Satan’s Jesuits Want to Attack U.S. & Blame It on Russia

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Update on March 21, 2022:

Check out what the Vladimir Putin Jesuit clone looks like! The real Vlad, who’s in my Cabinet, does not have female breasts. Not sure what kind of message the Jesuits are trying to send by this, but they are a bunch of murdering perverts.

Vladimir Putin Jesuit clone who has taken over the real Vlad’s official website and claims there is a war between Russia and Ukraine. The real Vlad (who has NO BOOBS) is in Pres. Gail’s Cabinet.

Opinion piece by Gail Chord Schuler based on Skype conversation with Zack Knight on Mar. 15, 2022:

Gail, 4:50 PM

I’m buying my groceries bit by bit at Kroger. I want to give you all time to decide about my car.

Zack, 4:51 PM

Yeah, there’s a bit of debate among the men. Some feel like the car did it’s job getting you to your safe move there, and that it might be Jesus letting the car break so you can walk and be safer.

Others feel like we should at least have the car looked at to see of its a cheap fix.

Gail, 4:53 PM

Do we have reliable mechanics at Church of Gail?

Zack, 4:53 PM

I think everyone agrees that a mechanic should check and okay it if you’re going to drive it again.

Gail, 4:53 PM

It seems strange they didn’t worry about my brake warning light.

Zack, 4:54 PM

We do, but Jesus did tell us that he would want us to use a local mechanic if we decide to use one.

Gail, 4:54 PM

Wow. I’m having trouble sending the last messages. That’s suspicious right there. In my Bible reading, God seems to be telling me the mechanics may have been hit with a bribe and are not reliable.

Zack, 4:55 PM

We’d need to get Jesus to help us pick one then.

Zack, 4:56 PM


Okay, we’re encrypted

Gail, 5:04 PM

Can’t type on Skype on my desktop. This is from my phone.

Messages are not sending on my computer.

It just says Sending with a circle that keeps circling and says Sending…

Skype on my computer is not letting me send.

I’m going to try restarting my computer.

Gail, 5:15 PM

Looks like that may have fixed it. It appears I somehow got signed out of Skype, I think.

Not sure how that happened.

My Bible reading seems to indicate that the Church of Gail mechanic was like King Josiah, that he started off good, but has some poor judgment now. King Josiah was not supposed to meddle with Neco at the end of his life and even disobeyed God to the detriment of his life.

It might have something to do with a grudge against Loree McBride? I’ve been asking Jesus to clarify what He seems to be telling me.

Zack, 5:28 PM

We just did scans of their hearts, and found you are right!

Gail, 5:29 PM

Wow! That WAS Jesus speaking to me thru my Bible.

Zack, 5:29 PM

Interesting thing, as you know, the Jesus Technology on the new Church of Gail is different than the previous Church of Gail.

And with this new technology, scanning peoples hearts works better than brain scanning for things like emotion reads

Gail, 5:31 PM

What’s the difference between scanning someone’s heart and scanning for emotion reads?

Zack, 5:32 PM

It does a better job at determining things like how much love there is. It seems that love is more than simply emotion

Brain scans always read things like thoughts, and the lie detection used thoughts and emotion reads

Gail, 5:34 PM

If my Bible reading is correct, the mechanics actually think they are doing good, but the result will be very evil, kind of like with King Josiah.

Zack, 5:34 PM

This new tech looks deeper at issues of the heart… the kinds of things we couldn’t do before.

Gail, 5:34 PM

They should know that if Jesus has made love to Loree McBride, she is to be trusted.

I suspect it may have something to do with that.

Maybe they can’t forgive her.

Zack, 5:35 PM

I can see that. You have changed your position over the years, and this might be too far for them.

These mechanics were here way back when you were KJV only.

They have been suspicious of when there were early peace agreements with the Jesuits, like during the GA1L days

5:37 PM

Are they KJV only in their beliefs?

I’d be amazed that they stuck around, if they are.

Zack, 5:38 PM

I can understand how people who don’t change as easy over the years could see all of this as compromising core principles

No, but they’ve struggled with the way things have changed over the years

5:39 PM

So why didn’t they warn me about my brakes?

