As a Bible Believing Christian, I Oppose Trump's Warmongering.

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I really dislike Trump starting the “Evangelicals for Trump” movement. It makes all of us evangelicals appear to be greedy warmongers. Though I appreciate Trump’s stand on abortion, immigration and other issues – his warmongering is truly against the Prince of Peace. I won’t be voting for Trump for this reason. Tulsi Gabbard has my vote.

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Despite this, I do not agree with Christianity Today about impeaching Trump for his moral shortcomings, because Trump’s true sins are related to his warmongering, of which the Dems are just as guilty. What the Dems call sins are, in fact, virtues and what they call virtues are, in fact, sins, in this so-called impeachment farce. They focus on his past sins, many of which he may have repented over and gotten right with God, and then they focus on what HE’S DOING RIGHT and go after him for that – it’s no wonder the impeachment won’t get anywhere in the Senate. Now, if they went after him for war crimes, they might get some cooperation in the Senate. I know U.S. Senator Rand Paul does not appreciate Trump’s assassination of Qassem Soleimani.

Now if they tried to impeach him for his warmongering and like for assassinating that Iranian leader, I’d be first in line to impeach him. But to impeach him cuz he won’t cooperate with the military-industrial complex is hypocrisy of the first rank, which is basically what the impeachment farce has been up until now.

I’ve heard the statistics about abortion, that this is murder and is akin to a war crimes. I tend to agree, but these same folks who support Trump cuz he’s anti-abortion, also support his war crimes. You aren’t hearing this in the news, but between Loree McBride and Melania Trump, the death toll (2017 to now) is probably in the MILLIONS. You don’t hear about it, cuz they replace the dead person with their evil Jesuit clone! Come on Christians, so it’s a sin to murder a baby, but it’s okay to murder an adult? Don’t be a hypocrite! We hear about some of the murders, like that of Soleimani, but those that are secretly murdered and replaced with clones, not a peep. So Melania Trump and Loree McBride bomb the hell out of the world (killing and sickening people), create weird creatures that murder, like the Tweeter bird that murdered 12,000 of my Twitter followers in July 2018 and not a peep from the news! I actually saw the drop in my Twitter followers that month and Zack Knight told me what happened.

You might say, I don’t want to be a hypocrite, but we don’t have anyone else to vote for. Well, yeah, we do, like vote for Tulsi Gabbard. I will vote for her even if she’s not on the ballot, I’ll write her in. Trump would be my #2 choice. The only way I could vote for Trump again, is if Melania is totally off the scene. But, right now, she’s way too powerful and Trump ain’t running the country, his evil Jezebel wife Melania is!

Do I regret I voted for Trump in 2016? No! Perhaps I could’ve voted for Jill Stein, who is closer to my position, but I see Trump as part of an evolution in the American political system that will let me, as U.S. Empress, reign without hindrances. Trump was the first step and Tulsi Gabbard is the second step. Tulsi will accomplish what Trump ran on, which is why she’s attracting a lot of ex-Trump voters. I am the worst enemy the Deep State has and they have all their guns pointed at me. Trump, for all his failings, had courage. His only sin was he can’t get out from under his Jezebel wife, Melania. Now Tulsi will finish the job he started and was unable to do. Why didn’t I vote for Jill Stein? I liked her, but I felt that Trump’s courage was more likely to get the job done. He’s come in like a raging bull and a tidal wave has hit him and he’s down. Tulsi Gabbard is riding on that wave on her surf board and soaring past Trump in courage, cuz she has a husband who supports her.

Those who want to support me as U.S. Empress and help us defeat Melania, contact my men at Also be sure and check out my post where I explain how I feel Melania has taken over the U.S. military and the United States and Israel and that she has replaced the real Donald with an evil automaton.

Christianity Today going after Trump for his sins of the flesh, reminds me of when the Pharisees (current leftist Christianity) brought the woman taken in adultery to Jesus and Jesus replied “He that it without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.” The problem was that this woman was set up and that her sins were the same as the Pharisees who brought her to Jesus. In fact, I think the Pharisees were just as guilty as that woman of the same sins as the woman.

