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Tulsi seems to be living in la la land about the corrupt DNC. She needs to run third-party. If she did that, it would show her to be the only candidate in touch with reality, which, up to now, has been her strength. It’s her only hope to win. I will vote for her in the Dem primaries, but if she doesn’t switch to third-party after that, I will probably return to the Republican Party and vote for Trump and straight Republican down the ticket. Tulsi doesn’t stand a chance in hell of getting the Dem nomination. It’s rigged against her, even though I think she is the Democratic front runner in actuality. I think she knows she’s the Democratic front runner, and thinks the DNC will end up acknowledging this. If she hasn’t figured out by now that the DNC does not operate on truth, and that they don’t give a flip about truth in how they operate, then she’s starting to lose touch with reality and anyone who’s President can’t afford to lose touch with reality. Not that I’m thrilled with the Republican Party either, but they appear to be the lesser of two evils. I will continue to support her until the Dem primaries for my state, after that, I may go back to the Republican Party.

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