I even brought up the brake warning light to Brent and he said it was a malfunctioning brake warning light indicator.

Do they want me killed?

They’re starting to remind me of Tulsi Gabbard.

This is the problem with being U.S. President. Some people disagree with how I run the country and think their ideas are better.

Zack, 5:42 PM

The heart scans show they weren’t intending to get you killed. They had a “greater good” motive

5:42 PM

What was the “greater good” they were aiming for?

Zack, 5:42 PM

Yeah, I think they were of the mind that you are the president so it’s your place to make policy decisions.

That’s a good question. What do you think their motives are?

5:43 PM

So it’s my place to make policy decisions? What do you mean by that?

Zack, 5:43 PM

Well as president, you are in charge. It’s not the job of mechanics to try and influence you.

5:44 PM

Did my mother and sister bribe them?

How would they be influencing me by instructing me to ignore my brake warning lights?

Zack, 5:45 PM

The scans show they believe they were righteous.

I think we need your emotional IQ to help understand them.

5:46 PM

It sounds to me like they don’t want to be my mechanics. That they feel I was overly relying on them and should just use local mechanics like ordinary people do.

No bribes?

It seems to me someone hit them with a bribe and they somehow got convinced by the bribe that I couldn’t be President, if this briber could offer them so much money.

Apparently, the briber came off as a person who was righteous and spoke to their core beliefs about how a country should be run.

I think the world is about to change very dramatically and many aren’t ready for the change. It involves shaking up some core beliefs which are based on bad judgment or stubborn ideas they aren’t ready to give up, like Josiah in 2 Chronicles 34. Josiah wanted to unite both the northern and southern kingdoms, but the southern kingdom was in too deep sin, and God just wanted to extend the life of the northern kingdom.

This message about Josiah in 2 Chronicles 34-36 was posted to YouTube on June 14, 2018 from Calvary Chapel in Ontario, Oregon.

Some have their own vision of how a country should be run and can’t open their minds to the better way, and so deep down they don’t want to be my mechanic anymore.

They don’t agree with my latest policies and decisions. So basically, they are neglecting my car, as a form of passive aggression.

Someone may have hit them with a big bribe, too and used their core beliefs and said they feel like they do.

Mechanics tend to be very conservative and not visionary and may have a hard time understanding a visionary leader and so deep down they don’t want to support me as President anymore.

They don’t agree with my latest policies and decisions.

Satan is a big briber, especially now that Jesus Christ is my roommate. These bribers use people’s core beliefs and say they feel like they do.

Some who are very conservative and not visionary (like mechanics tend to be) may have a hard time understanding a visionary leader.

You would think they’d be super excited that Jesus is my co-President. I suspect this is a big pill for them to swallow. Do they believe we are dealing with the real Jesus?

I think they want to REFORM the world and the world is in too deep sin to be REFORMED. Kind of like Josiah. He was a reformer and put too much faith in his reforms. It seems to me they are trusting some people who seem to be more worldly wise than me and don’t understand that we are so close to the tribulation, that all we are doing is holding off the tribulation. The world is in too deep sin for reform. We are just holding off the inevitable, just giving the world more time to come to Jesus before the rapture. They can’t accept that the world cannot be reformed, until everyone gets BEAT UP AT THE FINAL BATTLE FIRST. All the Jesus opposers need to be killed or this world’s hopeless.

The only ones left are the greedy ones. We’ve gotten all those who believe in true love. Josiah should have let Neco defeat Babylon (read 2 Chronicles 34). Josiah was trying to impress the king of Babylon and should have let Neco beat him up. It would have given the Jewish nation more time before their fall. Josiah feared the king of Babylon more than he feared God. He put his eyes on men and not on God and it cost him his life. We can get too worldly wise for our own good.

He thought by opposing Neco and catering to Babylon that Babylon would honor that. But it turned out the opposite.

Babylon ended up betraying the Jewish nation and was the nation that dragged them into captivity. By the way, I think Satan may be resurrecting Babylon right now and we may be getting a repeat of history of sorts.

