Church of Gail Cities MANDATORY For ALL Gail Supporters

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I have updated my law for Church of Gail cities. It is an update to International Military Law Sect. 6 – 9 . Satan’s Jesuits are out for blood, and if we don’t do this, we will all be dead probably within a year. It’s us or them.

Church of Gail Cities Set up Worldwide, Homeless Trained to be Farmers/Food Replicators

Sept. 18 to Sept. 24, 2018 (updated Aug. 5, 2021) (updated March 27, 2022):

THIS HAS BEEN UPDATED AND IT IS NOW MANDATORY THAT ALL OF EMPRESS GAIL’S SUPPORTERS LIVE IN CHURCH OF GAIL CITIES, as described in this section. After we move all our people into Church of Gail cities, we will destroy the infrastructure of the rest of the earth and kill anyone who is not living in a Church of Gail city on the earth. SEPARATION FIRST FROM SATAN’S FOLLOWERS. Then we launch our final battle with Satan’s Jesuits and wipe out anyone who is not living in a Church of Gail city. When we launch this worldwide attack, all those in Church of Gail cities must be LOCKED DOWN inside a Church of Gail city before each attack.

The goal of worldwide Church of Gail cities is that we won’t need their satellites, petroleum, communication systems, food, medical care, stores, farms, government services or anything that is Satan’s to survive, because we will have our own systems set up inside our Church of Gail cities that give us what we need. What we have will be better than what Satan offers, because it will be free of pollution, toxins, or stuff that makes us sick or poor.

We have been unable to kill Satan’s Jesuits, cuz they retreat to places like the cum star, from which they launch attacks against us. BUT if we make it impossible for them to attack our health, our finances and our leaders (like the REAL Vladimir Putin and Gail), they cannot win the war. INFILTRATION is one of their key tactics. WE MUST CLEARLY SEPARATE FROM THEM and not rely on their infrastructure or resources for ANYTHING. This is the ONLY way we can separate from them effectively. By forcing all of Gail’s supporters to live in Church of Gail cities, we accomplish the necessary separation to enable us to WIPE OUT THE REST OF THE EARTH, so that Satan’s Jesuits will have no place to land on earth and are unable to enter earth to do ANYTHING TO US.

6.0 Those who’d like to live in a Church of Gail city NOW, contact my men at I hear that once we have these set up worldwide, we are going to really go after the Satan Jesuits among us and arrest them and weed them out. It will be easier once we separate from them and they can’t use infiltration among us to cause problems. Only Church of Gail members can live in a Church of Gail city. Absolutely no Satan Jesuits or dangerous narcissists can live in a Church of Gail city. Anybody who willingly and knowingly allows a dangerous narcissist to live in a Church of Gail city will get the death penalty as a Jesuit conspirator. Narcissists will ruin these cities and destroy them, so they are not allowed to live in these cities.

6.0a All those who support Empress Gail must live in Church of Gail cities. We will start a massive building program to restructure the earth so that all of Gail’s supporters must live in Church of Gail cities as described in this Sect. 6 – 9. The new band of Satan Jesuits are using deadly air pollution to make us sick and to use brain control on us, so all Church of Gail cities must be covered with a dome. The dome will be transparent so that the sun’s rays can go through and give everyone needed sunlight. The dome will enable us to use air filtration to purify the air inside the dome, so that those who live in Church of Gail cities will breathe clean, healthy air, filtered from allergens, pollution, mites and particles or substances used to create mites.

Our scientists will assist us in the creation and building of these domes, so that they will have maximum effectiveness to protect us from deadly air pollution, allergens, chemicals, and anything toxic that Jesuits can put in the air. They will also supervise the creation of the air filtration systems for those that live under the domes. These air filtration systems will remove anything in the air we breathe that strengthens the Jesuits in their ability to make us ill or to use brain control on us.

WE MUST TOTALLY SEPARATE FROM SATAN’S JESUITS. We must stop watching their fake news. We must stop using their services. Those who are married or have family members with Satan’s Jesuits, must divorce or separate from that family member and move to a Church of Gail city. Our Church of Gail cities are set up to be self-sustaining, so that we don’t need Satan’s satellites, Internet, computer, or ANYTHING from Satan to survive. We already have our own search engine.

The goal is to ensure all our cars only use clean fuel, created by our own petroleum sources. We will ban all other fuel. We only use our own satellites, that are only used for our Gabrielle Chana search engines, our own websites, our own phone service. We will TAKE OVER all the services that are needed to survive and kill all of Satan’s Jesuits in those companies. Then, after we’ve killed off the Jesuits in those companies, those companies must all relocate to a Church of Gail city to operate. We will probably have a lot of people working from home.

