Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (11-1-2004)

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11-1-04 Bemerkungen über 1-12-02 Tatbestand

I want to make the following statement on IBN.

I made a last minute decision to vote for George Bush as President today. I basically voted straight Republican on the ballot, which is what I have done in all elections since 1980. I filled out an absentee ballot and mailed it. It should arrive in time to be counted in the election here in Florida.

The reason I decided to vote at the last minute, is because I sense that the Jesuits somehow have orchestrated this election so that John Kerry will win the U.S. Presidency BY A SLIGHT MARGIN and that KERRY WILL WIN FLORIDA (where I live), but that they wanted it to appear that George Bush might win if I had voted for him. So the Jesuits did not want me to vote in this election, so they could have an excuse to harm me. The Jesuits knew I would not vote for Kerry.

Something weird is happening in Florida. Florida has done a last minute about face and appears to be going towards Kerry on this last day before the election. Florida is usually a solid Republican state, so if Florida (where I live AND WHERE THE PRESIDENT’S BROTHER IS GOVERNOR) goes to Kerry and I don’t vote for Bush, then this gives the Jesuits a prime opportunity to set up a Bush conspiracy to murder me.

I am convinced that the Jesuits are orchestrating this whole U.S. Presidential election in a manner, so that its outcome can be used as an excuse to murder or debilitate me. The Jesuits are more concerned about murdering or debilitating me than with who will win the U.S. Presidency!!

I really don’t think the Jesuits really care about WHO wins the U.S. Presidency, since they can twist either candidate to do their bidding. What they want MORE THAN ANYTHING, is to orchestrate the outcome of this election, so they can use the election outcome as an excuse to harm me or weaken me to the point that I will have no influence in world affairs.

I have been stating for months that I won’t vote in this election, and so the Jesuits have orchestrated this election, so that my non-participation can be used as an excuse to harm me.

I can see now that their goal was to insure that I would not vote, so that Kerry would win BY A SLIGHT MARGIN and to make it appear that my non-participation would be the reason BUSH LOST (notice how Florida is all of a sudden going towards Kerry, when it seemed solidly Bush territory until today). This would give the Jesuits an opportunity to claim that Pres. Bush has a right to be really peeved with me, since the Jesuits would set things up, so that Pres. Bush would appear to blame my non-participation AS THE REASON HE LOST.

It wouldn’t matter that Vladimir and I allowed 666-Computer analysis of my brain on IBN, to see how I WOULD VOTE and that the results of this analysis showed I would vote for Bush.

The fact that I DID NOT VOTE would be enough for the Jesuits to claim that Pres. Bush blames me for his loss.

Therefore, I changed my mind and decided to vote for Bush.

And I hope I’ve foiled the Jesuit’s plan to use this U.S. Presidential election to destroy me. Within the past 6 months I had decided that if I voted, I would vote for Bush. I have been a consistent Republican, so this is normal for me.

However, if Kerry wins the U.S. Presidency, in spite of the fact that I voted for Bush, Vladimir and I will work with Kerry and hope that he will support our CONSPIRACY LAWS with the same wholeheartedness that Pres. Bush has. Our greatest concern is that Kerry will honor us with WORDS, but not with DEEDS. Anyways, we shall see. V

Vladimir has informed me that I am now the Vice-President of Russia. He felt that after analyzing the poll results of the Russians (which show that they would desire me as their President) that he should appoint me as Vice-President of Russia. I told him I didn’t want this job, but he said that I have been doing this job for the past several years and that the only difference between then and now, is that I now have the title I deserve.

So he said to just keep doing what I’ve been doing and things will be just fine. So I agreed– because I always support Vladimir in everything he does and maybe by taking this position, it will be easier for me to be with Vladimir and my son.

So far, I have received no pay for this political position, but this may change. I still have to work as a cashier at Wal-Mart to pay my bills. This shows you how well the Jesuits can oppose their enemies. Vladimir and I are in a very difficult position, since the Jesuits try to kill me and bankrupt me (every chance they get)–so we have to be very wise in all our moves and it is not easy for Vladimir to get money to me.

Vladimir is concerned about Russia and the world and feels I am best qualified to take his job, should something happen to him.

If I ever get his job, it will be reluctantly. The Russians desire me to have this position, even though I am not fluent at all in Russian and am not married to Vladimir yet. Though we have been engaged since 2001! THE JESUITS KNOW HOW TO FOIL WHAT THEY OPPOSE. I do not desire the responsibilities and junk that Presidents have to put up with, but I do care about what happens to Russia and am passionate about defeating Jesuit goals to takeover Russia and the world. So I only hope that nothing will happen to Vladimir, because he is a real asset to our Presidential team and I love him and have great respect for him. I have learned to love the Russian people over the past several years and do not want this nation to go back under Jesuit control, as it was under communism.

XXX1/2–G.S. (11-1-04)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (11-1-04)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (11-1-04)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (11-1-04)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 11-1-04
Place: Melbourne, FL