Candida Auris PANDEMIC Feeds on Iron, Causing Heart Damage

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Candida Auris needs iron to survive, so it loves to eat liver and heart tissue.
If you see pink clouds in the sky around sunset or sunrise, those clouds are probably filled with Candida Auris from Loree McBride’s bombing raids using chemtrails and Jesuit bombs fill with Jesuit semen.

I have had personal experience with Candida Auris. This germ is like no other. I have noticed that for a while, about a month ago, I experienced heart palpitations (arrhythmias) from Candida Auris, because Loree McBride’s bombs have been dropped over my head like a blitzkrieg. Why does Candida Auris attack the organs, like the heart?

My husband Brent Spiner M.D. (a U.C.L.A. medical school graduate) says that Covid-19 is just like the flu. So, if you’re hearing any news about how it’s different from the flu, Loree McBride’s news is LYING TO YOU. What’s killing people is CANDIDA AURIS. This does not mean the people are not infected with Covid-19, but Covid-19 only made the person more vulnerable to a severe Candida Auris/Covid-19 MIXED INFECTION. Any Covid-19 symptoms you have which are not your typical flu symptoms are CANDIDA AURIS symptoms, like heart damage, mucus in the ear canal, etc. You have to remember that Loree McBride is dropping a ton of GERM BOMBS all over the world.

Well, I’d be dead today from Candida Auris, if not for Seroquel.

The way I dealt with the arrhythmias is I just kept taking my Seroquel and drank lots of water and did extra aerobic walking to get my blood moving to help the Seroquel deal with Candida Auris and I’m pleased to report that the arrhythmias are much better. Perhaps I was not drinking enough water.

The news and the FDA are covering up a massive Candida Auris pandemic. I have been infected with Candida Auris for most of my life; therefore, I have become an expert on Candida Auris. The reason Candida Auris is attracted to heart tissue is the same reason it’s attracted to liver tissue. Elemental iron is one of its chief foods. Before I got on Seroquel, which is the cure to Candida Auris, I constantly suffered from iron-deficiency anemia. Not only is iron one of its chief foods, but this germ has been bio-engineered to require the SAME NUTRIENTS THAT HUMANS REQUIRE. This include IRON. I know, for a fact, that iron is one of Candida Auris’s chief foods. I constantly suffered from iron-deficiency anemia while infected with Candida Auris before I got on Seroquel.

The doctors treating Covid-19 patients are now claiming that many patients don’t really “survive” Covid without serious damage to the heart, lungs and other organs like the liver and brain. That’s cuz the germ is NOT Covid-19 that’s killing these people, it’s CANDIDA AURIS. Like I said, Candida Auris requires the same nutrients that humans require, so it literally eats you alive. Loree McBride may be putting Covid-19 into her bombs, ALONG WITH CANDIDA AURIS, to cover up what she’s doing with Candida Auris. It’s to distract away from Candida Auris, which is the REAL KILLER.

This explains why, before I got on Seroquel, I could eat like a pig and be so skinny, I looked anorexic. Candida Auris had infected ALL MY ORGANS, so that I sustained liver damage, gall bladder damage, heart damage (with constant arrythmias), brain damage, nervous system damage, intestinal damage, bone damage. The germ was literally eating me alive! My body was its food.

I kept myself alive by lots of vitamin/mineral supplementation and taking stuff to improve liver function to help my body flush out the germ. But it was a losing battle, and I’m certain that if Jesus did not put me on Seroquel in 2012, I may not be alive to write this today. Candida Auris, when it becomes systemic (like what happened to me) has a SIXTY PERCENT MORTALITY RATE. In fact, Vladimir Putin’s first wife, Larisa, died from Candida Auris in 2000. Vladimir did not figure out, until it was too late, that his dear wife, did not have breast cancer, but had Candida Auris. By the time they figured it out, it was too late. The chemotherapy they used on Larisa caused her Candida Auris infection to become rampant, because the chemotherapy weakened her immune system, and she died in 2000. The germ literally ate away her body, so that her breasts became blackened heaps.