You might say, if you’re against the left, why are you voting for Tulsi Gabbard? Actually, Tulsi seems more Centrist to me, more common sense. Her enemies want to put the leftist label on her, to alienate any evangelicals who would vote for her. The evangelicals are a powerful voting block.

You leftist Christians out there, it isn’t our job to run the planet. We are to be the salt of the earth. Unless we’re politicians (like myself), it’s not our job to reform the political system. But it’s okay to stand up to evil, though. But don’t confuse standing up to evil as the same thing as reforming the world. Only Jesus Christ can carry out a truly just and thorough reform, which he will do when he sets up his 1,000 year reign after the 7-year tribulation is over. So, yes, Christians, vote, and be the salt of the earth. But don’t let any leftist Christians (who spiritualize Bible texts to make them mean what they don’t mean) put a guilt trip on you cuz you don’t sponsor their social reform programs. It’s our job to be salt and light in the world, the reforming of the earth ONLY JESUS CAN DO and do it he will after the 7-year tribulation.

However, with Melania running the country, Trump’s immigration policies have not been carried out fairly and he’s still letting a ton of terrorists into the country. The wall has become a joke. He said Mexico would pay for the wall and he has used taxpayer money to pay for that wall and the wall’s not working, lots of terrorists are coming into our country and he knows it and does NOTHING. That’s cuz Melania needs more terrorists in the country to shore up her base. However, not allowing abortion in the case of rape or incest is going too far, especially if the abortion happens right after conception. I am definitely against any abortion that happens once the baby is able to breathe on its own when out of the womb, like third trimester abortions. Tulsi Gabbard opposes abortions in the third trimester unless the woman’s life is in danger if she carries the baby. Though, I think we’re talking about the Trump automaton now and not the real Trump when it comes to Iran.

I also appreciate Trump’s support for Israel in moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and am unsure how I feel about giving them the Golan Heights. But the problem isn’t so much the land (which I feel they deserve), but what they’re doing with it! They are using it as a launching pad to attack Syria at a time when Syria is at peace with them and I suspect their motive is to get the oil fields! Israel is in sin right now. They have become obsessed with greed and are carrying out injustices against those who get in their way, including death and murder against innocents. They know Melania has their back and it has emboldened them to do these evil things.

Israel, under Melania’s leadership, is the greedy bully in the Middle East and they are trying to extend their influence worldwide. As a Christian I am a Zionist, but lately that term, due to Israel’s bullying behavior, has taken on a negative connotation. It is causing many to hate the Jews and Israel, and is lumping them all into the greedy bully category. This is going to backfire on the nation of Israel cuz the whole world will turn against them. They think cuz the U.S. has their back, they can do whatever they want, regardless of whether it’s right or wrong. But I predict that the U.S. will not always have their back and when that happens, Israel will be all alone because of her current bullying and greed, and then all the Bible prophecies about the entire world descending upon and trying to destroy the Jewish nation will happen.

What’s sad is that there are a minority of Jews who have hearts for peace and righteousness and they don’t have a voice in Israel right now and they will end up being the ones who get all the persecution when the Antichrist goes after Israel in the future 7-year tribulation. So, yes, we as evangelicals should support Israel’s right to their land, but that doesn’t mean we have to support all they DO WITH IT, especially when they behave like greedy bullies. This pact they’ve made with Melania Trump and Loree McBride is a foretaste of the pact they will make with the Antichrist which will start the 7-year tribulation. They will get peace, because of that pact, for the first 3.5 years. Then the Antichrist will violate his peace treaty with Israel and have the whole world go after them in what will be the greatest holocaust in all of Israel’s history! The Bible predicts it.

But when the Antichrist turns on the Jews, that is the time they will need the world’s support and will be the time when they deserve it and they won’t get it, except from a persecuted minority who refuse the mark of the beast. Unfortunately, when things are going well for the Jewish nation, they tend to go into idolatry and sin. But when they’re persecuted, it refines them and the more righteous Jews shine. Israel has it better now than they’ve had in years and instead of being thankful to God for this, they carry out evil acts and let an evil woman named Melania Trump (who I should nickname Jezebel) run their country. Netanyahu is like King Ahab and Melania is like Jezebel.

The best thing to do is to accept Jesus, Jew or Gentile, then you won’t have to go into the tribulation.

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