Sergey Shoygu Appointed U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense. Has Dual Russian/U.S. Citizenship.

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A number of Russian weapons systems are years, if not decades ahead of similar foreign products, said Vladimir Putin today (Jun 29, 2018) in the Kremlin at a reception in honor of the top graduates of military academies. As many as 800 young officers were invited to the event.
They Shouldn’t Mess With Us: Shoigu Explains Why Starting a Fight With Russia is Just NOT Worth It on Sept. 19, 2018.
I’m impressed that he’s fluent in so many languages. He will help us form a great military coalition against the Loree McBride Jesuits.

As I fill my cabinet, I have searched long and hard for a competent U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense. Unfortunately, it appears the military-industrial complex has totally taken over all the high positions inside the U.S. military. To solve this problem, I’ve decided to give the Russian defense minister, Sergey Shoygu, dual citizenship. He will be a dual Russian/American citizen. He speaks fluent English, along with many other languages and is obviously a genius. Since he speaks English, he will work out fine as the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense. I would like for him to work with me to weed out and destroy the military-industrial complex inside the United States military and to force the U.S. military to be in an alliance with Russia.

The United States and Russian militaries are in an ALLIANCE. We will not allow Loree McBride to use the divide and conquer strategy to destroy us. By making Sergey Shoygu my Deputy Secretary of Defense, I will be putting a blockade inside our military forces, forcing them to abandon Loree McBride’s military-industrial complex and to work with our strongest ally, Russia.

Sergey Shoygu enjoys studying the history of Russia of Peter the Great‘s time and 1812–1825 (French invasion of Russia and the Decembrist revolt).[22]

Shoygu is fond of sports and is a fan of the CSKA Moscow hockey team. He also enjoys football and is a fan of Spartak Moscow. In March 2016, together with Sergey Lavrov, Shoygu presented the Russia People’s Soccer League, with aims to unite fans of the sport from all over Russia.

Shoygu collects Indian, Chinese, and Japanese swords and daggers. He also enjoys bard songs and plays the guitar. He does water color paintings and graphics and is interested in manufacturing handicrafts made of wood.[23][24]

He is fluent in 9 languages that include RussianEnglishJapaneseMandarin Chinese, and Turkish.[25]

Shoygu was born on 21 May 1955 in ChadanTuva, to a Tuvan father and a Russian mother.[3] He graduated from School No. 1 of Kyzyl city in Tyva Republic.[4]

In 1977, Shoygu graduated from the Krasnoyarsk Polytechnic Institute with a degree in civil engineering.

He will only be removed if he is found to be a traitor to Conspiracy Law. Russia is my strongest ally and I am going to FORCE the U.S. military to work with the Russian military. This is how I will do it. Loree McBride can GO TO HELL.

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