Iran Condemns Melania Trump's Mid-East Airstrikes. Some Orthodox Jews Defect to Gail.

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Those stabbings in New York were horrible.

I think the attacker may have been a Loree McBride Manchurian candidate. Loree is angry that some of the orthodox Jews are coming to my side.

I suspect that Loree McBride was behind this, cuz I think some orthodox Jews are supporting me now and Loree’s really pissed that she’s losing her evil stronghold over the Jews. Some of the orthodox Jews are coming over to my side. They appreciate my stand as a classic dispensationalist for the Jewish nation, because I believe emphatically that the church has not replaced Israel and feel that replacement theology is from the pits of hell. But Loree’s trying to make it appear that those who support me did these horrible anti-Semitic stabbings.

It’s also possible that lots of Jews are starting to believe that I am the reincarnation of King David and King David is very revered in Judaism. I AM the reincarnation of King David by the way!

However, the recent airstrikes in the Middle East, show that Melania Trump is still U.S. President and she, apparently, still has an alliance with Israel (currently under evil leadership).

“There is no threat facing the Persian Gulf region except for the presence of foreign forces such as the US, which are endangering the security of this region,” the Iranian navy commander asserted.

Iran Denounces Deadly Melania Trump U.S. Bombings as Act of ‘Terrorism’

What’s going on with Trump in regard to Israel and the Jews is a mixed bag. His support of Israel is a good thing, but Melania Trump is taking advantage of the fact that dispensational evangelicals support Israel, to excuse her support for Loree McBride’s evil takeover of the Jewish nation since around May 2017. I believe that the Jews in Israel are currently allowing Melania to rule their nation and most especially their military. If Trump resists, Melania threatens harm to me, so he capitulates to her.

I’ve heard from my men that Melania has literally taken over the White House and she controls Donald by regular raping sessions. Loree McBride has lent to Melania her military forces (who have UFO technology at their disposal) and basically Loree and Melania have orchestrated a coup inside the White House and have turned Donald Trump into a mere mouthpiece for them, while they run the country according to their specifications. Melania and Loree, working with evil Jews, are behind the clamp down against freedom of speech to ensure they can continue their coup unhindered.

Their goal is to use Israel and the United States, most especially their combined military forces, to takeover all the banks, financial institutions and government institutions, i.e., to takeover the world so they can sin and be wicked to their heart’s delight – this would enable them to continue their money laundering, their thefts, their rapes, their censorship, their daily bombings worldwide filled with deadly yeast and brain control chemicals and germs, and their slanders against those who would dare oppose them (like myself) unhindered.

So, while Loree McBride and Melania Trump (working in partnership) lambast their opponents as violators of environmental laws, they, themselves inundate the world with daily bombings worldwide – their bombs filled with engineered germs and chemicals designed to brain-control the population into submission to their military dictatorship. Don’t believe what they say, judge them by what THEY DO. Both Loree and Melania are dangerous sociopaths who will stop at nothing to gain worldwide power, fueled by their jealousy of me and their desire to be the hottest women in the universe. All those who love evil side with them and prop up their evil charade and pretense, extorting it onto the world while these two tyrants (fueled by a jealous rage against me), lambast the truly righteous (who oppose or expose them) as members of a dangerous cult who must be “locked up” for their “insanity”.

It’s as I say, Israel is currently being run by evil people.

“There are videos of the rape, 4 different male DNA found inside of her and the police didn’t test her clothes for DNA after it happened. The police are trying to hide this to save the tourism industry at the price of a young girls life. Absolutely horrific. #ibelieveher

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