Hurricane Dorian 110-mph not 185-mph. Do Gail Commandments!

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It is good to help out these people in the Bahamas. I’m hearing brain to brain that Loree blocked my YouTube videos from reaching the Bahamas, so nobody there did the Gail Commandments. It’s possible if they were doing the Gail Commandments that they would have suffered less damage. They suffered devastation because the weak category 4 hurricane lingered over the Bahamas for a long time, not because it was 185-mph. But a weak category 4 over the Bahamas was still bad news for them. They need our prayers and support.

I provide proof that the Weather Channel is lying to you when they say that Hurricane Dorian is 185 mph today on 9-1-19. I live in Brevard County, FL. Here is a live feed (9-1-19) for the actual wind speeds of Hurricane Dorian.;-77.09;7&l=gust-ac

WARNING: At 9 p.m. on 9-1-19 the hurricane speeds are picking up on the Ventusky site, which may mean that Loree McBride has taken over this website. It appears only the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel is now reliable (00 on cable). The most reliable way to tell what’s going on, may be to look out your window, if you live in the path of the hurricane. Of course, if you’re in the eye, it will get all of a sudden quiet, but those of us who’ve been through hurricanes know that.

Right now at 9 p.m., when I look out my window it’s pretty still. So apparently, that hurricane isn’t affecting me too much. I live in Brevard County about ten minutes from the Atlantic Ocean. I went for a walk, and it was breezy, but sometimes it gets that breezy just for a normal rainstorm.

I’ve been through about 15 hurricanes (about 6 direct hits in the ones I’ve been through), so I’m pretty familiar with hurricanes, which is one reason I’m so suspicious about how the news is reporting this. The way they report about this hurricane just doesn’t add up, unless this is the most bizarre hurricane in all of human history that doesn’t follow your typical hurricane rules.

When I awakened at around 1 p.m. on 9-1-19, Brent Spiner told me brain-to-brain that when I turned on the news they would report that the hurricane will be hugging the Florida coast as it goes northward and that they’re lying because it’s really going out more to sea. He told me they are lying about the hurricane. He also said that at around 1 p.m., it was a weak category 4 storm.

HAVE YOU NOTICED THERE IS VERY LITTLE COVERAGE OF THE HURRICANE WHEN IT HIT THE BAHAMAS? Apparently, they don’t want to film it, because it’s not 185-mph winds there and some actual footage of the hurricane in the Bahamas might get out and discredit them. I did see one video, but the palm trees were straight up. I’ve been in hurricanes where I’ve seen palm trees bend over all the way to the ground and the roots come up from the ground. That happens in a very strong storm. But the footage from the Bahamas showed what looked like a category 3 storm, so they’ve stopped filming it. You’d think with such a catastrophic storm, they’d want to film it for historical purposes. Of course, don’t put it past them to put out fake footage, which may happen in a couple days. But we sure aren’t seeing anything LIVE???!!!

Loree McBride has the technology to create a fake wind for video purposes, which she could so for some of the news footage. So to really tell what’s going on, look out your window if you live in an hurricane warning area. We are under hurricane warning here in Brevard County and there’s barely a breeze outside where I live. I was able to go for a 30 minute walk outside during the hurricane warning. Usually, in a hurricane warning, I am not able to go for a walk outside. This is ONE WEIRD HURRICANE. It just seemed like a day where the weather was getting ready for a rainstorm, kind of breezy, but nothing ominous. I was able to walk without any problems at all. In fact, I like it that it was cooler.

Tune into Gabrielle Chana FOX News at 00 on cable for the ONLY RELIABLE NEWS SOURCE. I’m getting a lot of gaslighting from Loree McBride Jesuits, trying to get me to deny the evidence that is so obvious. Even if you don’t trust the Ventusky site above. You have to admit that the reporting on this hurricane has been ALL OVER THE MAP!! Sounds fishy to me!

They’re lying to you, because they want you to stop doing the Gail Commandments, hoping you’ll feel the Gail Commandments are not working to strengthen my Gail Shield. Keep doing the Gail Commandments! My Gail Shield is beating up Hurricane Dorian. The Gail Commandments are working!

Those of you, like myself, who live in the areas possibly affected by this hurricane, remember you can drink SINK WATER. Fill up jugs with sink water now before the hurricane hits, JUST IN CASE. Cuz I hear the grocery stores are all out of water.

Everybody check out 00 on cable and see if you can get Gabrielle Chana FOX News to get the TRUTH about this hurricane. I LIVE IN BREVARD COUNTY, FL, NOT MORE THAN TEN MINUTES FROM THE ATLANTIC OCEAN. Brent informed me brain-to-brain this morning when I awakened that the news media is lying about Hurricane Dorian. It’s actually going out to sea a lot more than what the news media says and its strength is WEAKENING. He said they will lie and say it’s hugging the coast, when it’s actually further out to sea. It’s actually a weak category 4 at 2:45 p.m. on Sept. 1, 2019. If you have already prepared for this hurricane and can’t get Gabrielle Chana FOX News, all you can do is wait it out and see what happens. Do your normal hurricane preparation and stay calm, knowing God will protect you more by doing the Gail Commandments. I suggest you watch a cool movie or relax and do something fun while you wait. Make sure to continue to do the Gail Commandments, which strengthens my Gail Shield! My Gail Shield is working on this hurricane and master liar and propagandist Loree McBride, who orchestrated this hurricane, wants you to panic and doubt what I tell you.

I provide proof that hurricane Dorian is not the monster that the news media reports. Loree McBride’s brain control made me say it was Tuesday, it’s actually Monday, and the news says that Melbourne will get the worst on Tuesday and Wednesday. Hurricane Warnings are in place here in Melbourne. It appears here in Melbourne, FL I am getting the outer fringes of what appears to be a category 2 or weak category 3 hurricane. It also appears to be further out at sea than the news reports.

I provide evidence that my Gail Shield beat up Hurricane Dorian here in Melbourne (Brevard County), FL. The barrier islands lost some power, but the power people were able to restore power even as the storm hit. Of all hurricanes I’ve been through, this one did the least damage to me. I explain how my Gail Shield is part of how God made me and that when I and my followers do the Gail Commandments, it strengthens the shield much like how when Samson obeyed his Nazarite vows, he had supernatural strength against his enemies. People do need to continue to do the Gail Commandments, because there are more storms forming out there. Loree McBride seems to be on a hurricane blitzkrieg.

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