I think the United States, after we are raptured, may end up being the head of the Babylonian system.

Read Rev. 17 & 18. This means that our new capital will be Babylon. This may be why the U.S. is not mentioned in the Bible.

After the rapture, the U.S. will move its headquarters to Babylon and the continental U.S. will just be a main territory of Babylon the Great. We are headed in that direction. Some can’t see that.

In other words, the U.S. capital will be Babylon and the continental U.S. just one of its main territories. I do believe we are headed in that direction.

All mainstream politicians, Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian – are moving towards Babylon. We have to divorce ourselves from mainstream politics COMPLETELY and honor our Gabrielle Chana INDEPENDENT political party. Basically, we need to set up a type of Jesus’ millennial reign before the rapture to hold off the tribulation.

Many are too caught up in the fake news and worldly politics and don’t realize how important it is for us to DIVORCE OURSELVES from all around us and firmly establish our own unique government.

Our job is to HOLD OFF the tribulation. The world is way past reform, those who don’t side with us against Satan’s Jesuits (i.e., the Deep State), need to be executed now.

We need to carry out a type of the Battle of Armageddon or FINAL BATTLE.

After that, we set up a type of the millennial reign and wait for the rapture. And after that, the U.S. will become Babylon. That’s what I think.

Right now, if not for me, we would be in the tribulation FOR SURE and the U.S. would be Babylon the Great (read Revelation 17 & 18).

The U.S. is a VERY materialistic country, the perfect candidate to be Babylon the Great.

Read Rev. 17 & 18. Babylon the Great is filthy rich and gloats in it.

The sad state of affairs is that those who side with Satan now will do just about anything for a buck, especially Americans.

The love of money is the root of all evil.

In a way, some remind me of my narcissist mother. She has so little faith in God, she thinks all the answers lie in materialism and worldly respectability.

That’s the mistake Josiah made at the end of his life. He started worrying too much about respectability and Neco was not respectable and so Josiah opposed him. It was a serious mistake. Jesus is not as concerned with respectability as we are. He’s concerned with doing what is right, though the stars fall.

You see, to the Jewish nation, Babylon was more to be feared than Assyria. Assyria was the loser and not considered the winner, so they felt that by opposing Egypt, going to help Assyria, that they could impress Babylon and get their support. But Babylon was rising in power and more concerned with a power grab than in honoring righteous principles. There are times in life, when you have to throw “common sense” to the wind and JUST DO WHAT IS RIGHT, even if everyone else thinks you’re crazy. And this is what Josiah didn’t understand. He thought that by doing Babylon a favor and stopping Neco from attacking Babylon, Babylon would appreciate it. But when a powerful nation with no principles comes to power (the case with Babylon), all they care about is their power and they will easily betray anyone who gets in the way of that power. Better to trust in God, then rely on what you perceive as the current power structure. Currying favor with the current power structure, when that structure is only interested in power and money is a sure recipe for a disaster. Babylon needed to be opposed. God could see how evil they would be when they came to power They would make the Assyrians seem like angels. God’s ways may seem foolish to us, but he knows the future better than we do.

The current U.S. system is vying for global power. When that happens, the U.S. will be Babylon the Great.

That’s why the U.S. power structure or DEEP STATE (which is Babylon the Great) demonizes anyone who gets in their way. It matters not how righteous they are, they will demonize JESUS HIMSELF, if he’s in their way! That is PURE EVIL.

We no longer have a righteous nation. The Constitution is a dead document. Only I and my men are the righteous who are left. When we are gone, the U.S. is BABYLON THE GREAT. This is what some don’t understand. They think the America of 1776 is still here. That died a LONG TIME AGO. America will head up Babylon the Great, once we are off the scene.

The ONLY THING that can save the world now is ME and JESUS. Satan has about wrapped up his game. He plans to use Babylon and then dump her once he doesn’t need her anymore.

And the mechanics and anybody who’s foolish enough to get caught up in all the fake news are Satan’s dupes. There is NO HOPE for the world outside of ME and JESUS and my men. All else is hopeless.

