Satan Worshipper Loree McBride & Her Followers are CLINICALLY INSANE

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Can listen to the above video here:

You know, Loree has orchestrated hurricane Dorian to hit me right here in Brevard County. I’m actually hurricane ready all year round, so there wasn’t much I had to do. I just plan to cook my perishables right before the hurricane hits (depending on if the hurricane still hits Brevard County, Florida). I still think my Gail Shield will do a doozy on this hurricane.

Loree meets with Satan at least once a week. You know, this jackass seems to forget that Jesus Christ is going to beat Satan up at the Final battle and put him in the bottomless pit for 1,000 years. After that, he gets out for a brief time and many millennial saints will follow him to their doom. Satan is a loser and anybody who sides with him is a loser.

You know, this bitch is so dumb, I don’t think she’s ever read the Bible and that’s why she’s so dumb. The Bible lays it all out and Satan is headed for doom along with all his sorry followers. It just boggles my mind that these JACKASSES think they can defeat the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE.

Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Go check into the mental ward, Loree McBride. Let this sink into your RETARDED brain, Loree McBride, you are fighting the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE.

Duh! How do you think the world got here. Evolution? Ha ha ha ha ha! Anybody who believes that theory is mentally insane. Where’s your missing link? Haven’t found it yet?! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Go check into the mental ward.

You might say, what about the DINOSAURS? Oh, who knows? You know there was a worldwide flood. The Bible says so and the Bible is a lot more reliable than any stupid dumb thing you believe in, Loree McBride. Who knows? Maybe the dinosaurs lived in pre-flood earth. Another possibility is that they may existed on Satan’s earth. I think Satan ruled this planet before God destroyed it. Just cuz dinosaurs existed and no longer exist, does not prove evolution. It only proves that the earth has gone through some dramatic changes and the dinosaurs were not able to survive those changes.

So you think you’re so smart cuz you believe in evolution and don’t believe the Bible. How can you judge a book you’ve never read, you RETARD? Imagine the gall of this RETARD saying I am mentally insane.

Anybody who sides with Satan is a RETARD. Hey folks, Loree McBride meets with Satan at least once a week. He’s a liar and so Loree’s just like him. She thinks just cuz she meets with Satan, it makes her invincible. Granted, he is a very intelligent creature. But you think SATAN CAN DEFEAT JESUS CHRIST, who worked with God the Father to CREATE THE UNIVERSE?!


Check Loree McBride and all her followers into the PSYCH WARD. Explain how DNA was created, you retard. It didn’t just EVOLVE into existence. But, but. . . all the scientists believe in evolution. Well, they can’t help it if they’re INSANE.

“How dare you say, we’re insane. You’re the one who’s crazy.” You know, when Jesus came the first time, they accused him of being crazy. So I’m in good company!

Well, when I go up at the rapture and you blame it on UFOS or some other nonsense, remember that I WARNED YOU. I’ll be seeing you at the Final Battle. Oh boy, will your blood be shed then. Yup! The blood will be so high, it will go to the horse’s bridles.

Oh, you say, “the Bible is not divinely inspired, we don’t use horses in battle anymore!” Well, the Bible says there will be horses there, so it will happen. Remember, I TOLD YOU. That doesn’t mean there won’t be tanks, missiles and all that 21st century jazz, too.

Cuckoo! Cuckoo! You think you are smarter than the Bible? A book you’ve never read.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. “Well, I’m the majority and the majority is always right,” you say. Yeah, that’s why God flooded the whole world in Noah’s time. The majority is always right.


You know, this book called the Bible, that you’ve never read, says that the times we live in are like it was in the days of Noah. God was so pissed with all the evil on the earth at that time, he destroyed the entire planet. I think he’s pretty pissed right now, cuz a lot of people have morals like Satan. People like Loree McBride. But God never breaks his word and he promised never to flood the earth again. But that doesn’t rule out fire, earthquakes, floods, etc. But first he will have a 1,000 year reign after he BEATS YOU UP, LOREE MCBRIDE AT THE FINAL BATTLE. Unless a miracle happens and you come to your senses and realize that only retards side with Satan.

You might say, “How dare you talk to me like this! I’m am important Hollywood celebrity wife.” Yeah, so important. You keep hanging around with your boss Satan and you’ll end up in the lake of fire. Eventually, you’ll lose your bodily shape and turn into a naked worm. Yeah, enjoy all your stolen riches and lies and murders, cuz payday’s coming. God’s gonna get you!

Get right or BURN. Your destiny is the LAKE OF FIRE, you RETARD.

You might say, “you treat me like a two-year old.” That’s cuz you’re dumber than a two-year old. You think you’re so smart, but in your future reign in the lake of fire, you will look like a worm. You will lose your plastic surgery hour glass shape. All that money you spend to compete with me and try to look hotter than me will mean nothing when you look like a worm! All your glamour is in vain, WORM. All your stolen riches will do you no good in the lake of fire, you RETARD.

Go check into the psych ward, RETARD. I’m just getting down to your level when I talk to you. I wouldn’t waste any debate time with you. It’s a waste of time to debate with a RETARD. I treat you like the INSANE RETARD YOU ARE.

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