Fuller Theological Seminary Grad (LIBERAL School) "Christianity Today" Writer Criticizes Trump

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UPDATE on June 27, 2021: I actually did vote for Trump and he lost a rigged election, cuz I figured Trump was better than Loree McBride’s cuck Biden. But I guess it all worked out for good cuz I was also running and decided to be President FOR REAL. I’ve been winning the U.S. Presidential elections since Nov. 2016, but usually just turn over my powers to whoever got elected in mainstream news, but Biden (who is a literal retard) has been such a disaster, I decided to be President FOR REAL.

I’d like to state up front, that I won’t be voting for Trump in 2020, so don’t call me a dangerous Trump cultist. Let me define some terms for non-theologians. Pre-trib means you believe that the church does not go into the 7-year tribulation, but will be raptured off this earth by Jesus beforehand. Pre-millennial means you believe we are not in God’s kingdom now, that Satan’s ruling the planet now and that Christ’s 1,000 year kingdom is future and happens after the future 7-year tribulation. I’m voting for Tulsi Gabbard cuz Trump has reneged on his campaign promises to not cater to the military/industrial complex. That being said, if Trump kept his promises to really go after the Deep State, I would still be voting for him in spite of his so-called immoral behavior as this hypocritical Christianity Today writer alleges. What Christians found attractive about Trump was his authenticity and courage – something missing in today’s fascist and politically correct political climate. What pisses me off most about this Christianity Today writer, is that he does NOT represent true Bible Christianity, and he needs to be exposed for the Christian fraud that he is. He represents “establishment” Christianity or worldly Christianity that has the respect of the world, what we evangelicals call a worldly Christian. He reminds me of the Scribes and Pharisees who had the respect of the world in their time, and as a result of that were able to rig an illegal trial (ugh. . . isn’t that what Trump’s going through?) and send Jesus to the cross. As a true Bible believer, the Bible instructs us not to be conformed to the world, and so Trump going after the Deep State (which epitomizes all the evils of worldliness) is what caused so many evangelicals to vote for him. As the trial for Jesus was a farce, so have been Trump’s impeachment proceedings.

Don’t feel bad Trump, the “Christian” who’s criticizing you is probably ten times worse than you are in private. My ex claimed to be a devout Christian, went to church all the time, was a Bible college grad, but was a secret pedophile and took delight in feeling important and better than other folks. He was always pointing his fingers at others and noticing all their faults.

It’s obvious Loree McBride has paid this magazine good money to write this article. The writer went to Fuller Theological Seminary, which went to the dogs a long time ago. True Bible scholars, who use the literal method of interpretation and are pre-millennial and pre-tribulation in their Bible interpretation, know that Fuller Theological Seminary turns out Bible “scholars” who practice what the Bible calls philosophy and vain deceit, by interpreting the Bible text to take verses out of context and even saying the verse says something totally different than what it says (in other words CHANGING the Bible to teach vain philosophies over truth) and teaching a bunch of nonsense about the Bible. I wouldn’t be surprised if the writer of this article is not even a true Christian, but is just a fake, and probably won’t even go to heaven. FINAL THOUGHTS: He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.

How much you wanna bet he believes in replacement theology, believing the church is now Israel? You can’t believe this unless you don’t believe what you read in the Bible. These folks don’t believe in a future 1,000 year reign, they think we’re in the kingdom NOW and that our job is to build this kingdom now – this is a works salvation from the pits of hell. If this is God’s kingdom now, I think I should abandon Christianity, God has failed! Anyone who graduates from Fuller Theological Seminary is probably a proud, stuffed shirt BIBLE NINCOMPOOP – full of worldly pride and ZERO in the true spiritual authenticity department. If they can’t be honest enough to see that this current world is being run by Satan, then they are probably not honest about themselves as a sinner who cannot earn their own salvation.

Just tell me someone went to Fuller Theological Seminary and I already know not to trust their interpretation of anything in the Bible!

Basically, Fuller Theological Seminary is a garbage school now and I wouldn’t trust any graduate of that school (unless they have rebelled against its teachings) to be a true Bible scholar. All the Bible teachers I respect have a very low opinion of Fuller Theological Seminary, which is where the Christianity Today author went. Fuller Theological Seminary no longer believes the Bible is inerrant. Need I say more? I learned this from John MacArthur, who himself is a bit of a kingdom now theologian when it comes to the church, almost believing that the church has replaced Israel. Even John MacArthur calls out Fuller Theological Seminary.

