A Prayer to Father God for my Lovers Jesus & Brent

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Dear Father God:

Please honor my request. My prayer is that you will bring my beautiful Jesus back to me, because the ugliest being in your universe, a disgusting being called Satan (a.k.a. Lucifer) thinks he is superior to the most beautiful being I’ve ever made love to, your awesome Son Jesus or Yeshua. He tried to kill one who is vastly superior to him, who has so much beauty in his heart, when Satan has NONE.

I can’t believe that such a disorder exists, that You would allow the ugliest being in the universe, that disgusting Satan, to beat up the most beautiful being in the universe, your awesome Son Jesus. Satan claimed that he is superior to Jesus as a lover. I have no idea how he could think such a disgusting thing! He says that he and Jesus have the same heart, that he could love me just as good as Jesus.

This is SO untrue! Satan could never love me as beautifully as Jesus did. He has no beauty in his heart. His heart is filled with scorpions and venom. When Satan showed up to kill the being so vastly superior to him, he said that Loree McBride was right that I am a monkey brancher. But what he doesn’t realize is that I only monkey branch with those with beauty in their hearts, unless I am deceived into believing my lover is someone else. Power means nothing to me. In fact, power without love in the heart is evil and should be annihilated from the universe.

But just cuz I desire to make love to Jesus does NOT mean I would ever abandon my awesome husband Brent or that I would ever want to replace Brent with Jesus. In fact, I am very proud of Brent who risked his life to save Jesus from death at Satan’s hands. If not for Brent, Jesus would be DEAD. This has confirmed to me that all the reasons I fell in love with Brent are justified and that Brent is the awesome Christlike man I always knew him to be. Satan would have killed him. As I’ve said many times, Brent is the most Christlike of all my lovers.

Brent has been thrilling me as a husband and lover and sometimes I so long to make love to Jesus, like I can sense His longings for me, even as his body lies in a comatose state. I am so afraid that as I express these longings that I will accidentally make love to Satan, who always tries to impersonate Jesus. Please Father God, do not ever allow me to help this ugly Being Satan in any way, as he attempts to prove that an awesome being like Jesus does not exist, that true love is a fairy tale, that those who believe in love are not who they seem to be, that love is a lie that inferior beings made up to justify their inferiority to deny “superior” beings like Satan, their rightful rule.

To me, it is disgusting that Satan feels this way. And he is SO WRONG. Jesus is every bit as beautiful as He claims to be. Jesus is awesome. I know this because I experienced his heart as his lover. I am awed by the heart of the most beautiful being I have ever encountered, with the exception of my husband Brent, who is every bit as beautiful as Jesus, because, as I’ve said, Brent is the most Christlike of all my lovers.

But, thus far, the only successful love that Satan has made to me has been when he has put on an act and impersonated Jesus to me by manipulating me into feeling guilt over something. He uses guilt, fear and doubt to manipulate me into having sex with him. Jesus never did that. Jesus always made me feel beautiful, whole, free, happy, pure and at peace with myself and the Universe. Satan always makes me feel tormented, in pain, and that I owe him something and that I owe him a perfect orgasm, that I owe him love, that I owe him this or that. With Jesus, I always felt accepted just as I am, no conditions attached, the only condition being that I be true to my beautiful self, to be true to my heart that yearns to express a true and beautiful love to all the Universe.

Because Brent has this heart, too, I will never leave him, even if I add Jesus onto my list of lovers.

Like Jesus, I could forgive in a second any one who recognizes that they have betrayed beauty and love, and could forgive them unconditionally. But sadly, I do not sense that Satan feels any remorse for betraying beauty and love. In fact, he gloats in his rebellion against all that is truly beautiful and worth living for.

To me, Satan is the ugliest being in the universe for this reason. He is so full of himself, all he can see is himself and he has deluded himself into thinking that he is the hottest thing in the universe. He justifies his evil by believing that those superior to him, like Jesus, are not who they appear to be and that they are evil in their hearts like Satan.

Satan says that evil is true beauty because those who are evil are true to themselves and not playing games. But YOU are the game player Satan, because you were in the presence of the most beautiful Being in the Universe, God the Father. And you have denied the truth that everything that God and Jesus stand for is worth living for and dying for. You have denied that God and Jesus are awesome and beautiful. You claim that all they have is power and that they abuse it, because they are not who they claim to be and are hypocrites and that only YOU are not a hypocrite and that underneath it all, they have your heart.

So you think that when you are in charge that hypocrisy will be gone and that justice will prevail.

You are SO UGLY. You are so hypocritical. You looked at yourself in the mirror too much. You see, God made you to reflect his beautiful heart and his glory and that’s why he made you so beautiful when you were Lucifer. You were the shimmering angel, your jewels all over you glowed with splendor. You were even BFF with Jesus for this reason for millions of years. You were God’s image bearer. Your job was to reflect his beautiful heart to the Universe and you FAILED. He made you beautiful, when you were beautiful, to reflect the beauty of God the Father. This is why Jesus was BFF with you. But the beauty that God gave you got to your head and you started believing the lie that your creator was only on an ego trip and that for this reason, you got bored of your job to reflect God’s glory. You told yourself, that you were just as hot as the One whose beauty you reflected. You began, for this reason, making violent love to your fellow angels. God told you to stop, but you became addicted with your high position as the top angel in heaven and you became addicted to your beauty and forgot that you were only beautiful when you reflected the beauty of your creator. You fed your vanity and your pride and you forgot your purpose, which was to reflect the beauty of the God who created you to be His image bearer.

Finally, you told yourself that you were as beautiful as your Creator, God the Father, you became bored over your “menial” task of simply being the image bearer of God the Father. You looked for weaknesses in those who had more power than you so you could excuse your desire to be like God Himself and to have his job. And this is when you became the ugliest thing in the Universe. You no longer reflected the beautiful heart of God, you became the opposite of all that God stood for, you became the ugliest, most vile and disgusting creature in all of creation.

Sadly, you convinced other angels and even humans, that your lie that you were just as glorious, or even more glorious than God and Jesus, prospered and you got a following. You took a third of the angels with you and they became your sorry followers and comrades. Now your job is to prove your lie that the one whose image you were designed to reflect, is a hypocrite for only letting you be his image bearer and that the image bearer can be beautiful by claiming to be every bit as beautiful as the image you are supposed to glorify, while standing for the opposite of all that is truly beautiful.

To prove your point that God and Jesus are hypocrites, you approached Jesus and offered to make love to Him. But Jesus saw your venomous heart and knew your motive was not love, but to make your point that you were every bit as beautiful as God the Father. So Jesus turned you down as a lover.

This infuriated you. You claimed God and Jesus are unfair. How could Jesus turn you down as a lover unless He was on a power trip and was only threatened by you as a possible usurper.

But you are so wrong. Jesus and God are not on a power trip. They both have beautiful hearts and only desire to maintain their power to preserve the Universe as it should be, a Universe filled with love, faith in each other, and where everyone’s heart is like a peaceful, transforming orgasm, filled with happiness, passion and love.

Yes, we are all monkey branchers. Monkey branchers in the spread of this orgasm of the heart, to fill the universe with love, peace and true beauty.

I long to have my Jesus back and my only goal is that he rules with his dad, in a universe that you deny exists, that you want to transform into a universe of chaos, decay, depression, doubt, fear and supreme ugliness.

When Jesus comes back, I long for him to make love to whoever He pleases, as long as his lover stands for what He stands for, which is true beauty, love, truth and all of the beautiful image of his dad, who I call Father God. Of course, Jesus loves me deeply and can make love to me, if he wants, but I would never want to curtail the happiness of Jesus in any way. I want him to feel totally free and free to love anyone who makes him happy, because his heart is so beautiful and he deserves that. Jesus’s happiness is my happiness.

Brent feels the same as I do. He, too, only wants to encourage beauty and love in the universe and encourages me to love all those who feel as we do. We love, not to bring glory to ourselves, but to spread the beauty of Jesus and God.

Should this beauty be thwarted, my prayer, Father God, is that you would destroy all those who thwart it. Because if ugliness, like Satan, should rule, life would not be worth living and the Universe should be destroyed.

If Satan ruled the Universe in his current state, I would devote my existence to making him miserable. I would call him ugly a million times a day and would ask for a puke bucket so I could puke in it all day to make him miserable, while I would be his slave lover. I would ask for a knife to kill myself over and over, so I wouldn’t have to endure having sex with one so ugly. If I could not kill myself, I would devote myself to making miserable the One (Satan) who destroys all that is truly beautiful and worth living for. Yes, because Satan does not believe in freedom. He thinks he is so glorious, he has forgotten that he was only beautiful when he stood for what God stands for.

How do I know God the Father is beautiful? It is because Jesus has said that he is a lot like his dad and Jesus couldn’t be beautiful if his dad wasn’t beautiful. So, Father God, I know you are beautiful and I am SO GLAD you kicked Satan out of heaven. Thank God, that one who is beautiful, like you, reigns.

I never thought I would see the day when Satan could beat up Jesus and almost kill him. This is a violation of all that is beautiful and violates all that is worth living for. If Satan is right, that true love is a fairy tale, then the Universe must be destroyed totally and only those who honor true love allowed to live and survive. This is my prayer, that you do all in your power to preserve true beauty, which is true love. And if I am wrong, that true love does not exist and Satan is right, then I want you to destroy the Universe and only allow you and Jesus to live and those who are like you, or your creation is in vain and should not exist.

So, my final prayer is this. I stand for what I believe you stand for, which is a universe filled with the most awesome love, a reflection of your beautiful heart, where those with your heart, can make love all day, if they want. If I do anything to go against that, or to help out those, like Satan, who oppose such a universe, I want you to KILL ME, to ANNIHILATE me, so that I would never ever do anything to go against such a universe. I would never want to help Satan, in his current state, in any way, because he is SO UGLY and a universe filled with his ugliness MUST BE TOTALLY DESTROYED. I must NEVER help Satan to destroy all that is beautiful and worth living for.

In the meanwhile, I will dream of the one, who is currently in a coma, almost killed by a being vastly inferior to him. I will dream of my Jesus and always remember his beautiful heart. Please bring this beautiful being back to us, because if Jesus goes, this Universe MUST BE DESTROYED. If Satan wins, please DESTROY THE UNIVERSE, so that only You and Jesus and those like you remain.

So this is my prayer and this song reflects my heart as I dream about the One whose beautiful heart has touched me beyond words. . .

Why did Satan fall from heaven? Satan fell because of pride. He desired to be God, not to be a servant of God. Notice the many “I will…” statements in Isaiah 14:12-15Ezekiel 28:12-15 describes Satan as an exceedingly beautiful angel. Satan was likely the highest of all angels, the anointed cherub, the most beautiful of all of God’s creations, but he was not content in his position. Instead, Satan desired to be God, to essentially “kick God off His throne” and take over the rule of the universe. Satan wanted to be God, and interestingly enough, that is essentially what Satan tempted Adam and Eve with in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:1-5). How did Satan fall from heaven? Actually, a fall is not an accurate description. It would be far more accurate to say God cast Satan out of heaven (Isaiah 14:15Ezekiel 28:16-17). Satan did not fall from heaven; rather, Satan was pushed.

Interesting study from Dr. Andy Woods (a Bible scholar) about how the fallen angels had sex with human women, as described in Genesis 6. Satan banned this video at YouTube of course! https://rumble.com/vyjn0f-pastors-point-of-view-ppov-203.-days-of-noah-part-2.-dr.-andy-woods.html

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