Loree McBride TAKES OVER mainstream news. LYING about Hurricane Dorian.

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UPDATE on 8-31-19: Because we have been faithfully doing the Gail Commandments, the Gail Shield has really strengthened and, it appears, the hurricane might get deflected out to sea! But the folks in the Carolinas are in danger, so we need to do the Gail Commandments for them! Apparently, it is true that it is now near a category 5, because this hurricane has Satan’s semen in it. But I hear my Gail Shield is now covered with Jesus Christ’s semen.

8-30-19: As you may know there is a hurricane heading my way, which, according to the news, may be a DIRECT HIT where I live. But I’m hearing brain to brain that my Gail Shield has actually weakened the hurricane, which has Satan’s semen in it, and it’s actually a category 1 and its trajectory is towards the Florida keys right now. Brent’s telling me brain to brain that my Gail Shield is now glowing and that a blob of glowing semen from heaven landed on my shield after I made a video taunting Loree for her Satan worship.

Can view the above video here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/B6Kp6BrgFdAm/

8-30-19: Jesus has glowing semen, by the way. Loree’s just trying to get me to panic and doubt my Gail Shield. It’s part of her legal case against my men to make me appear crazy. She orchestrated this hurricane.

Loree has TAKEN OVER all of mainstream news and they are all cooperating with her in this lie. I’ve noticed the news reporters actually seem happy while reporting about how bad this hurricane is, so I am tending to believe more what I’m hearing brain to brain over what I’m hearing from the news. It appears Governor DeSantis is innocent and is doing the right thing, according to the information he’s been given. However, since it appears to be a category 1, I could lose power on Labor Day or soon afterwards.

Another thing that makes me suspicious is that yesterday, the news reporters were reporting that the hurricane was headed more to the south of Brevard County and they looked DEJECTED. Now, today, all of a sudden, the storm is headed for a DIRECT HIT to Brevard County and they all look happy reporting this. So Loree has apparently TAKEN OVER mainstream news and they’re all lying to us. Well, actually they say it’s headed for West Palm Beach, which is just about a direct hit for me. I’m in Melbourne, a little to the north. My men are telling me brain to brain that the hurricane is actually projected to go to the Florida keys, and that they may change their news story later to accommodate their lies.

8-30-19: It appears Florida needs to be ready for a category 1 hurricane and the people in South Florida will get the worst of it. It’s slowing down because of my Gail Shield, which is weakening it. But all the satellite pictures you are seeing on the news are LIES. The hurricane is having a hard time staying together as it deals with my Gail Shield. I’m as prepared as I can be, so I will just let the Gail Shield do its work and I am dubious about what I’m hearing on the lying mainstream news. 

However, people should do what the news recommends, cuz, if you don’t, Loree may do something to you to make you appear crazy. But don’t panic, my Gail Shield has this under control. I won’t make a video about this, because Loree’s in control of mainstream news and I do want people to be ready for this hurricane. But DON’T PANIC, it’s not as bad as the news reports. But also remember that Loree may use her technology to worsen the storm as it hits to make it appear to be as bad as the news is reporting. May the Gail Shield destroy totally the Loree McBride Jesuits! The BEST THING YOU CAN DO AFTER DOING THE NORMAL STUFF TO PREPARE FOR A HURRICANE, IS TO DO THE GAIL COMMANDMENTS, which strengthens my Gail Shield!


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