Forgiveness Motivated by Fear is Sinful & Cowardly

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This post is dedicated to Donald Trump, who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for putting up with his terrorist wife Melania Trump in order to protect me, because I am devoted to the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ. It’s too bad that I seem to be the only person exposing that viper.

Three experts explain why forgiving a narcissist shouldn’t be your top priority.

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. – 1 John 4:18

This song is dedicated to Melania Trump and Loree McBride, except that the partners they dream about are male.

Jesus taught forgiveness, but he believes in the death penalty for unrepentant murderers. This is necessary to control the murdering sociopaths and psychopaths in our society who only care about themselves and could care less who they hurt and have no intention of stopping their murders.

Actually forgiveness is one of my strengths. I forgave the Antichrist himself, Zack Knight, when I realized he had love in his heart for Rule 13 and, as a result, I led him to Christ.

Unfortunately, Loree McBride has taken his place and Satan has found a new partner. I could forgive Loree McBride or Melania Trump in a second if I sensed that they had any genuine love in their hearts for anyone besides themselves. But because they don’t, to forgive them, would be deadly and would only enable their war crimes against humanity. It would be the same as forgiving Satan.

Forgiving those who are not sorry for their actions is not necessarily wise, this is what victims of narcissists do, forgiving their narcissist masters over and over, thus enabling the narcissist to continue their abuse. Though the tenor of this message about forgiveness is correct – you can forgive the narcissist in your heart while taking actions to stop their abuse over you, including not maintaining contact, if necessary, and turning them over to authorities, if they are harassing or targeting you.

Yes, don’t go to bed fuming with anger and if you have a problem with this, you can see a therapist to help you. Righteous anger tends to be more solid and less emotion-based and is centered on a feeling of outrage over what an evil person is doing to innocents. It’s based on having a concern for others and not wanting to see innocents abused and harmed. Not all anger is sinful, righteous anger is what Jesus felt when he turned over the table of the money changers in the temple. Righteous anger over the harm done to innocents by an abuser is a healthy anger that should be funneled into positive action to stop the narcissist from committing further abuses. Yes, don’t go to bed fuming with hatred and anger (which is anger about how you were treated), but also, don’t go to bed IN FEAR. But if you are angry because innocents are being harmed by a narcissist, that is RIGHTEOUS ANGER and is a healthy anger and is God’s way of saying YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION AGAINST THE ABUSER.

Forgiving a narcissist is often interpreted to mean you should enable their control over you and nothing is further from the truth. So I feel this message is a dangerous one for today, in a world filled with narcissism, selfishness and sociopathy.

Jesus wants us to be wise as well as forgiving.

Enabling a narcissist, sociopath or psychopath with “forgiveness” usually means we are more concerned about what evil people think than in doing what is right. It shows a lack of proper priorities in our life and is something Jesus would condemn. Jesus wants us to be free and not slaves to a narcissist, allowing ourselves to be poisoned with their abuse, to the point that we start believing their lies about innocents and lose our ability to have objectivity and fairness in our dealings with others.

Being a slave to a narcissist will poison our minds and emotions and we may end up adopting some of their evil subconsciously and help to enable other narcissists in the world – something Jesus would oppose.

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