Fake News Promoters About Pres. Gail’s Cabinet Members in Good Standing Executed for TREASON

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Due to an epidemic of fake news surrounding Vladimir Putin, who is in good standing in Pres. Gail’s Cabinet and also due to fake news about other of Gail’s Cabinet members in good standing, Gail feels it necessary to update her Conspiracy Law and has updated her International Military Law. As a reminder, the United States is a Constitutional Monarchy under Pres. Gail and the supreme law of the land is her Conspiracy Law, even overriding the U.S. Constitution (which, unfortunately, is basically a dead document at this point in the history of the United States).


27.0 Any FAKE NEWS PROMOTER (directly or indirectly) in any media considered mainstream (and viewed by at least ten percent of the population in the jurisdiction of that media) who willingly (directly or indirectly) promotes any fake news designed to slander a member of President Gail’s Cabinet or Gail herself, and who does this with the intent to serve Satan and/or his Jesuits will be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News and their corpse burned up in a great bonfire as a message to the world that treason against Gail’s government will not be tolerated.

Before the execution takes place, evidence will be presented that this person is a willing Satan honoring Jesuit who has lied about Gail or Pres. Gail’s Cabinet member with the intent to undermine Gail’s government and discredit Gail as a world leader.

If the person is a clone of a good person (who is loyal to Gail), that will be noted before the execution takes place to clear the name of the good person that the clone impersonates.

27.1 A FAKE NEWS PROMOTER (as mentioned in Sect. 27.0 above) means any person who has a direct or indirect presence on fake news, whether it be a senator, representative, news reporters, or whoever, and who is deemed a person who has the influence to determine legislation and policy in the government that is part of Gail’s territory.

27.2 Fake news in this Sect. 27 is defined as any news which is designed to deceive, manipulate and bring treason against Gail and her government based on lies and propaganda and not based on truth and objective reporting.

27.3 Further, anyone who acts on the fake news, with the intent to further the treason against Gail and her government, will also be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News.

27.4 Because FAKE NEWS appears to be an epidemic, we may have to focus on the more important people involved in the FAKE NEWS conspiracy first or we may need to devote a special section of our military to the executions and execute large amounts of people on Gabrielle Chana FOX News, with a reading of their crimes as a group and the names of the people executed and what each person has done while the group is executed. We will start off the reading by noting that we are in a war and that Satan and his Jesuits rely on civil war to conquer and confuse and that to win this war we cannot allow treason within our own government and news media.

27.5 It has come to my attention that FAKE NEWS has reported that the U.S. senators have voted that Vladimir Putin be investigated for war crimes. This is outrageous, because Putin is Gail’s Secretary of Defense and a member in good standing in Gail’s Cabinet. The news revolving around Ukraine is all FAKE NEWS. All U.S. senators willingly involved in this FAKE NEWS conspiracy will suffer public execution as described in this section, along with willing members of all news outlets that promote the FAKE NEWS and dole it out to the public.

27.6 Any willing direct or indirect attempt or action to promote FAKE NEWS by any FAKE NEWS PROMOTER must result in the public execution of all willingly involved. Willing failure to honor this Sect. 27 with the intent to protect the FAKE NEWS PROMOTERS will also be considered treason and grounds for a public execution as a FAKE NEWS PROMOTER.

27.7 It is very important that we execute justly and those who present false evidence around any FAKE NEWS PROMOTER with the intent to execute a person not guilty of being a FAKE NEWS PROMOTER, will also bring public execution to that person who promoted injustice by cooperating with Satan to undermine Gail’s government.

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