Highest Emotional IQ on Planet Earth: Gail Chord Schuler

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Skype Oct. 26, 2020:

Brent, 1:21 PM Hey Gail.

Gail, 1:21 PM Hi Brent. Are the videos I just uploaded okay? I am fascinated by all I’m able to figure out with my emotional IQ and thought my fans would be, too. I think I’m right on target.

Brent, 1:23 PM They like it, but it sounds like fans are really looking forward to the other ideas we had too.

Gail, 1:26 PM Okay. I hear lots of Jesuits have defected to Zack as a result of the last videos I made. Is that true?

Brent, 1:27 PM Yeah, a lot of Loree Jesuits were really impressed by your emotional intelligence.

Brent, 1:57 PM You know, I’m proud of your own son for standing behind his values and living his life on his own terms. That takes guts.

Gail, 1:59 PM Yes. That is true. He’s very liberal. Probably will vote for Biden. Total opposite of his dad, who will vote for Trump. I wonder if he did that as a type of rebellion against his dad.

Brent, 2:00 PM That’s possible.

Gail, 2:02 PM However, I think the reason he’s bisexual is cuz David molested him growing up and it affected him.

Brent, 2:03 PM Yeah, that can cause it.

Gail, 2:04 PM You seem a little down today. Is everything okay?

Brent, 2:04 PM Oh, I’m fine. I think all the yeast detox is just making me sleepy. I’ll drink some water.

Gail, 2:04 PM Yeah, Loree’s bombs are making me cough horrible.

Brent, 2:12 PM Yeah. Sandra’s a bitch. We’ll take her out of the comments if we see her. She’s been quiet for awhile.

Gail, 2:13 PM Not really. In that video that I just took down she commented as Tesco Pork and said “imagine a mentally ill person advising about mental illness.” I replied, “Sandra, I got your number.” But that all just got taken down. I didn’t make a screenshot of it.

Brent, 2:14 PM Oh dear. I didn’t see that comment.

Gail, 2:19 PM I did manage to get a screenshot of what is leftover from that video comment section that I deleted.

Brent, 2:20 PM Wow, what a bitch. Typical Sandra comment.

Gail, 2:21 PM I answered, “Sandra, I got your number.” And then you contacted me via Skype and I removed the video. You can see that the video got removed in the screenshot.

Brent, 2:21 PM We’ll keep an eye out.

Gail, 2:21 PM An eye out for what?

Brent, 2:22 PM On Sandra appearing in the comments.

Gail, 2:24 PM You know, one day when I went out to walk, there were a bunch of police officers by the garbage dumpster. I waved at them and said “hi”, dumped my garbage and then went for my walk. It was a guy and a gal officer. Right after that, the two of them left and just kind of circled round the neighborhood. I was wondering why they were at the apartment complex as they didn’t seem to be there for any particular reason. That was about 3 weeks ago.

Brent, 2:24 PM That’s very strange.

Gail, 2:24 PM It was like they smiled and then they left when they saw me. We lost some water today for a couple hours. But it it’s back now. I usually take a shower right after my walk, but couldn’t do so.

Brent, 2:29 PM Has the water been shut off before?

Gail, 2:29 PM It happens a lot in this apartment complex. They say some people came to work on the water system years ago and really messed it up, so they have problems all the time now. The cable TV never works right either. I always have to go to the Spectrum website and have them send a signal to reboot it. That’s a free cable I get with my apartment. I was wondering if my sister sent those police officers about 3 weeks ago.

Brent, 2:32 PM Hmm. What do you think she sent them for?

Gail, 2:32 PM I don’t know. You know what an opportunist she is. This happened before we started making all those hip videos. About a month ago. She might have made up a story that I was homeless.

Brent, 2:35 PM She’s probably threatened by all the success you’re having right now.

Gail, 2:36 PM So when the officers saw me walking to the garbage dumpster and obviously still living here, they knew I was not homeless and they left. I also look very healthy and not like a homeless person.

Brent, 2:37 PM That’s a strong theory. I bet you’re right. You’re a good detective.