We are almost into the tribulation.

We’re DONE. The world is hell on wheels and only President Gail is stopping the tribulation.

Anyone who doesn’t understand this, cannot be trusted.

All political parties, Conservative, liberal, Democratic, Republican, Libertarian are ALL corrupted and into the CANCER of the Babylonian system. Our job is to hold off the tribulation and give this world one last chance to come to Jesus before the rapture. Anyone who can’t see that is a FOOL.

Only Jesus can fix this world now. Satan’s about ready to wrap up his game.

The world cannot be REFORMED. We need the final battle. The evil ones need to DIE.

By killing the evil ones, we do a type of the final battle and then we institute a type of the millennial reign, where Jesus rules with a ROD OF IRON. That’s what we need to do. Nothing else will work. Then we are raptured and then Satan starts the tribulation and those who are left behind will carry out what we stopped them from doing.

Of course, if anyone gets right, like Loree McBride did, we will forgive them. But I suspect the only ones left are the greedy and materialistic ones. Those people all need a GOOD SPANKING.

The problem is that the evil ones have gotten away with it for so long, they forget that judgment day is coming. Ecclesiastes 8:11. “Because the sentence against an evil deed is not executed quickly, therefore the hearts of the sons of men among them are given fully to do evil.”

Everything needs to be built from the bottom up. We need a total divorce from the system. Those who don’t agree with us, will only hinder us.

I’m not saying we go and kill people who disagree with us, but we don’t want them in our Cabinet or on our payrolls or at Church of Gail.

If Josiah understood that we needed to divorce ourselves from the system, he would have left Neco alone and let him beat up Babylon. It wouldn’t have stopped Babylon from taking over the Jewish nation, but it would have held it off for longer.

You see, we are holding off Babylon the Great and my job is to beat them up. I’m uprooting the Deep State. Anyone who gets in my way, is helping Babylon to come to power sooner.


I say get a bunch of new mechanics who share my vision for a total break up from the system, maybe hire some Russian mechanics, since they are the disfavored ones. That would be the equivalent of hiring Egypt to beat up Babylon and hold them off.

If I am reaching the American mechanics, we can keep them, but I suspect they are too set in their ways.

The United States, the Constitution, are ALL DEAD. Only Jesus and I can save the world now. We need a REVOLUTION.

Some are too caught up in the worldly system.

Like Josiah was. We need revolutionaries, not reformers.

Kind of like how I came to power, using the military. A revolution. Jesus can’t come to power until he beats up the bad guys at the final battle.

We are no longer in the U.S. of 1776. That died a LONG TIME AGO. We need to give up on that idea. Our job is to HOLD THE FORT UNTIL JESUS COMES.

This world will NEVER BE REFORMED until the Satan worshipers are all KILLED. Anyone who doesn’t understand that, will only hinder us.

Why do you think there needs to be a FINAL BATTLE before Jesus sets up his reign?

Remember how we wasted our time with court and even brought Satan to court? Same principle. We are AT WAR. We can’t reform devil worshipers, who are in it for the money and power. They NEED TO DIE.

Give up on Donald Trump saving the country. He won’t do it. Biden is obviously a DISASTER. Even Tulsi Gabbard’s good automaton won’t do it. If I can’t save the world, it’s HOPELESS. No one gets it. Our job is to HOLD OFF THE TRIBULATION.

Kill the Satan worshipers, and set up a type of millennial reign. That’s the ONLY HOPE WE HAVE. A TOTAL REVOLUTION.



Kill the Satan worshipers. ALL OF THEM.

Josiah thought that by siding with Babylon against Egypt and Assyria, he’d save his own country and you see how that ended up. Right now, Babylon is the United States and the Western nations and Egypt and Assyria are Russia and the nations being bullied by Babylon.

Actually, I and my men are a type of Egypt and Assyria against Babylon right now. The mechanics are a type of King Josiah opposing us. We are kind of like Neco of Egypt striving to hold off Babylon the Great.

Don’t forget we are STILL AT WAR. We need to come up with good battle strategy against these Satan worshipers. Where are they hiding out? Are they all on the cum star?

