Candida Auris Pandemic Laws (7-27-2020, Conspiracy Law)

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14.0 All death certificates issued since the advent of Covid-19 must be examined for accuracy. If the real cause of death was Candida Auris, then the death certificate must be changed to list Candida Auris as the cause of death. Candida Auris is defined as the yeast which Loree McBride Jesuits put in their bombs, and which has caused a yeast pandemic in the world. To willingly and knowingly list the cause of death as Covid-19 when it is NOT Covid-19 is a death penalty violation of Conspiracy Law. Because this has been going on for some time, we will show some leniency to give the state and local governments time to fix this problem. The cause of death is defined as the sickness or malady which actually killed the person, which means if this person did NOT have this malady, they would have survived. So if someone died of a Candida Auris infection and their cause of death is listed as Covid-19, that is a death penalty violation of Conspiracy Law, because if that person did NOT have Covid-19, they would have died any ways from Candida Auris, meaning Covid-19 was NOT the cause of death, but rather it was Candida Auris.

14.1 We give all Conspiracy Law honoring governments of the world one month from today (7-27-2020) to fix their records and correct their death certificates, so that the TRUE CAUSE OF DEATH is listed on the death certificate. These corrections must be reported on in MAINSTREAM NEWS (with the exception of the state where Gail Chord Schuler lives). Mainstream news that fails to report the true news in regard to Covid-19 and the Candida Auris pandemic (as it is reported on by the Gabrielle Chana FOX News network) will be fined one-tenth of their revenue from all sources and the revenues given to the International Charity Bank. In the state where Gail lives, the true news will be given to the people via email.

14.2 Any vaccinations prepared for the Covid-19 pandemic and recommended by the news must first be approved of by Brent Spiner M.D. and a group of physicians he can assemble who will decide on an appropriate vaccine for Covid-19. If no viable vaccine is available, Brent and his group of physicians will decide on this, and we will only allow safe and effective vaccines to go to the public. Any willing and knowing attempt to allow unsafe vaccines for Covid-19 or the flu to go to the public, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit conspirator to that violator. The news must report accurately on the Covid-19 vaccine (if one becomes available) and if they lie to the public about the vaccine willingly and knowingly, they get the death penalty as a Jesuit conspirator.

14.2a Because our latest evidence suggests that vaccination is not the most effective way to deal with the flu or Covid-19, no one can make it mandatory that people must take the vaccine. The vaccine must be offered to the people on a purely voluntary basis. They can take it if they want, but no one can force anyone to take the flu vaccine or the Covid-19 vaccine. To force someone to take the Covid-19 vaccine, when the true pandemic is Candida Auris, is a death penalty violation of Conspiracy Law.

14.3 If it turns out that the real pandemic is a Candida Auris pandemic caused by Loree McBride’s bombing raids worldwide, the mainstream news must make a correction to its news reporting and let the world know that the true pandemic is a Candida Auris pandemic, NOT A COVID-19 PANDEMIC, as has been falsely reported on in the news. If this is the case, then the requirements for wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing MUST BE DROPPED, since if the cause of the pandemic is Loree McBride’s bombs, adding these unnecessary and ineffective requirements is a strain to the economy and puts people out of work, resulting in unnecessary homelessness. Candida Auris is not primarily caught by person-to-person contact and the NEWS NEEDS TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT WHICH GERM IS KILLING PEOPLE AND HOW TO DEAL WITH IT. Once it is determined that we have a Candida Auris pandemic rather than a Covid-19 pandemic, FAILURE TO MAKE THIS CORRECTION IN THE MAINSTREAM NEWS WILL cause the government to bomb the news organization spreading deadly FAKE NEWS and take it out of existence and replace it with a news organization that tells the truth about the Loree McBride Candida Auris pandemic.

14.3a We will also send emails to everyone (via Gabrielle Chana FOX News) letting them know the real news, in case we are not able to take down all of Loree McBride’s fake news outlets.

14.4 Once we have the evidence (from the corrected death certificates) that the cause of the worldwide pandemic is Candida Auris rather than Covid-19, any news organization that encourages social distancing and mask wearing will get the death penalty as a Jesuit conspirator. Also, any government that requires mask wearing or social distancing, when it’s determined the main pandemic or killer is Candida Auris rather than Covid-19, will be treated as a TERRORIST NATION under Conspiracy Law, that is a nation that works with Loree McBride to set up an illegal Jesuit dictatorship over the earth. We will not cooperate with news organizations that help Loree McBride to cover her butt over her deadly Candida Auris bombing raids on the population, by making her deaths appear to be from Covid-19, when it’s really from Candida Auris. THIS DISTRACTION MUST END and the news will be severely fined for reporting FAKE NEWS about the Candida Auris pandemic.

14.4a To ensure this fake news is defeated, all news organizations are required to let the world know how much progress we are making with Loree McBride’s bombs and must issue daily and hourly reports on Candida Auris and other germ concentrations in the air from Loree’s bombs. Loree’s bombs will be treated like war reporting, and any news organizations that fails to let their people know the concentration of deadly germs from Loree’s bombs for different areas of their country, will get the death penalty–meaning we will bomb that news organization out of existence to replace it with a news organization that TELLS THE TRUTH ABOUT LOREE’S BOMBS AND THE EFFECT THEY ARE HAVING ON THE COUNTRY.

14.5 Once we determine that the pandemic is truly a Candida Auris pandemic and NOT a Covid-19 pandemic, anyone who willingly and knowingly promotes the lie that the killer germ is Covid-19 rather than Candida Auris, will be executed and all their financial assets seized and handed over to the International Charity Bank to assist those who have become homeless as a result of this nonsense. We will also strive to give the homeless jobs as farmers in our Church of Gail cities or use other Conspiracy Law for the homeless to assist them to get back on their feet. Conspiracy Law has some excellent laws to deal with homelessness and we will be sure to implement those laws.

14.6 Any willing and knowing attempt to circumvent these laws that causes people take actions that would be detrimental to their financial or physical health in a manner that assists Loree McBride’s bombing raids on innocents will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator or that person will be transported somewhere where they cannot operate on our current earth.

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