I Appoint Rodeslav Cibulka: Administrator of the Small Business Administration

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Rodeslav is the one to the left in this photo.
Rodeslav believes in pure Marxist communism or socialism. I’ve had to use other videos to describe Rodeslav’s views because Rodeslav’s clone has taken over his social media.
Rodeslav is the one who introduced me to Stephanie Kelton. I’ve made her Sec. of Labor and Chief Economic Advisor.
I recall, when Rodeslav was in charge of his own YouTube channel, several years ago, that he claimed capitalism was predatory and he believed in pure Marxist socialism or communism.

Been listening to Rodeslav Cibulka for a while. He’s pretty smart. He’s very passionate about economics and I’d like him in my cabinet so he can implement some of his socialist policies, which I agree with. He just lost his job. Well, he has a job now! He may play like he doesn’t have a job in the mainstream media to protect me here in Florida, though. I’ve asked my men to take care of him after he lost his job. He used to support Bernie Sanders before Bernie “sold out” his followers and went neoliberal. I have Bernie in my cabinet as Sec. of Health and Human Services.

Rodeslav’s Academic Training:

  • B.A. in Political Science
  • B.S. in Microbiology
  • Deep knowledge in Central and Eastern European Politics, History, and Culture
  • Deep knowledge of Evolutionary Biology, Psychology, and Human Genetics
  • Deep knowledge of Classical Greek Philosophy and Logical Argumentation

Rodeslav’s Political Experience:

  • Served as a political strategist on 3 winning Democratic State House candidates in California (names withheld for privacy reasons).
  • Worked for a sitting California Democratic senator’s office as a social media coordinator.
  • Served as a lobbyist for a labor union in Sacramento, California.

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