When the Jesuits bio-engineered this germ in their laboratories, they wanted to create a germ that would kill me, but do it in a manner to make me appear crazy and claim that I died because I was crazy. For this reason, they put Candida Auris in their germ bombs and used it to sicken me and NOBODY in mainstream media has been reporting on the Candida Auris pandemic that Loree McBride has orchestrated because of her bombs filled with Candida Auris that she drops worldwide and most especially in Florida, where I live. Because Loree McBride’s bombs have been dropped all over Florida, that is why Florida has had such a spike in Covid-19. These dear patients dying from Covid-19 have been MISDIAGNOSED. They have really died from Candida Auris.

Come on folks! When have you heard of a VIRUS that behaves like this one does? It’s not a VIRUS. It’s a DEADLY SUPER YEAST, a bio-engineered germ designed to kill me, that Loree McBride decided to use on the general population and she’s covering it up by ordering hospitals and doctors to NOT report on Candida Auris and to NOT report on her GERM bombs being dropped over your head daily.

Because Candida Auris was bio-engineered by Jesuits and they control the news media, it is the UNREPORTED PANDEMIC of our times. Folks, I believe that most of the fatalities involving Covid-19, are actually caused by CANDIDA AURIS. I mean whoever heard of a corona-virus that destroys your heart? However, Candida Auris has a history of causing organ damage in its victims. That’s because Candida Auris requires the same nutrients that humans require. This super yeast views the human body as FOOD.

That’s why when you kill Candida Auris, it only fertilizes any germs remaining in its vicinity, because the germ’s own toxins are its OWN FOOD. It eats its own poop. This is why, even though I took Nystatin, Diflucan, Amphotericin, and yeast-killing medications, I could NEVER GET RID OF THE YEAST INFECTION. That’s why it’s so deadly once you’re infected with it. Amphotericin worked the best before I got on Seroquel.

It’s a human bio-engineered germ, which is why YOU’RE NOT HEARING ABOUT IT. Loree McBride, the true head of the Deep State, is using the Covid-19 pandemic as a cover-up for what is actually a Candida Auris pandemic caused by her stinking GERM bombs!

You might say, you’re not a doctor, you’re not qualified to tell us about Candida Auris. Well, I’ve been sick with this germ most of my life and my husband Brent Spiner IS A DOCTOR and he says that what I’ve just told you about this germ is 100% accurate. Brent Spiner M.D. is a graduate of U.C.L.A. medical school and practices medicine at Church of Gail. U.C.L.A. medical school is one of the top ten medical schools in the nation. Brent Spiner has far more impressive qualifications than Dr. Anthony Fauci. I, myself, have a degree in Community Health Education from Florida State University (1979). I graduated with honors. I have studied the pre-medical sciences. After graduation from F.S.U., I did a lot of medical reading and research to deal with my own illnesses. Further, brain reads from Church of Gail have determined that I have the highest I.Q. of any woman on the planet. Both Brent and I have the same I.Q., by the way.

The reason people are getting upper respiratory symptoms with Candida Auris, is because they are contracting it by breathing it in the air around them. Also, I know from personal experience with this germ that it is attracted to inflamed tissue, maybe cuz inflamed tissue makes it easier for it to get the nutrients it needs, cuz the cells in inflamed tissue are exploding and releasing toxins, filled with the food it eats. So, if someone has a MIXED infection of Covid-19 and Candida Auris, then BOTH germs would attack the upper respiratory system TOGETHER, making it easy for that patient to get PNEUMONIA. Fungal infections in the lungs can be more serious and often cause symptoms that are similar to other illnesses, such as the flu or tuberculosis. Fungal meningitis and bloodstream infections are less common than skin and lung infections but can be life-threatening.

Another symptom I get every now and then, is mucus build-up in the middle ear. This has come and gone over the years, depending on whether the yeast get inside my ear’s canals. It usually resolves on its own, so I pretty much ignore it and don’t do anything, other than continue to do the Gail Commandments.

When there is a lot of yeast in the air, it affects my bowels and they become loose and I feel the irritation in my bowels, because the yeast is attacking my intestines. In fact, before I got on Seroquel in 2012, I always had loose bowels – that was the norm. I also get a lot of gas in the bowels and my intestines swell and I look pregnant. This is all caused by the super yeast.

