Melania Trump's Rightist Fascists & Loree McBride's Leftist Fascists UNITE AGAINST LIBERTY LOVERS.

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Chris Hedges exposes the fascism on the right, but fails to address the fascism on the left.

The true Fascists in Christianity AND in politics are those aligned with the Loree McBride Jesuits and Melania Trump right now. Anytime you have a Christian leader who does not encourage critical thinking in their following, you run the danger of a fascist environment. This has been historically true of the Roman Catholic Church, especially during the Dark Ages. Adolph Hitler was a devout Roman Catholic and built up his German war machine using secret funding from the Vatican. Pope Pius should have been tried at Nuremberg along with the Nazis. However, there are sincere people in Roman Catholicism and in evangelicalism who are sincere in their beliefs and do try to show tolerance to those they differ with.

I will admit that modern Christianity is infected with a lot of fascism, but it’s not limited to the right. It infects all of Christianity, as well as Muslim movements and Catholic movements and all religions and philosophies. It is the Antichrist who will combine all world religions into a one world assortment, and the key characteristic will be punishment against anyone who dares to think for themselves and question the narrative that he will put out to the world.

But to blame this all on the right is an over generalization that is just as dangerous as blaming this all on the left. Fascism is not limited to the right. Those behind Trump’s impeachment proceedings are showing a type of fascism in that anyone who questions the legitimacy of their sham proceedings are lambasted as disloyal to the party (and isn’t that also a type of fascism?). Tulsi Gabbard is certainly not getting very fair treatment from her Democratic Party right now and being lambasted because she dares to think for herself rather than tote the party line.

Probably the key take away in all of this, is that anyone who encourages an “us/them” mentality is a fascist. This is not only the sin of the right, but of the left as well. It is the sin of all extremists, regardless of their politics or religion and should be shunned by whoever espouses it.

To paint everyone in a group with one, broad stroke only encourages division and rancor, and produces the us/them mentality which only serves to strengthen the divide between people, resulting in war and discord. Also, not everyone who claims to be a Christian is a true believer and some of these fakes have risen to leadership in Christianity. They are more like politicians than theologians and create a cult-like environment conducive to fascist tendencies.

I would summarize it thus. If your leader encourages you to hate those who oppose you and to label them or stereotype them, rather than to approach them as individuals, you should not follow that leader, regardless of whether they be a leader on the right or the left or wherever they may fall on the political/religious spectrum. We, as Christians, need to lead with integrity, which means we encourage our followers to think for themselves and should not label or castigate those who differ from us, if they promote freedom and tolerance and respect, and if they can produce an intelligent and thoughtful reason for their disagreement with us.

But the moment someone starts throwing out the labels, instead of encouraging critical, independent thinking, we should stop following that person and chart our own course. I consider myself a Centrist Libertarian and see fascism on both the left and the right. Though I agree that the Trump administration is guilty of fascism, I feel the blame should be laid solely at the feet of Melania Trump, who is the true President, who claims to be a Christian rightist, but I fear is actually an agnostic of sorts, parading as a Christian, to ensure she is re-elected in 2020. Trump appears, in his heart of hearts, to support liberty and if not for Melania, would not be the fascist he is. The problem lies not with Donald Trump, but with the fakes and tyrants, like Melania Trump and Loree McBride, who pretend to be Christians, when they are not, and in the process lead some brainwashed Christians down the wrong road.

Yes, we have problems in Christianity, problems with racism, homophobia, etc.. But then we have problems on the left with fascism of another sort that won’t allow people to honor the Bible and Jesus Christ in a manner that does not harm the liberties of non-criminals. Not all Christians are fascists at heart and many really do want to do what is right and not all these people are stupid, either. I say, let’s reach out to these people, treat them with respect and understand that deep in their heart of hearts, true born again Christians, do want to honor Christ in their lives and would oppose the Christian fakes or fascists, like Melania Trump and Loree McBride.

We won’t win this by painting everyone in a group with one broad stroke. We need to heal the divide, make bridges, find our common ground and work together as a united front to defeat the true fascists in the left and the right, by arresting them for war crimes and removing them from power. This will happen if you support me as the U.S. Empress, where I plan to create a union between the left and the right and work together to build a UNITED States of America that will be free from fascism. Yeah, I’d fire Mike Pompeo and I’d throw out all the Melania Trump puppets in the terrorist Melania Trump administration if I truly led this country.

Pray for our country. I see the fascist tendencies in the evangelicals who support Trump, but, unfortunately, nobody else running in politics is free from fascism. The left is just as fascist as the right, right now! Tulsi Gabbard seems the only candidate who can heal the divide.

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