Be Careful With Newspaper Exegesis (on Russia, Iran, etc.), Clones & the Rapture Will Change Everything!

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“Russia, Iran, China . . . how did the prophets of the Bible identify the nations who would be aligned against Israel and America in the latter days? Perhaps God told them. 2,700 years ago!” – Prophecy Watchers at Facebook.

What is “Newspaper Exegesis” ?

It’s the process of looking at current events and trends from the news and then mistakenly forcing them on Scripture. It is basically reading Scripture through the lens of the news. Sadly because of a lack of sound biblical grounding, even among leadership, this is fast becoming the preferred hermeneutic approach to study biblical prophecy.

We live in a time when the mainstream media is in the hands of a select few, these people take great pleasure in shaping public opinion. They care little about informing the public compared to how much they want to control public opinion. You don’t have to be a genius or a conspiracy theorist to figure this out.

Actually I think Russia, Iran and China are on God’s side right now, cuz it appears Loree McBride (with Antichrist powers) has taken over Israel and evil Melania Trump has taken over the White House. But after the rapture with Putin going up (he’s saved folks), the Antichrist will be sure to replace Putin with his clone or another evil counterpart, and then all those prophecies about Russia and her allies in Ezekiel 38 & 39 will happen AGAIN with different leaders. It’s important to understand that Ezekiel 38 & 39 is fulfilled AFTER THE RAPTURE. This must be emphasized. It must also be emphasized that this world will change dramatically AFTER THE RAPTURE. It must be emphasized that how the world is now is quite different from what it will be like AFTER THE RAPTURE. I think anybody who believes in clones in the tribulation will be executed as insane and dangerous. At least now, you are allowed to hear about clones.

Satan, the master deceiver, will make all those who were good before the rapture, evil, and vice versa. So those who are currently on God’s side will be on Satan’s side after the rapture and those who are currently on Satan’s side will be on God’s side after the rapture. This is a gross generalization, but will generally be a true statement. So, am I saying to oppose Israel right now? No, they have the right to that land in Israel, but under Loree McBride’s leadership, they are behaving quite treacherously and using the support they have from evangelicals to get away with terrorist activities against innocents, using Saudi Arabia (which is currently evil) to help them assist Loree McBride in a world takeover of all the banks and media. Yes, support their right to be in Israel, but do not support their aggressive military attacks against innocents right now. Like Israel has no business bombing Syria right now. Syria is not attacking them. Israel and the United States are currently evil, working with Melania Trump and Loree McBride (who has actual Antichrist powers). Donald Trump, though not evil, is stuck in a cog with evil Melania controlling him almost completely. Many Jews (working with Loree McBride and Melania) are responsible for us losing our freedom of speech, cuz they want to shut down anyone who exposes clones, Loree McBride and Melania Trump.

After the rapture, I believe a group of orthodox Jews in Israel, who have read my Bible for Tribulation Saints, will lead a revolt inside of Israel that will oppose the Antichrist, and then this revolt will infect their allies (like Saudi Arabia). When this happens, the Antichrist will turn on Israel (so that Israel will be the good guys for the most part in the tribulation). My guess is that the orthodox Jews (cuz they still respect the Bible) will turn to God first, and that the 144,000 Jewish missionaries may well be orthodox Jews who realized that Jesus is their Messiah, simply cuz they still read the Bible. I think the 2/3 of the Jews that accept the Antichrist during the tribulation will probably mostly come from the more liberal Jews, like the majority of the Jews in the United States. This is not to say that all orthodox will be good, either. Cuz I think Ben Shapiro (an orthodox Jew) is a fake and people sometimes forget that he opposed Trump when Trump was running for President in 2016.

What’s important to realize is that Satan will do an about face to confuse the hell out of everybody. Israel, currently evil, will turn good. Saudi Arabia, currently evil, will turn good. Russia, currently good, will turn evil. China, currently a mixed bag, will remain a mixed bag. Iran, currently good, will turn evil, etc.