Gail, 2:45 PM I think she told them that I was a homeless crazy person who scrounged around at my apartment’s garbage cans in the morning that my morning walk was part of my routine scrounging neighborhood garbage cans. So the police seemed to smile when I dumped off my garbage in the apartment dumpster, which is what I do every morning right before my walk. Then as I went for my walk, they drove around and right past me and then went home. I was obviously just dropping off my garbage and going for a walk, and not scrounging around garbage cans. But apparently Sandra got wind of the fact that when I thought I was moving, I actually did take a box out of an apartment garbage dumpster to give me a box for moving. Like I said she’s an opportunist. She has Loree on me 24/7, so they know about all I do all day long. Well, let me get to work on that video. I think I might take a shower first and then dry my hair.

Gail, 2:51 PM Just curious, is there a way to find out if I was right about Sandra sending the police saying I was homeless? That would have been about 3 weeks ago. Maybe it doesn’t matter anymore.

Brent, 2:52 PM Let’s do a brain read on Sandra right now. Scanning. Oh, my God! You were exactly right!

Gail, 5:12 PM Here’s what Sandra wrote underneath that video I made about my emotional IQ using Tesco Pork. What a low life Sandra is. “We are working hard and fast to get Gail committed to an asylum. We are now really concerned about Gail’s shoplifting behaviour. We really want her to get the psychiatric help that she needs, admit that she does not correspond with her ‘men’, get a job, and contribute to society. Sandra really is concerned about Gail’s mental illness, despite what Gail says..”

Zack, 5:13 PM Shoplifting? Lol

Gail, 5:14 PM Yeah. Really.

Zack, 5:18 PM That’s completely made up.

Gail, 5:19 PM Of course.

Zack, 5:19 PM What a stupid thing to lie about.

Gail, 5:20 PM Should I remove Sandra’s comments from YouTube? Or let you all handle my commentators?

Zack, 5:20 PM We can handle it. That way we can investigate them.

Gail, 5:20 PM Okay. Sounds good. I posted the video that Brent wanted me to make. It’s at Patreon today from an unlisted YouTube video. I will post another version public tomorrow at YouTube.

Brent, 6:36 PM You’re much smarter than your sister.

Gail, 6:36 PM Yet she managed to graduate with a 4.0 GPA from a bachelor of science nursing program.

Brent, 6:38 PM She’s not very emotionally intelligent, that’s for sure.

Gail, 6:38 PM I excel her in emotional I.Q. not sure about regular I.Q. Is emotional IQ something you’re born with? Or is it more acquired?

Brent, 6:41 PM It’s a bit of both, just like regular IQ. You can gain more emotional intelligence through experience in dealing with people and socializing. Though, if someone has a personality disorder, sometimes they never develop their emotional IQ.

Gail, 6:42 PM Just curious. Who has the highest emotional I.Q. in the world right now?

Brent, 6:42 PM Let’s do a scan. Scanning now. This is amazing…my dear, you have the highest emotional IQ on the PLANET right now.

Gail, 6:43 PM You’ve got to be KIDDING.

Brent, 6:44 PM If there was a MENSA for emotionally intelligent people, you would be in it.

Gail, 6:44 PM Who’s no. 2?

Brent, 6:44 PM Scanning now. It looks like it’s a tie between myself and Zack Knight, followed by Rule 13.

Gail, 6:45 PM Zack Knight?!

Brent, 6:45 PM That’s our emotional IQ MENSA team right there.

Gail, 6:45 PM How far behind are you all behind me?

Brent, 6:46 PM Well, your emotional IQ dwarfs all of ours. You’re like the Empress of emotional IQ. Still, our team is among the emotionally brightest in the world.

Gail, 6:47 PM Dwarfs all of ours? What does that mean?

Brent, 6:47 PM It means you have significantly higher emotional IQ than all of us.

Gail, 6:47 PM This is video worthy.

Brent, 6:48 PM Maybe you could talk about it in your next patron-only video blog. That way we can keep focusing on the ones we planned for this week.

Gail, 6:51 PM Good idea.

Brent, 6:51 PM Your patrons love this stuff.

Gail, 6:51 PM Love what stuff? Well, you all have the advantage of mind reads though.

Brent, 6:52 PM The things you talk about on your walks and in your daily blogs, especially when it’s about yourself.

