Just In: Polling Shows Tulsi Gabbard in Strong Position

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Please support Tulsi Gabbard who is my first choice for U.S. President.

Gail —

BREAKING: TWO new polls released today show Tulsi’s growing strength in New Hampshire, both counting as qualifying polls for the February debate.

One of these polls was conducted by CNN. Yes, that’s correct; CNN’s OWN polling qualifies Tulsi for the debate in the same week as denying her a presidential town hall — showing Tulsi 1 point behind Amy Klobuchar, tied with Andrew Yang, and 3-5 points AHEAD of Tom Steyer and Deval Patrick who were both invited instead of Tulsi.

If this seems like a blatant attempt by the establishment media to silence our voices right when we’re gaining strength, and rig the primary — it’s because it is. We cannot let Tulsi be counted out in these critical days before the New Hampshire primary. Can she count on you today to double-down on our ad spend in New Hampshire?

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CNN won’t provide a reason for why it is refusing to give Tulsi the air time, but here’s a guess: They are making her pay for her vocal criticism of the Clinton War Machine, the corporate media and the DNC establishment elite.

The cost to our movement is millions of dollars, and countless voters: CNN’s primetime televised town halls are being held just DAYS before the New Hampshire election where Tulsi is showing the most momentum on the ground. In a tightly contested election with so many undecided voters, this exposure is critically important.

That’s why WE need to do all we can today to overcome this attempt to suppress Tulsi’s message and silence our voice.

Can you help us double-down on our New Hampshire ad spend so we can bypass CNN interference and make sure Tulsi’s voice is heard?

We don’t have much time left to show the strength of our campaign — every day matters right now, and TODAY we need to pull in some big numbers if we’re going to be able to compete.

Thank you for doing all you can, Gail.