Air pollution seems to be a big problem and our air filtration systems underneath our domes must be working well.

Once we accomplish total separation and all our people are located inside our Church of Gail cities, we will destroy the rest of the earth and demolish all those who don’t live in our Church of Gail cities. All satellites, besides ours located inside our domes, MUST BE TOTALLY DESTROYED. Satan will have a hard time doing stuff without his satellites, so this is effective war strategy.

If we commit ourselves to only spending money on food and bills and all doing the Gail Commandments, we can all live in our Church of Gail cities and survive and win this war against Satan’s Jesuits.

OUR GOAL is to execute all Satan’s Jesuits, but we can’t find them, because they live in places like the cum star. We are also giving them money when we watch fake news and pay their advertisers. Because we sometimes need to watch the news to get things like weather reports, I am simply encouraging people NOT to watch the news and all fake news is BANNED in Church of Gail cities. There will be no access to fake news inside a Church of Gail city. Gabrielle Chana FOX News will also expand into local news, so that people can get stuff like weather reports. One way we will ban fake news inside Church of Gail cities is by totally taking over their space on the airwaves, so that the ONLY news people can hear is Gabrielle Chana FOX News inside a Church of Gail city, even if it airs on multiple channels. We only hear the same stuff on all the fake news channels any ways, so what’s new?

6.0b Furthermore, because fake news has become a propaganda war weapon for Jesuits, we must bankrupt all mainstream news and outlets that Jesuits use to promote their fake news. All those who support Empress Gail are forbidden to watch fake news. Fake news is defined as any news that promotes lies and propaganda against Empress and President Gail and that is designed to serve the ends of Satan and his Jesuits. Further, all those who support Empress Gail MUST live in Church of Gail cities that are protected by the transparent dome as outlined above.

6.0c To set the example, Gail and her followers will refuse to watch fake news and will only watch Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable), which all those who have cable in Church of Gail cities should have access to. If they don’t have cable, they can watch it through Gabrielle Chana FOX News on Gail’s website at

6.0d To make it easier to bankrupt fake news, not only will we ban our followers from watching it, but all satellites fake news need for transmission MUST BE DESTROYED. The only satellites we need are those that maintain Gabrielle Chana FOX News, Gail’s website and Gail’s search engine and the websites of those who live in Church of Gail cities (Gail supporters). Our satellites will be placed UNDER THE DOMES of each Church of Gail city and any communication between the cities will be accomplished between the satellites under each dome of our cities. We can accomplish this communication using cables and satellite signals that connect our cities to each other.

6.0e In a sense, we will be kind of returning to the nineteenth century, before Satan’s invention, the computer, was used to connect us all in evil ways. All Church of Gail cities will be set up so that having a car is not necessary to survive. Each Church of Gail city will have excellent public transportation that serves the needs of all in that city. Stores will be set up to be near the residences, so that a person could easily walk to a grocery store, a store for home goods. In fact, our scientists will study where Gail lives to get ideas which stores need to be set up in the residential sections where our residents live, so that a car will now be a luxury item and not a necessity. Gail is currently in a situation where she does not need a car to survive.

6.1 If we are attacked while building these cities, the nation in which the attack occurs will be put under martial law and we will use the military to arrest, deal with any and all willing and knowing Satan Jesuits or narcissists who cause problems, resulting in immediate execution of these dangerous people. Anyone who willingly and knowingly arrests or executes someone who is NOT a Satan Jesuit or a narcissist while we are under martial law in order to violate Conspiracy Law during this time will get the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator. We will not impinge on the freedoms of innocents while under martial law. With our brain and emotion reads we can easily distinguish between innocents and those who are dangerous narcissists.

6.2 All residents of Church of Gail cities will have easy access to a laundry room and a kitchen. The houses don’t need to be super big, too much housework and dusting. They should be set up so that it is easy to grow one’s own food, if desired.

6.3 Greenhouses on the property seems a good idea, and make sure it’s locked, so no one can mess with a family’s food. Each greenhouse should be stocked with family favorite foods like tomatoes, carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower. romaine lettuce or whatever. Whatever that family likes to eat. Jesus can assist us with the construction of the greenhouses for each family in the Church of Gail cities. You may want to include some gardening books, cuz folks today are kind of ignorant about this. But the chance to grow our own food sounds good. In a sense, we’ll all be like a prepper, the way this crazy world is. Since we’re growing our own food, may as well make it organic.