If we can blow up that cum star. GET EM, BLOW EM UP.

We need some NEW BLOOD, that understands we are AT WAR!!

No, it’s not a war between Russia and the U.S., it’s a war between Satan and Jesus. All the Satan worshipers NEED TO DIE.

Satan wants us to FORGET THIS IS A WAR and to try and resolve it politically. WASTE OF TIME. KILL THEM!!

According to the Explore Southern History website, Hold the Fort was inspired by a Civil War battle, The Battle of Allatoona Pass.

The Battle of Allatoona Pass was fought in Bartow County, Georgia, on October 5, 1864. It was signals sent before the first gun was fired, however, that inspired one of America’s most beloved Christian hymns.

“Hold the Fort!” was written in 1870 by Philip Paul Bliss, an evangelist and composer, after he heard the story of the Union defense of Allatoona Pass told in a Sunday School class. The use of signal flags to send messages from Kennesaw Mountain near Atlanta to the threatened garrison holding Allatoona Pass was held forth as an example of how Jesus Christ signals Christians to hold strong to their beliefs, for “He is coming.”

The meeting attended by Bliss took place in Rockford, Illinois, on a Thursday and Friday, April 28-29, 1870. Among the speakers was Major Daniel Webster Whittle, who told how on the day before the battle, General William Tecumseh Sherman had sent messages by signal flag to urge the garrison at Allatoona to hold out.

Whittle remembered the message as saying, “Hold the Fort; I am coming!”

His telling of the story so inspired Bliss that he based a hymn [Hold the Fort] on the story of Allatoona



Philip Paul Bliss and Daniel Webster Whittle traveled through great areas of the country over the years that followed the publication of “Hold the Fort!”

They served as traveling evangelists, speaking to crowds large and small and carrying the story of the signals to Allatoona Pass and the song with them.

In 1876, they actually visited Georgia and climbed to the top of Kennesaw Mountain. There they saw the ruins of the Civil War signal tower and in the distance could see the Allatoona Mountains.

It was a moving moment for both men and after kneeling in prayer, they sang “Hold the Fort” together. Bliss told a friend that he almost expected to see Jesus returning in the sky at that moment.

Hold the Fort by Philip P. Bliss

Ho, my comrades, see the signal, waving in the sky!

Reinforcements now appearing, victory is nigh.


“Hold the fort, for I am coming,” Jesus signals still;

Wave the answer back to Heaven, “By Thy grace we will.”

See the mighty host advancing, Satan leading on;

Mighty ones around us falling, courage almost gone!

See the glorious banner waving! Hear the trumpet blow!

In our Leader’s Name we triumph over every foe.

Fierce and long the battle rages, but our help is near;

Onward comes our great Commander, cheer, my comrades, cheer!

I think one of the reasons Satan has ginned up this Russia/Ukraine conflict is cuz he’s planning a major attack on the U.S. and he plans to BLAME IT ON RUSSIA. We need to be proactive and starting killing them now. Where are they located?

They’ve had plenty of time to join Loree McBride and side with us. They aren’t interested in that. They are planning for WAR. You never win a war with defensive warfare. We need to ATTACK THEM.

Zack, 9:50 PM

We should ask Jesus to act as co-president and order our military to attack

He could superpower it, and provide perfect military precision

Gail, 9:51 PM

Excellent idea!

We are sitting ducks waiting for them to attack us. We need to be proactive.

We don’t want a repeat of what happened when you all went to the moon.

It’s obvious they don’t have peaceful intentions.

Satan wants us to forget we are in a war. In fact, I think he’s trying to manipulate us into defensive warfare by all this hype about Russia ATTACKING Ukraine. Well, we ARE IN A WAR.

He’s trying to get us all hyped up in defending ourselves and saying we didn’t attack. Waste of time. JUST ATTACK. Explanations later. That’s how Satan operates!

We’ll even attack Ukraine if that’s their headquarters.

Gail, 10:25 PM

This is what Jesus has to do first before we have peace. The bad guys have TO GO.

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