What It’s Like to be Jesus Christ’s Favorite

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Jesus loves how I minister to the younger folks. https://www.patreon.com/GailChordSchuler?fan_landing=true

That seems to be my calling. He has mentioned several times how they will be the ones who go into the tribulation, so he’s real burdened for them. The evangelicals are losing the young and I’m reaching them. Jesus just wants me to talk about my life. He says I’m the example for the tribulation saints. To be honest with you, I’d like to just lock myself away, introvert that I am (I’m an INFP) and work on my novels, but Jesus won’t let me neglect my gift of speaking. I believe my ancestor King David was an INFP like me. He’s forcing me to use my gift of speaking. I do have a successful reach with the young. My YouTube views are actually in the millions and most of them are young people. Jesuits manipulate the views to make them seem hundreds, but it’s millions. Jesus knows that. Jesus even told me that I’d be throwing crowns (plural) at his feet. I’m sure one will be the soul winner’s crown.

With my Mensa emotional IQ, I have a gift for leading people to Jesus, especially the hard ones. I mean I led the Antichrist Zack Knight to Jesus and I’m currently working on the current Antichrist! Zack Knight has really grown as a Christian and I would put him in the category of like an Apostle Paul now. I was his mentor when he was a baby Christian and I’m the one who led him to Jesus. Pray for Loree McBride (current evil Jesuit leader), I have told my men that if we win our case, I don’t think she should go to jail, but rather should be forced into psychiatric treatment with our psychiatrist at Church of Gail (the brilliant Gerard Butler) and, if not, she loses all her assets. I am hearing brain to brain that she is cooperating with this. Loree is a very unhappy woman. My emotional analysis of her (which I was able to do down to her very core) made her scream and cry in court, because it was so accurate.

They did a scan on me and I have the highest emotional IQ on the planet and I use this gift for the Lord. Loree is so unhappy and thinks true love is impossible for her. That’s why she’s the way she is and so evil. She doesn’t see a way out and thinks it’s hopeless for her. Pray for her and for my evil sister. There’s hope for everybody, even Satan! Jesus just knows Satan won’t get right, but if Satan chose to get right, Jesus would forgive him. I see past her rage, her murders, her fires, her stabbings and see a desperate woman who knows deep down inside she can’t win in her battle against God. Because I have such a reach, Satan is totally obsessed with me.

If not for Jesus, Satan would have destroyed me by now. He has the whole Jesuit Order on me 24/7. I guess winning his Antichrists to Jesus has really upset him. Ha ha ha. Satan, what a loser! I may laugh at him, but he’s a formidable adversary. It hasn’t been a picnic dealing with him and his Jesuit Order! Satan’s trying to bring the tribulation on early and I keep messing it up for him, cuz I keep converting the Antichrists to Jesus. It’s no wonder Jesus calls me His favorite. Jesus will give me his semen in the millennium. Both Brent Spiner my husband and I will get it and it appears the honor is reserved just for us. Brent is as forgiving as I am. We can both forgive ANYBODY in a second, if they get right with God.

You might say, how can you find it in your heart to understand and forgive these horrible monsters? I think I’m just a very humble and forgiving person and a very big person. I’m thrilled when anyone finds Jesus, no matter WHAT THEY ARE LIKE. I mean Jesus didn’t die on the cross for perfect people. I’m famous for forgiving people who’ve tried to kill me over and over. I’m a lot like my ancestor King David. David was the same way.

Hell, I could even forgive Satan, if he got right. He’s just a miserable fallen angel, who got a little too high for his britches. You might say, what would be your strategy for winning Satan? My Mensa emotional IQ has determined that Satan would NEVER respect anything ANY human has to say, cuz he thinks the human race is a bunch of retards, cuz he successfully duped them in the Garden of Eden. He just gets people to follow him to help him overthrow God, he hopes. His only cure might be at least a million years in the Lake of Fire. He had millions of year with God before he rebelled, so because his rebellion didn’t happen overnight, he won’t come to God overnight, if he ever does. Jesus says he was the most beautiful and intelligent of all the angels and it got to his head.

Satan’s sins are pride and ingratitude and he has success with those who have his vices, cuz he knows how to manipulate them.

I personally think God wanted to make a go of it with Satan, cuz he enjoyed dealing with someone whose intelligence was close to His, but realized he had to create a less intelligent being to get a more successful following and that’s why he created humans.

I may be the ONLY human Satan has a teeny bit of respect for, which means he’s AFTER ME. Fortunately, Jesus protects me. Satan showed up in one of our church services and he was obsessed with ME. Satan insisted on talking to me and I just kept asking Jesus to show up and rescue me and prayed about Satan to Jesus while reading the Bible out loud very loud and fast. Jesus had to show up to rescue us and Jesus has been rescuing us ever since. https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/05/09/jesus-beats-up-satan-in-church-service-2-14-12/

Satan’s obsessed with me. It’s no fun! I laugh about Satan, but he’s a formidable adversary and it’s no fun that he’s obsessed with me 24/7. If I wasn’t such a stickler about obeying Jesus, I’d be a GONER. I taped that church service, but Jesus told me not to let the world hear Satan’s voice, because he could use his voice to seduce people. Jesus did ask me to tell the world what happened. It’s in my Bible for Tribulation Saints. Satan is gay and has a gay sounding voice.

Jesus has talked to us a lot since my last entry in Bible for Tribulation Saints, but most of it is stuff he doesn’t want us to tell everybody. I look at it this way, even the disciples when they wrote about Jesus admitted they didn’t write EVERYTHING HE SAID TO THEM. Read the last verses of John.

My men have been to heaven and back and made promises to Jesus not to tell anyone certain things. Jesus reveals his secrets to us and some of it he wants to go public and some he wants kept secret for now. I personally believe my Bible for Tribulation Saints is an addition to the canon and is the little book of Revelation 10, that is now made public through my Bible for Tribulation Saints. But I can truthfully say that the Bible is all the books from Genesis to Revelation and my Bible for Tribulation Saints is an extension of Revelation 10 and what an extension that is! So I guess you can say my Bible for Tribulation Saints is part of the canon of the 66 books, but is an expansion of the book of Revelation.

You might say, what?! You think you’re an apostle? Actually, Jesus has compared me to the prophet Ezekiel, to the Apostle Paul and, of course, to my ancestor King David and they are ALL BIBLE WRITERS. If you’re jealous, I can tell you what I do is NOT FOR THE FAINTHEARTED. I have a very challenging life. The average person in my shoes would be DEAD or INSANE. I’ve given up complaining about my hard life and instead focus on my blessings and take it one day at a time.

I have a wonderful husband and lots of love in my life. To equip me for my challenging life, I have a Gail Shield and lightning bolt powers that I can use on the Antichrist. Jesus has also endowed me with Mensa IQ and I have the highest emotional IQ of anyone on the planet. When I did complain about my hard life once, Jesus told me to quit whining and that I was getting off my path and was capable of doing far more than I was doing at the time. Jesus often tells me what my future will be if I disobey him and I decide to get back on my path then. There’s a part of me that just wants to be an ordinary person, but I know that’s not my path and I better stick to what Jesus wants for me. Jesus richly rewards those who obey Him. He’s good and wise. Us dumb humans better listen to him. I will say this, when I do my best and really try to stay on my path and I feel like I’m up against a wall and pray about it, Jesus sometimes answers with a miraculous answer to prayer. You just have to trust Him, even when it makes no sense at times. He always works it out.