Dream Ticket: Donald Trump, President with Tulsi Gabbard, Secretary of State!

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Right now my strategy is to vote for Tulsi in the Dem primaries and if she doesn’t get the Dem nomination or does not become Bernie Sander’s VP, I’ll go back to the Republican Party and vote straight Republican down the entire ticket! Loree McBride has thoroughly corrupted the Democratic Party, so I vote Republican to vote for the lesser of two evils.

It’s Tulsi or bust as far as the Dems are concerned. If not Tulsi, I’ll vote for Trump in 2020. I’m a Libertarian Centrist at heart and Tulsi seems closest to me. But Trump is close to me, too. He’ll be better if we can get rid of his toxic wife Melania. I may still remain a Dem, cuz I can vote for Republicans, even as a Dem in the general election. I’ll decide whether to go back to the Republican Party, depending on the 2022 elections when that comes. It will depend on who’s running that I like and which party they belong to.

However, if Tulsi goes third party, which I don’t think she’ll do, I may vote for her over Trump. I am VERY OPPOSED to regime change wars. The way America coddles the military/industrial complex is a TOTAL DISGRACE.

My dream ticket would be Donald Trump, President and Tulsi Gabbard his Secretary of State! In fact, if Donald did that, he’d win the 2020 election with a LANDSLIDE in both the popular and electoral vote. It would also help get Tulsi out of the Democratic Party. I think Tulsi does not belong to the Democratic Party. She should be either a Republican, Green or Libertarian. If Tulsi abandoned the Dem Party and became Republican, Green or Libertarian, she would be a political ROCK STAR.

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