Matthew McConaughey Mentioned Gail at Red Carpet Event (Camila Murdered Sam Shepard in July 2017)

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From Jane Agni on July 15, 2019:

Gail, I got a really strange email earlier. I have forwarded it to you and your men as it might be important.

I do not remember this cameraman ‘xxxxxxxx’, but apparently he remembers me from my days as a journalist. He has emailed a video clip which depicts Matthew McConaughey stating to an Associated Press interviewer “Praise Empress Gail”. It’s followed by a tragic story of the consequences McConaughey suffered for doing so because apparently Camila was also in attendance at this event. I cannot vouch for the cameraman, but after looking at the footage myself. Well, I honestly don’t know what to think. I’d hate for some Jesuit knucklehead to play a prank on me, but I’ve watched Matthew’s mouth movement multiple times in this clip and it looks exactly like he’s saying “Praise Empress Gail”. And the way he pans the room with his eyes is also haunting.

I hunted down the interview which this person claims is edited, and the one he has sent is both attached in his forwarded email and I uploaded it to my own Google Drive as well so you can watch/download it from a trusted source.Here’s the mainstream media version:

Here’s the one on my Google Drive which the cameraman claims is the “true” version:

From Jane Agni on July 15, 2019:

The Jesuits must’ve already known they were going to murder Sam Shepard since they had seemingly faked his death days prior. I’m not sure if Matthew was aware of this or not, but he looks incredibly frightened throughout the entire “edited” interview (referring to video above). A mixture of fear and desperation. That’s not someone talking about the death of a friend–that’s someone who is in fear for their personal safety.

It’s possible he could have gotten word that Sam had been kidnapped, and being the good friend he is blasted the Jesuits to the AP at the premiere. You would know him better than I, and how he would react to such a situation. From what I’ve read and been told, though, this sounds like classic Camila to me.

From an Associated Press reporter:

From: xxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 12:20 PM
Subject: Matthew McConaughey mentions Gail at Red Carpet Event Associated Press and Camila Alves Forced Censorship


I am writing you because I am not sure who I can provide this information to, but I know I can no longer live with the weight of this secret on my shoulders.

I doubt you remember me, I’m a cameraman for the Associated Press. We met a couple of times back when you were a renowned journalist. I had heard in recent years that you were blacklisted and labeled as “fake news” in the journalism community, solely because you stood up against the Jesuits. This is something I didn’t fully believe until the horrible experience that awaited me on the fateful night of the Dark Tower film premiere.

Here is my story: I was working camera for AP at the LA premiere of McConaughey’s film ‘The Dark Tower’. When the reporter (whose name I would rather not state here) asked Matthew what he knew about “Gabrielle Chana”, the answer surprised both of us. A worried expression appeared on Matthew’s face as he looked around, seemingly frightened. In retrospect I understand the terrible error of our ways, as Camila also happened to be in attendance that night. Matthew began with “this is my confession”, and that’s when he went on to tell us that Camila Alves had been his Jesuit handler for years, that he’s number 3 on Gail’s marriage list, before correcting himself that he’s technically 4th since Jesus is always 1st… Both the interviewer and myself were stunned by what we were hearing…

He finished with “Praise Empress Gail”, before immediately spotting Camila who was holding a small shiny bell in her right hand. At the end of the clip you can see him look off camera with a mortified expression on his face. That’s the point where Camila had walked up and overheard Matthew praising Gabrielle Chana/Gail Chord Schuler, and had just done so in front of one of the largest news outlets in the country.

Matthew, the interviewer, and myself were all quickly hurried to a small room off to the side of the Red Carpet event by Camila and several large body guards, who I now know to be Jesuits.

