Jesus Christ’s Rainbows on VP Tulsi Gabbard (After Hurricane Douglas Misses Hawaii)

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Interesting that you can even see rainbows in this picture. Check it out! Jesus is AMAZING. Jesus must really love how my VP Tulsi Gabbard supports me as U.S. President.

UPDATE on July 19, 2021: Tulsi ended up betraying me. Not sure what the rainbows meant, but perhaps Satan sent them trying to impersonate Jesus.

Tulsi Gabbard is my Vice President and as I’m very busy, I delegate a lot to her, so she is practically the U.S. President now. It appears Jesus answered my prayers to protect Tulsi Gabbard’s Hawaii from Loree McBride’s Hurricane Douglas, as Douglas swerved north of Hawaii, sparing them a direct hit. I’m very proud of Tulsi for doing such a great job as my Vice President. It’s nice to know Jesus is smiling on my pick for Vice President! She is, apparently, conscientiously enforcing my Conspiracy Law as my Vice President. Check out the music video Tulsi made with her husband on Feb. 23, 2019. It’s a song about rainbows. Jesus sure has a lot of class when he wants to say something.

I am the U.S. President. Jesus said I’ll be on the ballot, so you can vote for me as Gail Chord Schuler in Nov. 2020. If I’m not there, you can write me in. Check out the page that has my platform:

US: Hawaii Residents Treated To Beautiful Sunset And Rainbows After Hurricane Douglas 3 on July 26, 2020.
Here is a photo of the rainbow over Hawaii on July 26, 2020, right after Hurricane Douglas missed Tulsi Gabbard’s Hawaii.
This photo was taken at Baptist East Medical Center in Montgomery, Alabama, posted at Facebook on July 26, 2020.