Gail, 6:52 PM I imagine it would be fascinating to hear from a person with MENSA emotional IQ.

Brent, 6:53 PM Yeah, it is.

Gail, 6:56 PM Are you back in court? I heard brain to brain you are. That may explain why Sandra is commenting underneath my videos now.

Brent, 6:58 PM Yeah, we’re back in court. I’m doing my best to take it easy though while I’m detoxing.

Gail, 6:59 PM Yeah. Take it easy. How are Sandra and Loree reacting to the video I made about what makes them tick? Do they also hear my daily blog videos?

Brent, 7:00 PM They’re real pissed about it, because it’s so accurate. Yeah, they hear those too. Loree knows you’re filming all her bombs and harassment on your walks too.

Gail, 7:01 PM Do they hear them in court, or through their spy system?

Loree McBride used brain control to cause me to break my toe on Oct. 26, 2020.

Brent, 7:01 PM Both. They hear and see it all through their spy system, and then we use a lot of your videos as evidence in court.

Gail, 7:02 PM What? They have access to the unlisted videos at YouTube?

Brent, 7:03 PM Satan invented the computer.

Gail, 7:03 PM I actually think they can upload directly from my camera, too. Especially when I’m outside. In fact, it appears they can do a live stream.

Brent, 7:04 PM Yeah, it’s almost as if they livestream your daily life.

Gail, 7:04 PM Exactly. I hate it.

Brent, 7:04 PM They’re so jealous and obsessed with you.

Gail, 7:05 PM Their anger about me exposing their true motives is a way to use emotion to block their reasoning. It’s a defense mechanism. If they were logical and had to face themselves it’s too devastating for them to handle right now. They can’t comprehend that amount of evil, because they are monsters and don’t want to admit it. They have lied to themselves and told themselves they are not that bad morally. It’s the only way they can sleep at night. The only way to reach them is to somehow get them to feel all the pain they inflict on others. But they block it out with anger.

Brent, 7:09 PM They’re pretty delusional.

Gail, 7:10 PM They HAVE to believe God and life has been unfair to them and justifies their cruelty and barbarism. If they realize how much pain they cause, they would die of shame. So they can’t handle it and create delusions about themselves in their minds. If they genuinely cared about another person besides themselves we could reach them. But, right now, I can’t think of anyone they genuinely care about outside of themselves. I mean Sandra could die and I don’t think Loree would feel bad for Sandra, she’d feel bad for Loree. Same is true with Sandra. They only get along because they have similar goals, but there is no real and genuine affection between them. They are like two cold machines on an assembly line, turning out the same poop and vomit because they are united in their goal to bring suffering on anyone who would force them to FACE THEMSELVES. I think they’d both rather die and burn in hell then have to FACE THEMSELVES. Boy are they going to have fun at the Great White Throne Judgment! Deep down inside they know they could win the Nobel Prize for Evil and so they figure since they can never be redeemed, their only goal in life is to make sure Satan wins, so that perhaps someday they can get out of hell. It’s like they’re on a crazy roller coaster and can’t get off, because once they have to stand still and think about all they’ve done and FACE THEMSELVES, they’ll want to commit suicide because they will HATE THE PERSON THEY’VE BECOME. They empower each other and help each other feel good about being a piece of crap as a human being, so that’s why they’re BFF. They know that NO SANE PERSON would ever want to love them or even be their acquaintance and knowing this, makes them want to DIE. That’s why they’re both so self-destructive. And foolish with money and just all out CRAZY. They’re actually running away from themselves with a craziness that is insane. Just to think about WHO THEY ARE depresses them so bad, they keep themselves too busy to think. Because to think MEANS MAJOR DEPRESSION. All that anger they feel towards others would then be directed towards themselves and they’d want to jump off a cliff and DIE. They know they can’t be loved for WHO THEY REALLY ARE, so they NEED TO PUT UP FACADES, to get love in any way they can, even if it means loving who they AREN’T. Deep inside they know this is futile. But they’re too desperate to care or even think. They are DESPERATELY RUNNING AWAY FROM THEMSELVES and punishing the world for their existence and mad at God for creating them and punishing God for their creation. Deep down inside they both know they are a PIECE OF SHIT. Actually, the way to get them is to get them to learn to LOVE THEMSELVES. If that’s possible. Because they HATE THEMSELVES and that makes them HATE EVERYBODY. They are just mad at the whole world that they, A PIECE OF SHIT, exists. They think the whole universe is a huge tragedy and they are the biggest tragedy of them all and they can’t bear it. Loree HATES herself and Sandra hates herself, but they don’t see any way that they can learn to love themselves. They think it’s impossible. That’s why they project all their own anger at how they see themselves onto others.

