Tulsi Gabbard Goes to Heaven. President Melania Trump Goes to Hell.

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UPDATE (June 27, 2021): Unfortunately, I believe that Satan and Loree McBride convinced Tulsi around Nov. 2020 that they are devout Hindus and Tulsi defected to them around that time and ended up betraying me. Though I believe Satan founded the New Age and Hindu religion, this does not mean all New Agers and Hindus are following Satan. But, it seems, Satan found a way to convince Tulsi, a devout Hindu, that I was evil to oppose the founder of Hinduism, who is Satan. Jesus can reach some Hindus and New Agers though, he just poses as himself (in another form) and is able to reach some of them.

I think I’ll be seeing this gal Tulsi in heaven. And, Melania Trump, even though she went to an evangelical church today to celebrate Christmas, won’t make the cut, unless she stops being a terrorist in private, while playing the Christian game in public. Melania’s not fooling Jesus! Jesus hates it when people claim to be Christians and live like the devil. I think Donald will go to heaven, but his wife will not. Donald puts up with Melania’s garbage to protect me. Jesus knows the hearts and he judges righteously. https://gabriellechana.blog/2019/06/04/jealous-deadly-melania-controls-donald-trump-brent-spiner-letter/

You might say, but Tulsi is a Hindu. Yeah, but she seems really tuned into the spirit of Jesus. I think she and Jesus have found a connection. Jesus will appear in other forms to folks in other religions sometimes. This does not negate from him being the way, the truth and the life. It just means he is the way, the truth and the life, but he appears in different forms to different people.

Jesus once told me that it wouldn’t be very fair of him to make saying the actual sinner’s prayer a requirement for heaven. He thinks that is silly. But those who say it in their hearts, get in, even if they don’t fall under the Christian mantel.

Now, having said this, I believe I will get the soul winner’s crown in heaven. But I take a unique approach to my evangelism. I meet people where they are at and tailor a sinner’s prayer for them that way. Like if they are gay, but have a heart for truth, I will say a sinner’s prayer for a gay person, that I think would work for them and that Jesus would accept. I have a very high emotional I.Q. and use that as I try to reach people for Jesus. Basically, we need to feel that we are sinners and that Jesus needed to die on the cross to pay for our sins. As long as we are in tune to the fact that we have sinned and a divine sacrifice had to be made for that, we can feel the sinner’s prayer in our heart and Jesus will accept that, even if we don’t say the actual prayer and even if we pray to another god, not knowing that god is actually Jesus in disguise. The Bible way is the purest, safest way to Jesus, but Jesus will reach folks in other faiths if they feel the sinner’s prayer in their heart and while praying to their god, end up communing with Jesus himself (even though they may not know it was Jesus they prayed to till they get to heaven).

My Buddhist ancestors are in heaven – the royal family I am descended from. They died for love and peace and hated war. Jesus told me I’ll enjoy meeting them when I get to heaven.

I sometimes see Christians debating each other over minor doctrinal differences. I think this is kind of foolish. Like I happen to think the traditional Dispensationalists teach the Bible the most accurately. These folks believe in a strict separation between the church and Israel (or the Jewish nation). BUT, some folks are progressive Dispensationalists and think that some of the promises that belong to Israel also belong to the church. Though I think they are wrong, I won’t waste my time debating them. The only time I’d expose them is if they start condemning traditional Dispensationalists as being too narrow and wrong and try to create artificial barriers between Christians. I say that, for the most part, for the minor differences, don’t debate with people. Only expose someone if they are causing unnecessary division in the church. Just teach the Bible accurately and if they still want to disagree with you, let them. I would expose their divisive spirit and then let it go at that. IF they don’t have a divisive spirit, I’d let them be free to believe what they want.

Now if a progressive Dispensationalist is criticizing a traditional Dispensationlist for not following a social gospel (trying to reform society), that is for not being involved in projects to build God’s kingdom on earth, then that progressive Dispensationalist needs to be exposed for causing division over possibly incorrect Bible teaching. As a traditional Dispensationalist, I believe we Christians are the salt of the earth and if we are in politics, then, of course, we are involved in reform. But to say that ALL Christians need to be involved in social reform and that if they are NOT, they are in sin, is causing unnecessary division and that teacher needs to be exposed as someone who is taking the promises given to Israel and exporting them to the church, when the Bible does not teach that (at least NOT IN THE CHURCH AGE).

You say, why do you feel it’s foolish to debate over false doctrine? You can’t change people’s hearts by arguing with them. But just teach the Bible accurately and the haters are gonna hate no matter what. Reach those who are open to the truth and expose those who cause divisions over incorrect doctrine. But I wouldn’t camp here. I’d expose them and MOVE ON. If your arguments don’t convince them, they may simply not be open to the truth and just pray for them and MOVE ON.

Don’t you think we should correct those who are wrong in doctrine? I would only correct them if the differences lead to hatred, intolerance, and bigotry. But if the person who disagrees with you is willing to acknowledge that you could possibly be right and that they will have the grace to acknowledge that, I’d let it go.

The reason I say this is cuz we are all wrong somewhere in our beliefs. There is not a person on earth who has all his beliefs 100% correct. So we should all show some grace to each other. Someone who is determined to lord it over those who disagrees with them has a problem with pride and needs to get that right with God.

Teaching deep Bible truths is marvelous and a great thing, but don’t turn it into a contest between preachers to see which one is the greater Bible scholar. If a preacher seems to have an ego problem and tries to impress everyone with what a great Bible scholar he is by cutting down those who disagree with him over minor doctrinal differences, you can present an opposing view to make him think. But if he’s not open to it, I’d drop it after that.

So you might say, how do you define a minor doctrinal difference? I would say that as long as the teacher really tries to honor the Biblical text, is teaching verses in context and holds to a literal/grammatical/historical method of interpretation (meaning he believes what the Bible says as it’s written), leave him alone. Even those who hold to a literal method of interpretation will disagree in minor areas, give them the freedom to use their own brain and come to their own conclusions.

Having said this, I understand completely why Andy Woods has been exposing John MacArthur. MacArthur has been causing some divisions, by taking a better than thou approach to tradtional dispensationalists. But, even so, I’d expose John with correct Bible teaching, but I wouldn’t linger there too long. Expose him and move on and do it in a loving spirit.

You might say, but you weren’t very loving when you exposed that Christianity Today guy who thinks Trump should be impeached! Well, that’s cuz he is in MAJOR ERROR in his Bible interpretation and I don’t think he’s even saved. I think he’s a devil in Christian clothing. Folks like that need to be raked across the coals and EXPOSED. They make true believers look bad. They need to be exposed for the FRAUDS THEY ARE. Unfortunately, Satan’s doing a good job masquerading as a Christian and making true believers look bad. He’s really proud of his advanced education at Fuller Theological Seminary (a garbage school in my opinion, filled with philosophy and vain deceit) and looks down on evangelicals who don’t hold advanced degrees or are not of his educational attainments, like working class Christians from the Bible belt. This guy really has a problem with pride and needs to be taken down. When he meets Jesus his advanced degree at Fuller Theological Seminary won’t gain him an entrance to heaven. It will only give him spiritual pride. People who don’t realize what true Christianity is, don’t realize that this person is chaff among the wheat and will be rejected and is probably headed for hell. At the Great White Throne judgment his degree from seminary which only gave him spiritual pride, will be rejected as worthless garbage that only made him proud.

You might say, what about James White, who thinks Christians should dialogue with Muslims? Well, the problem here is that the Muslim religion tends to be divisive and has a better than thou approach to other religions. So James needs to be exposed. He’s gotten off base. But if the Muslim faith wasn’t so divisive, I’d leave him alone. It’s as I say, we’re all wrong somewhere. James happens to be excellent when it comes to the King James Bible only issue and he can take down a King James Bible only adherent easily. But, for some reason, he’s gotten off balance in believing that Muslims and Christians should blend their faiths together. There are a lot of problems there, because the Muslim faith is so better-than-thou and divisive and in doing so, they don’t respect the spirit of Jesus which leads us to love, true tolerance, peace, faith and courage.

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