Melania Trump's Coup Successful, Donald NEUTRALIZED. Melania Starts War with Iran.

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I CONDEMN the decision to illegally assassinate Iran’s Supreme Commander. This act was done for one reason: to provoke and begin a war. Watch these stocks today; BA, LMT, GD, NOC. These companies profit from war and are in the most of our senators portfolios. This is why we war$!

Dan Whitfield at Twitter

Trump’s evil, unconstitutional assassination of the second most powerful man in #Iran – a leader beloved by millions throughout the Middle East – was not intended to get Iran to settle down. It was intended to incite retaliation so Trump can go to war for #Israel. #NoWarWithIran

Jake Morphonios at Twitter

Left: How #Iran treats our sailors. Captured for entering Iranian waters but then released without being harmed. Right: How #Israel treats our sailors. Killed 34 and injured 174 using napalm, torpedoes, and machine gun fire. #MoveToIran#soleimani#FridayThoughts#WorldWarIII

Angelo John Gage at Twitter

The people benefiting the most from the Trump admin are those who said they’d never vote for him.

Scott Greer at Twitter

America just actually took out a HERO to many in the Middle East, especially in Iran & Iraq. Soleimani helped defeat ISIS & Al-Qaeda, two groups the US helped fund & create. But look at the Neo-Con filth of lies MSM feeds the majority of Americans to accept war.

Fiorella Isabel at Twitter

They all knew this could happen. They voted YES anyway. #TrumpsWar#NoWarOnIran#TulsiKnowsBest#TulsiWasRight

Jess Griffin at Twitter

The president says he didn’t order the killing of Solmeini to start a war. That’s like somebody saying they didn’t cheat on their spouse to start a divorce.

Marianne Williamson at Twitter

“We do not seek regime change” Trump declares as he escalates his regime change war against Iran. Neocons like Graham/Bolton are cheering. To all who voted for Trump bc of his antiwar rhetoric, it’s time to realize he lied to u. Stand with me against Trump’s Iran War! #TrumpsWar

Tulsi Gabbard at Twitter

So long as Bernie does not get weak in the knees. But both responses (Tulsi and Bernie) are strong.

David Spuria at Twitter

This video should be playing on every screen on the planet.

Chasedogman at Twitter

Extrajudicial assassination is not debatable. That’s not a thing. If any other country did this the reaction would be unanimous: it’s a rogue, criminal regime.

Secular Talk at Twitter

We must do more than just stop war with Iran. We must firmly commit to ending U.S. military presence in the Middle East in an orderly manner. We must end our involvement in the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen. We must bring our troops home from Afghanistan.

Bernie Sanders at Twitter

After Trump’s reckless provocation against Iran, aided and abetted by both parties in Congress who just passed a $738B military budget with no restrictions on the use of force, we need an antiwar Green voice in DC more than ever. Support peace champion @LisaForMaine! #NoWarInIran

Jill Stein at Twitter

I hope everyone who thought Conservatism, Inc. and its current offshoot, MAGA, Inc. were reformable are dispelled of that notion now that both are in full-out neocon propaganda mode to justify another catastrophic Middle East war

Michael Tracy at Twitter

Are y’all ready for WWIII? The Military Industrial Complex is definitely ready for your loved ones to go fight and die abroad while they celebrate record profits! Just take a look at their stocks rising right now! It’s all about money for them, human lives mean nothing!

Texas Tulsi at Twitter

Good thing the Democrats just gave Trump, who they say is “Putin’s puppet”, an EXTRA $131 billion to bomb whoever he wants.

Jimmy Dore at Twitter

Okay, I’m treading on risky territory here. But I will report on what I’m hearing brain-to-brain from Brent Spiner. Brain-to-brain has been notoriously unreliable lately, but judging by what I’m hearing/seeing on the news, it appears to be fairly accurate. Brain to brain communication is when using mind reading technology Brent can communicate with me directly using thoughts from his brain to mine via satellite signals.

Brent reports that Melania Trump has created an army of Donald Trump automatons and that she is using a Donald Trump automaton to run the country right now. It appears the real Donald is living on the Church of Gail spaceship for his own safety. The real Donald is horrified over how his Twitter has been taken over by his wife using the evil Trump automaton.