The point being, you can’t rely on mainstream news to tell you the truth and it’s mandatory that everybody read Bible for Tribulation Saints!

So, yes, I think Andy Woods is probably the most accurate of all the Bible prophecy teachers about Ezekiel 38 & 39, BUT it must be remembered that the world will be drastically different AFTER THE RAPTURE. And clones will play a major role in the tribulation.

Very accurate for what the world will be like AFTER THE RAPTURE.

Evangelicals mean well in their Bible teaching, but they get the timing all messed up and they don’t take clones into consideration. I tend to agree with Andy Woods’ take on Ezekiel 38 & 39, where Russia and her allies will descend on Israel TWO TIMES DURING THE TRIBULATION, once right before the mid-point and then at the end right before the final battle.

Satan will pull something clever. He will use nations that aligned with me BEFORE THE RAPTURE (Russia and her allies) and turn them evil AFTER THE RAPTURE to confuse everybody about who’s good and who’s evil. So, right now, Russia, Iran and China are pretty much on my side and most people know I and my men have met with Jesus. But I predict the leaders of these countries may go up in the rapture, and then after the rapture, Satan will use their evil clones to replace them and THEN Russia, Iran and China will turn TRULY EVIL AND GO AFTER THE JEWISH NATION.

You may say, but then we are accurate that things are lining up for Russia and her allies to oppose Israel and, therefore, oppose God. Yes, the pieces are falling in place, but it’s more complicated than most Bible teachers realize. This is why it’s so important for Bible teachers to study Bible for Tribulation Saints along with the traditional 66 books of the Bible in interpreting Bible prophecy.

I also believe that the Jews are currently very anti-God, but that this will change after the rapture and that remnant that will turn to God, will start to emerge in the tribulation, starting with the 144,000 Jewish missionaries (Revelation 7) who will be connected to me somehow. I say this because I believe 44 is a King David number and I’m the King David woman. The beginning and ending chapters of the book of Ruth have 22 verses. And the book of Ruth is all about David’s ancestry. I may be making too much of this, but I find it interesting. I realize the numbering is not the inspired text, but then God may be using the English translations a bit to drop some hints. Like I’m in Zechariah 9:15.

I believe the rapture will cause a flip among who’s good and who’s bad AND A TON OF CONFUSION ON EARTH ABOUT WHO’S GOOD AND WHO’S BAD, UNLESS YOU HAVE READ MY BIBLE FOR TRIBULATION SAINTS. So it’s important not to practice newspaper exegesis in Bible prophecy right now! It’s also real important for folks to read my Bible for Tribulation Saints, cuz in The Bible, Part Two, Jesus discusses Satan’s extensive use of clones! The traditional Bible hints at it in Isaiah 57:9 where messenger RNA is hinted at, especially in the King James Version. And God made the verse Isaiah 57:9 to draw attention to the fact that I’m a Bible writer who will make you aware of how Satan uses clones. My birthday is 9-15-57.

“And thou wentest to the king with ointment, And didst increase thy perfumes, And didst send thy messengers afar off, And didst debase thyself even into hell.” Isaiah 57:9 Messenger RNA and nucleotide bases are used in cloning technology folks! I realize this is the English translation and not the originals. So another way of looking at this is that it clearly indicates that the dead will be exploited and replaced with clones so that confusion over whether the person we see is the prime version or the clone will be a real problem in the tribulation. This verse clearly indicates that and it hints that cloning technology comes from the fallen angels (the UFOs).

Vladimir Putin is a born again Christian folks. So if you practice newspaper exegesis, without also consulting my Bible for Tribulation Saints, you’ll get confused about who’s on God’s side and who’s on Satan’s side. The rapture will cause an about face over who’s good and who’s evil. Satan’s the master deceiver. This is why my Bible for Tribulation Saints is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to ensure they side with God over the devil! This is why God has decided to add more to his Biblical canon right now, cuz He knew if He didn’t, it would cause major confusion over who’s on God’s side now and in the tribulation (which isn’t far off). I have aptly titled The Bible, Part Two as Bible for TRIBULATION Saints.

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