flag attacks being orchestrated by Loree McBride’s Deep State to take away the Constitutional rights of U.S. citizens and Loree’s agenda to remove gun rights from the citizenry.

Texe Marrs has (within the past ten years) taken an anti-Semitic position, and I no longer support his views. I suspect Jesuits may have “messed with” the Texe Marrs I used in the 1990s, to minimize any damage they may sustain from my writings. I no longer agree with Peter Ruckman’s King James Bible only position, but feel he is fairly accurate about the covenants in the Bible. I still have a covenant/dispensational theology. Jesus Christ told me my novel Silver Skies is a prophecy. I followed my heart when I wrote it, often going against what I learned from Peter Ruckman, like portraying males and females, instead of making everybody a 33 year old replica of Jesus Christ, in heaven. When I followed my heart, I followed the Spirit of Jesus, and so the novel is a prophecy. Jesus has told me that He helped me write Silver Skies. My goal was to let the world experience a bit of my awesome relationship with Brent Spiner, and God honored this.  

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