Tulsi Gabbard Meets $1M Dollar Fundraising Goal. Happy New Year!

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Gail —

I just got off a call with my fundraising team and they told me this incredible news: we just crossed $1M, and we’re headed into 2020 stronger than ever before.

Thank you, Gail.

Every single time I’ve asked you to stand with me: In sharing our vision for a government truly of, by and for the people and a country at peace, in speaking truth to power (even when it isn’t popular), in demanding better than the status quo — you’ve not only risen to meet the moment, you’ve far exceeded it.

That’s why I’m personally asking you right now if you will once more — for the very last time in 2019 — help us not just meet, but smash through our $1M goal. Let’s close this year with our strongest 24 hours of fundraising of the entire campaign. Will you pitch in $50 to help us raise an additional $100,000 before midnight?

I decided a long time ago that I would never accept money from PACs, lobbyists or corporate vested interests. When you can’t be bought or influenced you keep your focus on what matters: the American people. I was told I’d pay a steep price for that decision, but those people were wrong.

Our campaign is 100% people-powered and that is what drives our continued momentum, and our staying power. It’s what we are banking on to end this month — the last of the year, and the most important of the campaign — with enough in the bank to ensure I’m able to get my message directly to the people before the first votes are cast in 2020.

Will you help me close this year on a winning streak?

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Happy New Year, here’s to all of us.