God as my witness, we were all forced at gunpoint to re record the interview, but this time only with audio. But before we were allowed to get started, Camila murdered Sam Shepard right there in front of us. An event I will never forget until my dying day. Camila unbuttoned Matthew’s pants and placed his flaccid penis in Shepard’s mouth. She then had the two large Jesuits hold Sam’s nose closed so he could no longer breathe. That’s when Camila began ringing her bell violently, and within seconds McConaughey’s knees were trembling, his hips bucking, his penis becoming massively erect, and soon I could see milky white seminal emissions pour from the edges of the wide-eyed Shepard’s mouth. Matthew obviously had no control over himself, he begged her not to murder his former co-star, but eventually Sam’s choking stopped… along with his breathing…

Jane… Camila had Sam Shepard drowned in the semen of his friend, Matthew McConaughey. The 70-something-year-old Shepard lay there, semen running from his open lips, and Matthew fell to the ground in tears. That’s when Camila handed us a NEW interview script we were forced to conduct with the devastated McConaughey. We used audio from the second interview (cruelly made to be about the death of Sam Shepard, which the Jesuits had falsified records of days previous.)

Before we were allowed to leave, Camila gave us an evil grin, and said unless we want to suffer the same fate as Sam, we will delete the ORIGINAL audio where Matthew admits that he is on Gail’s marriage list. I’m not sure why I did this, because I was truly in fear for my life, and continue to be, but I actually SAVED a small portion of the original interview. Right before it ended, and Matthew says “Praise Empress Gail!” before pointing up to the heavens. I’ve kept this footage hidden for almost two years and I finally feel I have the courage to come forward and share the truth with the public.

I hope you can help me get this out to the world. I know you are friends with Gail, and are an enemy of the Jesuits. Please, however you can help spread the word… Sam Shepard didn’t deserve to die like that, and Matthew, a wonderful, caring man, definitely did not deserve what Camila forced him to do. These people must pay. Thank you for your time, Jane.

If I suddenly disappear you know why…


This appears to be the Matthew McConaughey CLONE reacting to the death of Sam Shepard in July 2019. If you’ll notice, the clone doesn’t seem to care at all that his “wife” Camila murdered Sam. He’s playing dumb. Jesuits are so cruel. THESE LOREE MCBRIDE JESUITS DESERVE THE DEATH PENALTY! Camila Alves is a Loree McBride Jesuit and so is the Matthew McConaughey CLONE, along with Loree McBride and her cuckasaurus rex Jesuit CLONE “husband” Brent Spiner. The REAL Brent is my husband, who can’t get near me lest Loree attacks. Loree McBride is the leader of the evil Jesuit Order. Zack Knight, former Jesuit leader, accepted Jesus in Sept. 2016 and took at least half of the Jesuits with him. The Jesuits who remain evil serve Loree McBride as their leader. Loree literally meets with Satan at least once a week, while feigning to be an atheist. She instructs her followers (many of whom are clones of the celebrity men on my marriage list) to feign atheism or at least not claim to be conservative or Christian, to make it appear that I, as a born again Christian, am crazy to claim Jesus has met with me and my men and that my men and I serve Jesus.

I’m actually not a Conservative, but a Centrist Libertarian, but Loree has a script she has to follow to ensure she retains her power. I support Tulsi Gabbard for President. Loree must use labels and stereotypes to stay in power, because these help make her lies against her enemies believable as she practices character assassination against anyone who won’t be her cuck.

HER LIES: Gail Chord Schuler is delusional, loves attention and is paranoid schizophrenic; there are no clones (this has not been covered up and hid from the public, only nutty conspiracy theorists believe this); the real Brent Spiner never called and made love to Gail on the phone in the 1990s and Loree did not obtain her “relationship” with Brent by threatening death on Gail if he wouldn’t cooperate with Loree’s agenda to take over all of Brent’s identity and his money and fame. The lies are so many, you need to visit this page to get them all.

The evil Jesuit clones of many of the celebrity men on my marriage list (Matthew McCoanaughey, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Brent Spiner, etc.) seem to have taken over their Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. Loree McBride, evil Jesuit leader, maintains almost total control over mainstream news and social media.

Also, my evil JEALOUS sister Sandra Metcalf is BFF with Loree McBride and plays Loree’s wicked game, while lying to my mother about me, and claiming to my mother that I’m crazy.

For more about Camila’s bell, listen to these videos: