DNC Leader Loree McBride Rigs Debates Against Tulsi Gabbard

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Tucker Carlson comments about Gabbard excluded from next debate. It’s real simple, folks. Tulsi Gabbard won’t kiss Loree McBride’s butt and Loree is the true head of the DNC and the Democratic Party. Things aren’t much better in the Republican Party, with U.S. President Melania Trump abusing Donald to ensure she gets her way in everything. Let’s just hope my Gail Shield defeats the Loree McBride Jesuits, and I can override them ALL as U.S. Empress! Everybody do the Gail Commandments, to keep my Gail Shield strong. https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/05/06/gail-commandments/

Here are my latest laws: https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/05/07/gails-latest-updates-to-conspiracy-law/

If my Conspiracy Law is enforced, we will have a National Health Care Plan that really works and provides EXCELLENT health care. I have laws to help out the economy, using Vladimir Putin as the economic planner. I also eliminate the Federal Reserve and replace it with my own institution. My foreign policy is real simple, I only make alliances with those that support my Conspiracy Law. I have fired the U.N. and created my own version of the U.N. Vladimir Putin works side by side with me and anybody who treats him bad to help out the Jesuits, gets executed. Vladimir would die for me. My policies are Centrist Libertarian.

My views are close to Gary Johnson, when he was running in 2016. Why did I vote for Trump? Because I liked his populism, but once he came into office, he has veered into neo-Conservatism (which I oppose).

Areas where I disagree with Gary are:

I’m neutral about gay marriage, but don’t oppose it. So I pretty much leave it up to the states how they want to handle gay marriage issues. I’m undecided about private prisons. I believe in the death penalty and that executions should be decided by my Conspiracy Law. Regarding evolution taught in the classroom, that is fine, as long as the Biblical creation position is also taught. Regarding vaccinations, this needs to be conducted under my National Health Care Plan, which would study all vaccinations and determine which are safe and effective. Vaccinations could become mandatory if our physicians in the National Health Care Plan deem that to be necessary; but, for the most part, I would make the decision to vaccinate up to the individual. Mandatory vaccinations would only be mandated if we are in danger of a serious epidemic. Then, in that case, the vaccinations must be covered under the National Health Care Plan and given to the public through the National Health Care Plan. All health care carried out under the National Health Care Plan is set up to be best for the patient and the doctor administering the care must take an oath under lie-detection that the care he has administered is best for the patient. If he fails this scan, he cannot carry out his plans for the patient. The National Health Care Plan though is totally voluntary and I allow private insurance to compete with it.

I’m undecided about Trump’s wall. But I have strong laws in place to keep out willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuits from the country and to execute any Loree McBride Jesuits inside the U.S. I disagree that we should open the border, because most of those coming in are Loree McBride Jesuits. Minimum wage should be decided by the states. May allow for the federal government to decide on minimum wage, but think it should be different for different localities (depending on how that minimum wage would affect each locality). Unsure about Social Security.  Would let Vladimir Putin decide on this.

I think federal funding for mass transit might be a good idea.

Regarding aid to Israel, this has really gotten out of hand under Trump, who supports Loree McBride’s Israel (evil Loree has been Israel’s shadow leader). I would only support those in Israel who would work with us to oust Loree’s control over Israel. I would support Israel, like I would any nation that supports my Conspiracy Law, if there is a dire need. If there is no need, we would do what we can to encourage the nation to become self-sufficient. The only regime change policies I would support are those where a Loree McBride Jesuit is running the country and there are those in the country that want to be free from her tyranny. In that case, we would work with those in the country that support Conspiracy Law, to oust Loree’s control over that country.

I wrote the law to defeat the evil Jesuits, who I consider the worst problem this world has right now, and who are behind most of the problems we experience in everything. N.A.T.O. is a disaster and I have replaced it with the alliance of Conspiracy Law honoring nations. It’s death penalty to drop nukkakes and all the bombs Jesuits are dropping all over the world. I also stick up for freedom of speech and we sue big tech and break them up when they support Loree’s tyranny against free speech. I’ve written laws about this. But Loree and Melania Trump, ignore my laws and ignore me as Empress and try to override me, so THEY HAVE TO GO. I have told my men that Melania is guilty of high treason and we need to take her out. Donald Trump actually supports me and if Melania’s gone, he will probably be my sure ally.