“The school was originally founded to provide a conservative, biblical training ground after denominational seminaries had embraced liberalism or otherwise abandoned the faith. But within a few decades, Fuller Seminary itself capitulated on the issue of biblical inerrancy. Why? Marsden’s account reveals that many of Fuller’s founders and early faculty were obsessed with the notion of intellectual and academic respectability. They wanted Fuller Seminary to be viewed in the elite academic community with the same esteem as the liberal denominational schools. Unfortunately, the intellectual climate of the age was almost unanimously sympathetic to skepticism, liberalism, humanism, and sub-Christian rationalism.” – John MacArthur

“The very community from which the Fuller men sought to win acceptance was at war with the theology Fuller Seminary was founded to uphold. In order to gain the stature they sought, the Fuller men were willing to compromise. The history of the school therefore often reads like a sad chronicle of controversy and doctrinal decline. Is intellectual and academic respectability a worthy goal? Not if the world sets the standards that determine what is acceptable and what is not. ‘Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you thinks that he is wise in this age, let him become foolish that he may become wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness before God‘ (1 Cor.3:18-19, emphasis added).’ – John MacArthur

Now, even John MacArthur is, in my opinion, off on some of his Bible interpretation, like his criticism of Dispensationalism, which is the only way the Bible makes sense to me. So, if John’s going after them for being worldly, when John is starting to go a little worldly himself in his Bible interpretation, it means Fuller has COMPLETELY GONE TO THE DOGS as an institution that treats the Bible with respect.

You gotta watch out for these self-righteous hypocrites so eager to pounce on the sins of others, many of them are closet sinners, whose private and public behaviors are total opposites. By the way, many of my views are not Conservative, though. Jesus states in The Bible, Part Two (my Bible for Tribulation Saints), that he is not anti-gay, though he prefers the man/woman relationship. It just seems pretty inappropriate to attack Trump for his morals when Satan’s Deep State hates him so much. We’re all sinners and should all remember that. God is not looking for perfection, he’s looking for loyalty. Trump is authentic (for the most part) and he’s uprooting Satan’s system and, apparently, part of that system is the magazine Christianity Today. Satan must be really happy with this magazine. Satan gives them a thumbs up. I’ll bet this magazine will cheer on the Antichrist when he takes over the world!!

Russia Today is often right, but I say give Trump a break on this. Trump’s sins are that he supports the military/industrial complex, but a lot of this is that he’s a victim of his circumstances. I’d give him a break over his morals. At least he’s what he appears to be for the most part. I know some think he’s a narcissist, but I think he’s just fighting the system and he’s just lashing out at the unfairness of it. He’s not a fake.

I still plan to vote for Tulsi Gabbard, but the main reason I’m not voting for Trump is not cuz I think he’s all these crazy things people say about him. I see him as a man trapped by his circumstances and who can’t seem to get out from under them.

Regarding getting the initials wrong for Christianity Today. Like, who cares? We all have brain slips, especially with Loree McBride’s brain control and her terrible bombs filled with killer yeast. So killer Loree McBride mocks Trump for his morals, while she bombs the hell out of the planet (making us all sick) and could win the Nobel Prize for Murder. You know what? I bet if the real Jesus showed up, this Christianity Today guy would condemn him as the Antichrist and would praise the Antichrist to high heaven as the real Jesus! His article would only appeal to those who hate the Bible (or who are Bible blockheads and, therefore, not true Christians any ways) and love to make the Bible say what it does not say.

Yeah, don’t preach to us evangelicals about being immoral hypocrites because we voted for Trump, when you wasted your money going to a worldly school that does not treat the Bible with RESPECT. I voted for Trump in 2016 and I am an evangelical and don’t regret my vote, even though I have not been happy about how Trump handles the military industrial complex. I mean he was better than the chief of the warmongers Hillary Clinton! Ha! I bet this writer is not even a born again Christian. He’s probably not even saved. How much you want to bet that he thinks he has to EARN his salvation? I think that’s what Fuller is teaching right now. Sounds like a proud, self-righteous, UNSAVED sinner to me! He does NOT represent the evangelical community, HE’S A FRAUD. His interpretation of the Bible is probably as accurate as Satan’s. I bet he does not believe in the pre-trib rapture of the church. So, you bloody, lying hypocrite, when I go up in the rapture (which you say is fiction), I’ll be waving at you “goodbye” – you gonna be LEFT BEHIND, unless you get your proud, self-righteous heart right with God. Dead or alive, I’m going up folks, that’s what the Bible says.

This really pisses me off that this person even claims to be a Jesus follower. He’s a FAKE, just like the Scribes and Pharisees who killed Jesus.

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