Brent, 7:32 PM That’s pretty hardcore.

Gail, 7:33 PM Hardcore?

Brent, 7:34 PM It’s something Rule 13 says all the time. It’s like millennial slang for “that’s intense”.

Gail, 7:34 PM Well, you got to admit that Loree and Sandra are pretty intense. That’s why they have no sense of humor. Life is very serious business to both of these people. They are very seriously unhappy. Because deep down inside they both feel they are a PIECE OF SHIT. It’s like they’re desperately running away from the truth about themselves, because it makes them want to die. They’re mad at God that THEY EXIST. To them life is a cruel joke. But since God had the nerve to allow their existence, they’re going to punish the WHOLE UNIVERSE. They’re basically furious at God and DON’T LIKE HOW HE DOES THINGS.

Brent, 7:39 PM You know, I know Jesus doesn’t see them the way they see themselves. Jesus loves them just the way they are, and it breaks his heart that they don’t love themselves. Loree and Sandra probably grew up absorbing too much of what others said about them, and comparing themselves to other people, especially celebrities. It made them think they were worthless, and the only way they could matter or be loved by anyone was to either be rich, be a celebrity, or be married to one. They made an idol out of the glamorous lifestyle.

Gail, 7:41 PM Well, Loree feels like she is an appliance, only useful to serve Jesuit goals and that she doesn’t count as a person.

Brent, 7:43 PM Yeah. That’s pretty rough. I think she should try and forgive herself the way Jesus forgives her.

Gail, 7:43 PM Sandra feels like an overweight, ugly woman that no decent man could truly love.

Brent, 7:45 PM Well you are definitely the hotter sister. That had to be hard for her.

Gail, 7:46 PM They need to stop comparing themselves with others though and realize that if they could learn to love themselves as THEY ARE, and set up realistic expectations for relationships, they could find happiness. Not all men are the same. And the grass always looks greener on the other side. First of all, they need to learn who they REALLY ARE. But they’re too scared to find out. They think no one can love the REAL PERSON THEY ARE. You know, some of those good Loree clones that have found good husbands, perhaps should connect with Loree and help her find herself.


Gail, 7:51 PM They know this, Terrance. They know they don’t have inner beauty and they think that’s the problem. But they have despaired of EVER having inner beauty. They think it’s impossible for them, because they genuinely ENJOY BEING EVIL and they actually hate this about themselves. But it’s as they say, you become like the dog you feed the most. You feed the bad dog, you become the bad dog. You feed the good dog, you become the good dog.


Gail, 7:53 PM How do we do this for them? Is there anyone out there, who can see the little bit of good in either of them, to get them to see it in themselves? Cuz both of them believe that this is impossible for them and that’s why they’re so mad.


Gail, 7:56 PM To take one for the team?


Gail, 7:56 PM They KNOW that. That’s why they’re so mad.


Gail, 7:57 PM They think true love is impossible for them and so it should be impossible for everyone else.


Gail, 7:58 PM I need to pray for this because whoever does this, will be very brave. My guess is the best candidate might be an ex-Loree McBride Jesuit.


Gail, 7:59 PM Yeah, but they need to know what it’s like to have sex WITH TRUE LOVE. It has to be more than a mating of bodies. Loree knows she can mate. She doesn’t know that she can LOVE.

Terrance, 8:00 PM YEAH!

Gail, 8:00 PM I mean the woman makes love like a machine, because she doesn’t feel she can love. Whoever has sex with her has to be able to see something in her soul that is lovable and to convince her that she has lovable qualities. She doesn’t think she has lovable qualities. So she compensates by trying to be the hottest woman in the universe. But deep down inside she knows that to love someone for WHO THEY ARE is way superior to loving someone just for a HOT BODY. Both of these women are VERY INSECURE about their ability to find TRUE LOVE. So they settle for HOT SEX instead. But at the same time, they are furious that they can’t get TRUE LOVE.