6.4 It’s optional if people want their own chickens or cows or other animals for food, and any animals we house for food will be genuine animals and not fake birds, for instance. Jesus will see to that. Jesus will set things up so that any animals that are killed for food, can be killed humanely. For eggs, we will have hens that lay eggs for each Church of Gail city. Roosters, however, will be banned, unless we can make them quiet in the morning, or unless the person who has them doesn’t mind them and they live far away enough from others that the roosters won’t disturb their neighbor’s sleep. We may just set up food replicators, that replicate meat instead, so that we don’t have to kill animals for food. Fresh eggs from hens are optional and we will set up food replicators in the Church of Gail cities for all sorts of food, including food that Gail makes.

All grocery stores must be within walking distance of all residences in all Church of Gail cities and must be set up like the Kroger is set up where Gail lives in Alabama. The store set up where Gail lives in Alabama should be studied to get an idea which stores need to be near people for their survival without cars.

6.5 Each family will have a big freezer, cuz I never have enough freezer space! Each family will have their own greenhouse, so that they could get produce from their garden, which would save them from going to the store. The greenhouses will be set up to be self sustaining, self watering, with an irrigation system set up by Jesus, that accurately sustains all plants as needed, so that the only thing a person has to do is go inside and pick up their produce fresh from the greenhouse as needed. If there’s too much food, it can always be sold at a farmer’s market or given away to the needy.

6.6 Each Church of Gail city will have its own energy grid, with most Church of Gail cities powered by solar power. Nuclear plants seem a bit risky nowadays. Each house should have plenty of kitchen cabinets, cuz cooking is a healthy thing to do. A sewing room, or place for sewing would be nice, too. A great way for people to be organized. Each Church of Gail residence will be set up like Jesus instructs in Gail Commandments 2.0. Jesus will help in the construction of the Church of Gail cities, so that they will all be constructed fast, with a safe, healthy and secure place for all to live.

A sewing room or section would have a large table to lay out patterns and cut fabrics and lots of small drawers for storing fabrics, etc. You can get ideas by studying where Gail currently lives.

6.7 All those in a Church of Gail city will only use the satellites that exist UNDER THE DOME of each Church of Gail city. Because we are using our own satellite, cable will be dirt cheap and many may even get free cable. Those who use satellite, would get satellite T.V. from a satellite UNDER THE DOME. All other satellites MUST BE DESTROYED. Satan is dependent on his satellites and if we destroy all the satellites except those under our domes, we will greatly weaken Satan’s ability to use brain control or to do fake news.

6.8 Each person’s bed will be set up for optimal sleep. The sleeping habits of each person will be scanned and analyzed and a bed custom created for each person that gives them optimal sleep. The cost of the bed will be either free or dirt cheap and will be like the Covid bonuses that Biden paid out to everyone, except these will really do some good. It goes without saying that in the Church of Gail cities that Conspiracy Law must be honored and death shots (the Covid and viral vaccines) are ALL BANNED. Face masks are no longer required, but as we transition over to the Church of Gail cities they can be worn to prevent Jesuit targeting until we make the full transition over to Church of Gail cities.

7.0 All homes will be environmentally friendly. As far as flooring, the flooring must be healthy and clean, whatever it is. The home must not make people sick. So if wood flooring would give some formaldehyde, then go with something else.

7.1 All homes must be set up so that it is easy to do the Gail Commandments and Gail Commandments 2.0. Sidewalks and walking trails must be plentiful, along with shaded streets (for hot areas) that are nice to walk on.

7.2 All water to all homes must have water filtration. Ideally, the entire city’s water supply should be filtered, to remove fluoride from the water system, too.

7.3 Gail loves Sally Beauty Supply for hair products. She gets her shampoo and creme rinse and hair cutting and hair coloring products from them. The city needs to have stores that sell all the necessities.

7.4 For families, a two-car garage might be nice. Parking cars outside really ages the car fast, hastening rust and other problems. It would be nice to have a paved drive way and sidewalks nearby to lessen bringing dirt into the house as well. If it is not possible to have garages, then invisible domes could be set up over parking areas that help protect cars from the elements and work to remove rust from cars.