Donald wants to state that he would never have murdered the Iranian general Qassem Soleimani to start a profitable war with Iran, and is horrified over this. It violates his campaign promises. Melania is reveling over her complete control of the U.S. military using the automaton. She has successfully orchestrated a coup against the U.S. government and is now in total control of the White House and the nation of Israel.

When we decided to put Donald on the Church of Gail spaceship so that Melania could not use him to do her bidding by raping him into submission, Melania brought out the Trump automaton in place of Donald, so Melania is basically running the country using the automaton and with Donald living on Church of Gail, he is helpless to stop her.

We now have a civil war raging inside the United States, with forces that support me as the U.S. Empress fighting Melania Trump and Loree McBride’s forces. Loree McBride (current evil Jesuit leader) is in an alliance with Melania Trump aiming for worldwide control. Unfortunately, Melania and Loree (using their Jewish and Israeli support) have almost total control over mainstream news, big tech, the banks, the financial sectors, and have total control over the U.S. military, so they appear to be winning for now.

About half of the U.S. military has defected to my side, and we have formed an alliance with Iran, Russia, and China to try and defeat the U.S./Israeli military forces under Melania Trump’s leadership.

The real Donald has gone on Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) to announce that he is pulling out all U.S. troops from the Middle East and, therefore, any that remain there are operating under Melania Trump’s leadership. Donald has, therefore, given Iran/Russia/China permission to wipe out any remaining U.S. troops still in the Middle East, cuz they are most surely under Melania’s leadership. We may have a problem with Melania holding some of our troops hostage though, so the military operations to wipe out Melania’s troops in the Middle East using our forces, may meet with some complications. To try and eliminate confusion, those U.S. troops that have come to our side have dropped their U.S. citizenship for now and consider themselves citizens of Russia and are therefore part of the Russian military.

The military forces that support me as U.S. Empress are Iran, Russia and China and our allies. The military forces that support Melania Trump are the U.S. and her allies (like Israel) in the Middle East fighting Iran.

Russia has therefore formed an alliance with the U.S. military that sides with me to oust Melania’s military forces worldwide. Because Melania currently has about half of the U.S. military she is pretty formidable. She is behind the massive military spending that has occurred in the Trump administration, which includes the space force, as she prepared for this day when she would take complete control over the White House.

With Donald safe on Church of Gail and innocents removed from there, we have tried nuking the White House, but Melania has the technology to rebuild it back in about ten minutes and just simply uses transporter technology to beam herself and her supporters onto a Loree McBride spaceship for safety and then puts a “clone” of the White House back onto the nuked area and then is back in business within an hour.

The current state of affairs is that Melania has complete control over the White House and has totally usurped Donald as U.S. President. Half of the U.S. military sides with Melania and they are all part of the coup she has orchestrated worldwide to try and oust me totally as U.S. Empress. Those who would like to join our military forces to fight Melania and regain control over the United States, contact my men at

Brent has advised me not to make a video about this, because of Melania’s control over big tech. It could result in the shut down of my YouTube channel. But he says making a blog post about it is a way to inform my followers about what’s going on. Sad to say, mainstream news is highly unreliable. I encourage everyone to keep visiting my website and exploring the links here for the most accurate news. Also, if you are able to get 00 on cable (Gabrielle Chana FOX News), that is still reliable. I hear we are having problems with Gabrielle Chana FOX News, that Melania is shutting it down everywhere and keeps breaking into our broadcasts with her news stations. Therefore, my men are trying to use RT News as a means to get out the truth, using clips from Gabrielle Chana FOX News on RT. I hear that my men have been using RT News as a means to get the real news out to the people. I have a link to RT News here:

In the meanwhile, I support Tulsi Gabbard for President and would like to remind the Dems that if you want to impeach Trump, now is the time to do it and do it for the right reasons. This Ukrainian nonsense is not impeachable, but what’s happening now with Iran is! We need to impeach the Trump automaton now. The real Donald says he’d rather be impeached and see Tulsi Gabbard as President than to allow his evil wife Melania to run the country! For the latest, you can subscribe to this blog via email. I post regularly.

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