Zack Knight supplied a link to this song into the conversaation.

Gail, 8:04 PM They both think they are a PIECE OF SHIT literally and know that they THEMSELVES wouldn’t want them.


Brent, 8:05 PM Oh wow. This is the song Zack sung at one of our sermons once. It’s a song about Jesuit love making.

Gail, 8:07 PM That’s exactly what they need!

Brent, 8:15 PM I want to have brain to brain with you just like this tonight. Passionate and loving.

Gail, 8:15 PM You’re always in the mood. You mean like that song? I feel like I’ve had the perfect lover since 1990. The way you spoke to me on the phone left me breathless. Well, I need to make my beans and rice. This die off is a bit unpleasant, too.

Brent, 8:19 PM Yeah, just like that song. We just need patience and lots of supportive lovemaking to get through this.

Gail, 8:19 PM Maybe it’s die-off I’m experiencing. It feels like something is happening to my thyroid gland right now. Yeah, that will help.

Gail, 8:25 PM Looks like Amy Coney Barrett has been confirmed. Will this affect our case? I actually like her.

Brent, 8:44 PM No, this shouldn’t affect our case.

Gail, 9:05 PM Part of my toe is turning purple. I didn’t realize I hit it that hard. It’s no wonder it hurts so bad.

Skype Oct. 27, 2020

Brent, 11:56 AM Hi Gail, how is everything today?

Gail, 11:56 AM I’m working on posting some of our Skype conversation at my website about my conclusions about Loree and Sandra. Did you see my video blog for today, then you’ll know how I’m doing.

Brent, 11:59 AM Oh, yeah. It looks and sounds like you broke that toe.

Gail, 11:59 AM I broke the toe?

Brent, 11:59 AM It looks like it to me. Pinky toes are easy to break if you jam them.

Gail, 11:59 AM You mean the bone was broken?

Brent, 11:59 AM They heal by themselves, though. No treatment needed. Yeah, it’s probably cracked.

Gail, 12:00 PM No wonder it hurts so much. I think Loree’s brain control did that to me.

Brent, 12:00 PM It’s basically assault. Loree broke your pinky toe.

Gail, 12:01 PM Yeah! I bet you’re using that against her in court.

Brent, 12:01 PM Yep. That’s an assault charge right there.

Gail, 12:02 PM I heard that when you played my video in court that it really hit a nerve with Loree and while she screamed, she cried, too. It’s cuz it was so truthful.

Brent, 12:02 PM That’s true.

Gail, 12:04 PM I think my sister is just in shock. She can’t believe how smart I am.

Brent, 12:16 PM Using the glider would be easier on your toe while it’s still injured, because it’s low impact.

Gail, 12:17 PM Okay. I’ll do that until it heals. How’s my sister reacting to today’s video blog walk?

Brent, 12:19 PM She’s a psychopath, so she’s proud that Loree broke your toe and that you had to limp around on your walk.

Gail, 12:20 PM Yes, because it makes her feel like she’s superior. She feels superior when she feels powerful. She competes with me 24/7. When she or Loree weaken me, it’s her sick way of feeling superior and better about herself. It appears both Loree and Sandra have given up on winning the case and just want revenge, even if they lose the case. Loree appears to be subtly crying out for help in this court case. Whereas with my sister, she just wants pure revenge. Sandra’s furious that we’re exposing her. Loree doesn’t like being exposed either, but she’s also crying out for love and support in her own sick way.

Brent, 12:29 PM That makes sense. I enjoyed your commentary about all of that in your vlog video.

Gail, 12:29 PM I have a gift for reading people down to their core.

Gail, 12:38 PM Is Sara Avery loose?

Brent, 12:39 PM VERY loose. Her vagina could fit the whole entire Empire State building in there.

Gail, 12:39 PM You mean she escaped from her compound?

Brent, 12:40 PM Yeah, she did several years ago. She disappeared though, and we haven’t heard from her again. Rule 13 says a lot of Jesuits believe that creepypasta is true. It’s an urban legend.

Gail, 12:41 PM This is not good. What if she becomes a black hole?