I’m especially peeved at the military/industrial complex, cuz that’s a Loree McBride Jesuit operation from top to bottom. We conduct war against all nations that support the military/industrial complex, with a goal to wipe out their military arsenal and remove their ability to conduct warfare. The military/industrial complex should be renamed Loree McBride’s WAR MACHINE. This is why I won’t be voting for Donald Trump, UNLESS we are able to take out Melania FOR GOOD, cuz basically he’s not the President, MELANIA IS THE PRESIDENT. Melania is super evil. She’s raging with jealousy against me and her policies are designed to undermine me as Empress. I have told my men that I’ve issued a warrant for her arrest, on the grounds of HIGH TREASON. I want her TAKEN OUT.

The following is taken from this article: https://www.foxnews.com/transcript/tulsi-gabbard-appears-likely-to-be-left-out-of-third-round-of-democratic-primary-debates

CARLSON: Well, linked e-mails made it clear that the 2016 Democratic primary was rigged against Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton. Now, it’s looking like the 2020 race may have similar problems. Tulsi Gabbard has logged at least two percent in several dozen polls, but the DNC does not want her on the debate stage, and they’re claiming now that those polls aren’t certified polls. So Gabbard likely won’t make the next round of primary debates.

Michael Tracey has been following this from the very beginning. He is an independent journalist, and he joins us tonight. So I don’t know exactly how many of our viewers are going to vote for Tulsi Gabbard, probably none. But I think we can all agree that Tulsi Gabbard is a valuable voice and we should hear from Tulsi Gabbard, and it seems to me — I don’t want to be paranoid — but it sounds like the Democratic Party, they don’t want her voice included. Am I being a conspiracy person by wondering that?

MICHAEL TRACEY, INDEPENDENT JOURNALIST: Well, you might be surprised, Tucker, she does tend to generate actually somewhat significant support among even conservatives and libertarians.

CARLSON: Yes, I believe that.

TRACEY: Notwithstanding the fact that she has a fairly straightforward left-wing policy agenda. But she has something about her — I don’t know – – ambiance that draws a sort of idiosyncratic range of support from across the spectrum. And I think that has rubbed certain people the wrong way.

I’m not going to allege a conspiracy as to why she is likely going to be excluded from the next debate, but I am going to allege that the criteria the DNC is using to determine who is included and who is excluded is laughably arbitrary.

As I mentioned in an article that I wrote this week in “RealClearPolitics,” Gabbard has gotten over the required polling threshold in two separate polls, in two separate early primary states.

“The Boston Globe” is a newspaper with the widest circulation in New Hampshire, and “The Post” and “Courier” is the newspaper with the widest circulation in South Carolina. Gabbard has gotten placed at two percent or more in polls published by those two newspapers, but the DNC in it’s bizarre, mysterious infinite wisdom, has decreed, again, arbitrarily that those polls are not approved. They’re not — you know, they don’t satisfy some weird criteria that nobody can quite ascertain.

So while I’m not going to allege an overt conspiracy, although it’s true that everybody from Donna Brazile to Elizabeth Warren alleged that the previous primary cycle was quote, “rigged,” but you’d be forgiven for having that impression given how obscure and sort of inscrutable the criteria that the DNC is using this time around.

I’m not saying that Tulsi should necessarily have special privileges or that the rules weren’t laid out months ago, which they were, but the rules don’t seem to hold up to any kind of logical scrutiny.


TRACEY: That’s the problem.

CARLSON: And we know for a fact they despise her because she has challenged their neoconservative assumptions about foreign policy, and God bless her for doing that. Michael, thanks very much for joining us tonight.

TRACEY: Thank you, Tucker.