7.5 Jesus will custom design each home for each family or person.

7.6 All bathrooms are easy to clean, to make it easy to wipe down the walls in the shower stall after every shower to prevent mold/mildew. Too many nooks and crannies in the walls would hasten mold build up. This is not as important as having a two car garage or car protection, though. Cars age fast when they are parked outside and exposed to the elements.

Church of Gail cities must be set up so that all inside them can be self-sufficient and not so dependent on the grocery store or can easily walk every day to the store for food.

7.7 Other ideas. . . a huge fish farm that grow salmon, trout and all kinds of edible fish and seaweeds (wakame, kelp, etc.). You only need one fish/seaweed farm and it will be a huge constructed man-made lake totally free of pollution and will be temperature controlled in different sections, so that the temperature and waters will be perfect for different kinds of fish. Some portions of it will be salt water and some fresh water. So it will be partitioned on the inside with different sections for different fish and edible seaweeds. The fish and seaweeds will be harvested and sold at the grocers and also offered for free or discounted to Church of Gail residents who live in the city. There should be about one farm per every ten households. That farm will grow the foods needed for ten families or ten houses on its block. A farm family will run the farm and their payment will be free housing and enough money to meet their needs. They must grow the foods, raise the meats needed for the ten families they support. The ten families will tell the farmer what they eat and the farmer will grow/raise their foods/livestock. The vegetables and fruit will be grown in a greenhouse on the farm’s property. This greenhouse will be capable of growing any type of vegetable or fruit that is commonly eaten by the ten families and the farmer’s family. It will be temperature controlled to have the ideal growing conditions for the families’ food. The greenhouse will be set up with automatic watering and fertilizing, using organic farming methods. The greenhouse will grow the most commonly eaten foods by the families. If they need something that the greenhouse does not provide, they can go to the grocery store down the road, or any grocers in the area. The farm will also raise livestock (beef, pigs, lambs, chickens, turkeys, etc.) for meat for the families. The livestock will be killed humanely, so that there is minimum suffering. The livestock will be raised antibiotic and hormone free and will be like organic meat. If they desire fish, they can go to the fishery, which will sell fresh fish strait from the fish farm. Or if they desire canned fish, they can go to the Walmart or grocer in the area.

7.7a Also, we will set up food replicators in each city, so that we may not need as many farms. This will also solve the problem in 2021, that we no longer have birds. The food replicators will make copies of the food items that people in the city buy and offer them for a discount to the grocery stores in the area. We will also have a food stamps program, enabling the poor to have enough money for food.

7.8 The grocers in this city will be unique in that they can get most of their fresh food from within the city and from the food replicators sell it at the store at a great discount for this reason. They may even start their own canning, to create discounted canned food made from the fisheries or livestock or produce grown in the city or from the food replicators.

7.9 The city will be set up with one small farm and/or food replicators per ten families and with millions of residents, that would mean there would be like 100,000 small farms or food replicators in the “city”. One out of ten of the residents must be full-time farmers or food replicator managers, to make the city self-sustaining and not dependent on outside resources. All farmers will have a small farm and are responsible to grow the food for their ten families and the meats they need also. There will be a family or two that will manage the fish farm, that will supply fish and seaweeds to the city. These are small farms, so they would not need large tracts of land, except for perhaps the cattle, but then all they may need is one or two cows per farm family. It would probably be wise to have a blend of food replicators and farms, so that we always have prime foods from which to replicate any foods needed for the city. If worst comes to worse, we can ship prime foods from other Church of Gail cities and start trade between Church of Gail cities.

8.0 Regarding each home’s landscaping, that will depend on the owner’s preference. If they prefer a desert landscape, they will have a rock garden for their yard. If they prefer a lawn, they will have a grass lawn. Those who have lawns, will have their lawns serviced by the farm family, who may use some of their tract to help grow the vegetables and fruit needed for its ten families. So the farm family will have plenty of land for their needs.

This huge city will be called Church of Gail City. We will have our own mail delivery, which will be separated from the mail delivery for the world outside the Church of Gail city. In some cases, the mail gets delivered to a P.O. Box and then forwarded to a residential address out in Church of Gail City. Post offices will all be walking distance from all residential areas.

8.1 Church of Gail City will have a closed door policy. No one can visit the city or live in the city unless they go through a security check or scan, just like they do when they enter the Church of Gail spaceship.

8.2 There will be a huge dome shield over Church of Gail city to try and protect it from outside threats. This shield will filter out pollution from bombs and pollutions and allergens and keep the air clean for residents. This shield will execute any attackers, including any planes that try to drop chem trails and other threats to the residents. But the shield will allow sunlight to get through to sustain the many farms in the city.