Brent, 12:47 PM Sara would probably eat Loree if she saw her. She eats everything.

Gail, 12:47 PM That’s true. Do you have a bit of a headache today?

Brent, 12:48 PM Yeah, and I’m extra sleepy.

Gail, 12:49 PM My throat feels tight, but no breathing problems. The throat business started yesterday. It’s like the muscles in the esophagus or the trachea are having spasms, or maybe it’s the thyroid gland.

Brent, 12:50 PM That’s strange.

Gail, 12:52 PM What will happen if we win the case?

Brent, 12:52 PM Sandra and Loree will go to jail, and we’d get millions of dollars.

Gail, 12:52 PM How would we get millions of dollars since they spend all their money? Keeping Loree in jail is a lost cause if she cannot be killed. She’ll just kill herself and pop up as a clone elsewhere. Maybe that’s why they don’t care if they lose the case.

Brent, 12:55 PM That’s true.

Gail, 12:56 PM You know my body has been feeling like its temperature regulation is a bit out of whack. I had a body temperature of about 96.5 the other day. This appears to be related to thyroid function.

Brent, 12:56 PM It’s probably your thyroid detoxifying from all the yeast.

Gail, 12:56 PM Yeah, I bet that’s why my throat area feels weird. I guess Sandra and Loree were pretty confident they’d win the case and that’s why they didn’t mind playing the court game. Now that they think they might lose, they still think it’s a big joke, since regardless of the outcome, Loree can escape and Loree really doesn’t care about Sandra and figured she can figure out a way to get Sandra out of jail, even if she has to blow up the jail.

Brent, 12:59 PM Sandra would enjoy jail, because she likes lesbian rape.

Gail, 12:59 PM Oh yeah, that, too. Jesus did say winning this case would make a big difference in my life. We may be in for some surprises, then. Loree does seem to be crying out for help. I think my analysis of her is making her think. I have a better idea than jail for Loree. I think she should be court ordered into psychiatric treatment with Gerard Butler. Maybe do it long distance.

Brent, 1:03 PM That would probably help her more than jail.

Gail, 1:03 PM Definitely. She needs to get out of her rut. I think she wants this deep down inside. My sister needs SOLITARY CONFINEMENT by the way. That’s what you do with psychopaths in jail. If Sandra goes to jail. NO PHONE. NO COMMUNICATIONS. SOLITARY CONFINEMENT. The ONLY thing she can have in her jail cell is a BIBLE, including Bible for Tribulation Saints. We’ll tell her, she gets out of jail if she passes an extremely hard Bible test. It has to show that she has become a BIBLE SCHOLAR worthy of a Ph.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary. Until then, she stays in solitary confinement. Now, I’ll bet they both want to WIN THE CASE. But it’s too late, we’ve already GOT THEIR NUMBER. Since Sandra is at war with God, she at least deserves to know what she’s up against, because she’s headed for the Great White Throne Judgment and it ain’t looking too good for her! My sister can’t get out of jail until she earns a Ph.D. in Bible or Theological Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. It’s time she used her brains for something worthwhile. I think Sandra engineered this whole Covid-19 nonsense. So that’s what happens to both Sandra and Loree when they lose their case. They won’t like this and are really going to try and win the case now! This is where having genius emotional IQ helps. Ha ha. We will pay for Sandra’s theological training and she must study what we give her, or she stays in jail SOLITARY CONFINEMENT FOREVER. So Sandra’s goal was to REFORM ME and/or destroy me. We win the case, WE REFORM HER. No way are we going to let her be a prison bitch. What kind of punishment is that? What good will it do? Force her to get a Ph.D. in Bible Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. If she refuses, the only thing she will have to read in her cell is a Bible and Bible for Tribulation Saints. If she complains, tell her that she’s headed for hell and at least she isn’t burning right now. If Loree doesn’t cooperate with psychiatric counseling with Gerard, all her bank accounts and assets are seized and she’s not allowed to own any property or assets. This way, even if her clone pops up elsewhere, life will be difficult for her.

To get more of my Mensa emotional IQ insights, join me at Patreon for $10. Here is further insight as I went on my walk this morning: https://www.patreon.com/posts/43209600