REAL Brent Spiner Appears to be BACK at Twitter (for one day)! THANKS, JACK DORSEY

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It appears Jack came up with a clever way to remove the clone from Twitter. He let someone else have his job for a day. I love it! A lot of rappers are my fans. By the way, Jesus likes rap. As a Christian who respects Buddhists, I have no problem with Jack’s meditating. If it calms him down and gives him peace, so be it. My non-fiction novel Nirvana: Oshu Fujiwara Dynasty (currently in progress) will be treating Buddhism with respect. Jesus is super cool with Buddhists by the way.

Let’s see how long this lasts, but I’m encouraged by this (see image below). If I’m right that the real Brent may have his Twitter back, I’m sure Loree is planning to get it back for the Brent Spiner clone, so I shall continue to block the Brent Spiner Twitter account until I see firm evidence it’s back FOR GOOD in the REAL Brent’s hands! That evil clone will lie about me and say I’m harassing him at Twitter, (if he remains in charge of Brent’s Twitter), if I don’t block him. I’d like to see that dorky picture removed and for Brent to put back his original photo where he was holding a glass of wine. I think the clone removed the original photo because his nose is bigger than the real Brent’s and some astute people could tell. UPDATE: It appears the real Brent had control of his Twitter for one day, on July 29, 2019 and perhaps some of July 30, 2019. But it appears the official Brent Spiner Twitter is fully back in the clone’s control now. The evil Jesuits could be using clone versions of the Internet that override the true Internet OR Loree McBride may have gone on a murder spree to intimidate Jack into conforming to her wishes. Loree knows how to GET HER WAY.

Brent is BACK 072919

As you can see, someone said “Get Gail on the show!” If the clone was still in charge of Brent Spiner’s Twitter, the clone would remove or mute that response on his Twitter timeline. He wouldn’t allow it, cuz it treats me with respect, something Loree McBride would NEVER tolerate in her cuckasaurus rex husband, the Brent Spiner CLONE.

Also, note Brent’s response to “Yeah, but odds on you’re for the killing of unborn children? Or am I mistaken, Mr. Robot?”

The REAL Brent responds, “Hey! Any chance you’d be willing to appear on my new reality show, “Making Friends With the Stars”? Also, notice how Brent incorrectly used double quote marks instead of single quote marks around “Making Friends With the Stars” in his tweet. When you have quotes WITHIN quotes, it should be like this, “Hey! Any chance you’d be willing to appear on my new reality show, ‘Making Friends With the Stars?’ ” Brent uses incorrect quote marks a lot when he quotes. It’s incorrect English, but that’s his style. So I think the REAL Brent did that tweet. I transcribed a lot of Brent’s writing for Bible for Tribulation Saints, so I know how Brent uses quote marks.

UPDATE: The quotes were used correctly. Loree’s brain control got me confused. But  Brent does have a tendency to use full quote marks inside full quote marks.

The real Brent’s response is GENUINELY FUNNY, because Brent’s humor is self-deprecating and though he’s not a Conservative per se, he respects the right of others to have their own views. Whereas the clone tends to be snide and arrogant in all his responses and takes delight in making political points for his Democrat Deep State boss Loree McBride, making his jokes not funny.

However the tweet that says, “We’re bringing back the Death Penalty. Are medieval torture devices banned, or can we still use those?” That sounds like the arrogant clone who’s obsessed with insulting Donald Trump and makes derogatory (not funny) jokes at Conservatives (something the real Brent does NOT do). The clone is always trying to score political points for Loree McBride who takes a liberal, ALWAYS politically correct Democratic position in everything and likes to remind everyone how right the establishment Dems are about everything and instructs the clone (her cuckasaurus rex husband) to parrot her arrogant political views. Loree McBride wants to boss the whole world (so that she’s free to rape and murder to her heart’s delight) and to put a puppet in charge of the U.S. who will do her bidding in everything (i.e., Joe Biden or Kamala Harris).

I, myself, am a Centrist Libertarian and I plan to vote for Tulsi Gabbard for President. I registered Democrat just to vote for Tulsi in the Dem primaries. I also gave Tulsi some financial support. She’s the ONLY political candidate I’ve given financial support to. I’m impressed with Tulsi’s character and integrity.

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