The Church & Israel (Jewish Nation) Have Different Programs (Classic Dispensationalism)

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Those not steeped in deep Bible study can be swayed by those who claim to be Christians, but have a shallow Bible knowledge or do not practice correct interpretation of Biblical passages. If you want to avoid being tricked by the Antichrist, it’s helpful to understand Bible prophecy and dispensationalism plays a key role in that. The following are sermons I recommend for those who want to truly understand the Bible. Though I’m pegged as the crazy lady, I actually have a deep and scholarly Bible knowledge, which is very thoroughly thought out. It’s kind of hard not to have this, after having read the Bible from cover to cover hundreds of times! I feature some teachers whose views are close to mine. I seem to attract a lot of millennials and many of these young people don’t have an interest in deep Bible study. But this is dangerous and makes you easy prey to Satan’s lies. I encourage my followers to learn the Bible well. Combine this with reading/listening to my Bible for Tribulation Saints (the Bible, Part Two) and you will be putting on some armor to deal with Satan’s wiles. Knowing how to rightly divide the Bible will help you to stay on track.

Though there is a time and place for Christian sermons about how to live the Christian life that don’t go deep into Bible study, it’s also important to understand Bible prophecy in depth, lest the Antichrist fool you. We are very close to the tribulation period. Dispensationalism plays a key role in understanding correctly Bible prophecy.

The Historical Development and Decline of Dispensationalism. Mike Stallard.

The Doxological (“Praise”) Focus of Dispensationalism. Mike Stallard.

The Building Blocks of Dispensational Truth. J.B. Hixson.

The New Covenant. J.B. Hixson.

The Critical Links Between Classic Free Grace & Dispensational Truth. Tom Stegall.

Reformed/Covenant Theology Is A Serious Threat to Your Church. Dennis Rokser.

Dispensational Distinctions in Sanctification. Kurt Witzig.

Dispensational Distinctions in Ecclesiology. Dennis Rokser.

Dispensational Distinctions in Eschatology (Bible Prophecy). Dr. Andrew Woods.

Inconsistent Dispensational Interpretations in Free Grace Today. Tom Stegall.

Hyper-Dispensationalism. Part One. Dennis Rokser.

Hyper-Dispensationalism. Part Two. Dennis Rokser.

Hyper-Dispensationalism. Part Three. Dennis Rokser.

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