The reason people with blood sugar problems (diabetics) and overweight people have more problems with Candida Auris, could be because they have more sugar in their body, and, most especially in their blood where the germ travels. After you breathe the germ in, it goes straight to your bloodstream. If your blood is filled with sugar, it will start multiplying right there in your bloodstream. It is well known that yeast/fungal infections thrive in a sugary environment. Like all yeasts, Candida Auris, loves to eat sugars. But since this germ eats everything the human body requires (calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, iron, zinc, B vitamins, etc.), you don’t need to stop eating fruit and sugars, but do so in moderation. The key to getting over a Candida Auris infection is a BALANCED lifestyle and diet and taking Seroquel – i.e., do the Gail Commandments.

To deal with the sinus congestion from Loree McBride’s germ bombs filled with Candida Auris, I use a neti pot. I also use Breathe-Rite nasal strips and take sudafed with phenylephrine HCl 10 mg at bedtime. If you suffer from allergies, as I do, also take an antihistamine. I take 24-hour Zyrtec right now.

UPDATE in 2021: Jesus told me to quit my neti pot. It apparently removes a protective barrier in the sinuses that protect us from germs.

Candida Auris can do really weird things to your nerves, as it feeds on nerve tissue and inflames it. You will suffer from nerve spasms, numbness and sharp pain in the nerves that get infected with the germ. Usually, the sharp pain is very transitory and goes away once you stop irritating the nerve, by contacting it somehow. It usually comes and goes depending on how bad your yeast infection is. This may mean you need to drink more water and be sure and take your Seroquel at the same time every day.

People with long-term (chronic) Candida Auris infections will suffer severe bone loss, resulting in holes in the teeth and the bones in the teeth shrinking, so that the roots of the teeth begin to show. It can also cause malformation of the jaw joint area for this reason. The good news is once the patient gets on Seroquel, the bones will begin to rebuild calcium, as long as the patient does the Gail Commandments. I know, for a fact, that Candida Auris loves to eat calcium and magnesium. It would help if Loree McBride also stopped dropping her bombs filled with Candida Auris.

What is probably killing the patient is a yeast pneumonia. You see, Loree is infecting everyone by her bombs, and so people are breathing in the air around them filled with germs and so the lungs would be the first part of their body to get sick. Once the infection becomes entrenched, it would move onto the organs that are loaded with the nutrients it requires, like iron, so the heart and liver would probably be next. Once the liver gets infected, this affects the body’s ability to detox and makes it harder for the body to get rid of the germ. So an infected liver with Candida Auris is a death sentence, especially if you don’t understand this germ and if you don’t start strengthening liver function and strengthening the body’s ability to detox.

Seroquel works by helping the body to detox and by flushing out all the toxins that feed the germ. So basically, Seroquel works by STARVING THE GERM OUT and FLUSHING IT OUT. That’s why it’s important, even if you’re on Seroquel, to walk and get your blood moving and to eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water. You also don’t want to take nutritional supplements, because (remember), this germ needs the same nutrients the human body needs. Taking nutritional supplements would only feed the germs.

The best way to deal with Candida Auris is to do the Gail Commandments. Jesus understands this germ and created the Gail Commandments to deal with it.

If not for Jesus, his Seroquel and his Gail Commandments, Loree McBride would have successfully destroyed me using her evil invention, Candida Auris, and she would have done it in a manner to make me appear crazy since NO ONE’S REPORTING ON THE TRUE PANDEMIC OF OUR TIME and nobody is reporting on Seroquel is the ONLY CURE and how this germ works.

Now, all of a sudden, doctors are discovering that Covid-19 destroys organs. Well, if Loree would stop dropping her bombs, so that people could get over their Candida Auris infections, then perhaps their organs would not be destroyed. EVERY ONE NEEDS TO GET ON SEROQUEL. Contact my men at if you’re not on Seroquel.

If you would like to help us defeat Loree McBride militarily, also contact my men at