Democrats (Except Tulsi Gabbard) Pretend to Oppose Iran Attack They ENABLED

Democratic candidate Twitter mentions of “war in Iran” before the strike that killed Soleimani. Tulsi Gabbard–55 Bernie Sanders–15 Elizabeth Warren-9 Amy Klobuchar–8 Joe Biden–6 Andrew Yang–3 Tom Steyer–3 Pete Buttigieg–1 #NoWarWithIran#StandWithTulsi#TulsiWasRight K. Rosef at Twitter I’m starting to believe that we are dealing with an evil Trump automaton OR he has literally gone mad or turned retarded or is under […]

As a Bible Believing Christian, I Oppose Trump's Warmongering.

I really dislike Trump starting the “Evangelicals for Trump” movement. It makes all of us evangelicals appear to be greedy warmongers. Though I appreciate Trump’s stand on abortion, immigration and other issues – his warmongering is truly against the Prince of Peace. I won’t be voting for Trump for this reason. Tulsi Gabbard has my vote. Those who want to […]

Melania Trump's Coup Successful, Donald NEUTRALIZED. Melania Starts War with Iran.

Can also view the above video here: I CONDEMN the decision to illegally assassinate Iran’s Supreme Commander. This act was done for one reason: to provoke and begin a war. Watch these stocks today; BA, LMT, GD, NOC. These companies profit from war and are in the most of our senators portfolios. This is why we war$! Dan Whitfield […]

Tulsi Gabbard Only Dem Opposing Warmonger Pres. Melania Trump

Don’t let Melania Trump’s neocon scum drag us into a war with Iran. Pretext for war: (Melania) Trump blames Iran for Baghdad embassy attack, promises US will ‘always’ respond strongly — RT USA News To defeat Donald Trump in 2020, we need to understand why he won in 2016. As long as Democrat party leaders dismiss and disrespect […]