8.3 Basically each Church of Gail city will be set up to be self-sustaining, in the event the U.S. becomes a victim of a major terrorist attack, so that the residents can have their needs met in a disaster. In fact, it’s possible that if the U.S. got bombs all over and it is necessary, this city could give out its foods to others around the world as needed.

8.4 The medical care will continue as it has been under Church of Gail, with the local resident doctors offering their services for free to city residents. The doctors will be paid with free housing, groceries and medical care for themselves and their families, including free prescription medications to their families. The medical care will operate using my national health care plan for the residents, except that it will be free and those who provide the care, the nurses, the doctors, the pharmacists will be paid with free medical care, free housing, free food, free medications. Pharmacies will be all over the Church of Gail city, who will compound and create their own medications. This will free the city from the control of Big Pharma and allow the medications to be sold at a greatly reduced price, or even for free, with the pharmacists paid with free housing, food, medical care, etc. Those who offer the medical care, medications, etc. will also be paid a bit of a salary, enough to meet their needs, but not enough for luxury living.

8.5 Due to the fact that the city is self-sustaining, we can control a lot of our costs and it will just make it more affordable to everyone. We will allow stores and businesses as needed by the community. For instance, we may have Burger Kings, sushi houses, etc.

8.6 The goal of this city is to be self-sustaining, so that we are not dependent on the outside world for our needs. In fact, due to evil controlling Big Tech, we will even allow those who work for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc, who don’t like working for them cuz they’ve turned evil, to live at Church of Gail city and operate from within Church of Gail city and we will create our own version of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. and launch it from Church of Gail city using our own satellites and technology. We will create our own Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Those who work for Big Tech and who live in Church of Gail city are forbidden to violate Conspiracy Law as they operate Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, etc. from Church of Gail city or they will be kicked out and/or executed (depending on how they have violated Conspiracy Law).

8.7 Any ways, this Church of Gail city will be like a huge Israeli kibbutz and even better.

8.8 Many homeless people who join our Church of Gail cities will be analyzed to see if they need mental health services and assistance to do the Gail Commandments. They can be trained as farmers and/or food replicator managers used to grow food and raise livestock for the Church of Gail cities and their families. We have a special training program for the farmers and/or food replicator managers, who need to specialize in small farms and small livestock and be trained more in versatility than in specialization, kind of like how people got their food in the nineteenth century. They can also be taken care of according to Conspiracy Laws for the homeless.

8.9 Gail is setting up these cities all over the world and people really want this. They are willing to forego a luxury income in order to have this security, because of the free quality housing, free quality healthcare, and very cheap quality food. These cities are self-sustaining and help us to get out from under the control of Big Pharma, big tech and the Deep State, so that we no longer need China or any country for food because we are totally self-sustaining, so China can hit us with all sorts of tariffs and it doesn’t phase us. Like all the Church of Gail cities in Texas have their own rice farms. I would also suggest that any Middle Eastern and Russian countries that set up cities like this could set up oil production facilities operated by our own Church of Gail members and be set up a way to bypass OPEC and have our own oil production facilities, making gasoline really cheap. We could set up our own trade between Church of Gail cities around the world and totally bypass the Deep State! But our goal is mainly to make each city totally self-sustaining, so we would only have trade between cities for commodities that are not easily produced by each and every Church of Gail city.

9.0 Also, in the event of civil war, where we may fall under martial law with supplies, power and food cut off, these cities are designed to be self-sustaining and are the ideal set up for any country in a civil war. It’s also a good way to separate the bad guys from the good guys, making it harder for Satan’s Jesuits to infiltrate among us and cause confusion and bloodshed among us during civil war.

9.0a1 No Church of Gail city is allowed to have any coronavirus vaccines on their premises and if anyone is found willingly in possession of a coronavirus vaccine, they will be executed. We do not recognize the coronavirus pandemic in any Conspiracy Law honoring country. All shut downs, all requirements for masking are canceled in all Conspiracy Law honoring countries if it’s in relation to the coronavirus pandemic. The coronavirus is to be treated like the common flu. Those organizations that violate our laws related to the coronavirus will be fined AND if they try to force the coronavirus vaccine on anyone (directly or indirectly), they will be militarily TAKEN OVER. If necessary, after clearing out innocents, we may even have to bomb buildings of violators and clinics that offer the coronavirus vaccine in violation of Conspiracy Law (see Sect. 15 of this document).

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