Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (11-4-2004)

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11-4-04 Bemerkungen über 1-12-02 Tatbestand

Make sure to execute on IBN the Jesuits or Jesuit conspirators who have caused my right eyelid to swell up, so that I had to spend $45.00 on a doctor visit today. I believe, after visiting the doctor, that this swelling is caused by illegal use of the 666-Computer on my eyelid and areas around my eye. Firmly establish who is behind this and firmly establish Vladimir’s innocence in the matter by asking the following question of Vladimir and those alleged Jesuit conspirators involved:

Did you know that Gail’s eye was vulnerable to 666-Computer attack, so that her eyelid would swell up and cause her eyelid to be disfigured?

Next, Vladimir informs me that the case we have brought against Starbridge/Tallahassee Memorial Hospital (Family Practice Residency Program) case will have a jury verdict. This is the case which we have given to Lis Wiehl, FOX News legal analyst. And I’ve mailed to Vladimir a lot of paperwork related to this case.

Since this case involves allegations which charge that the criminals have committed crimes against the Russian people and the Russian government, I feel that no Russian citizens or citizens of countries (where there are a lot of fluent Russian speakers) that used to belong to the Soviet bloc (like the Ukraine, Georgia, Latvia, East Germany, etc.) should be in the jury in this Starbridge/Tallahassee Memorial Hospital (Family Practice Residency Program) case.

However, Austria did not belong to the Soviet block, so Austrians can be included. Germans can be included, as long as the German is not one of those who picketed for me (regarding this case) and is a German who does not come from a East German background, but from a West German background.

Also, because many Americans still harbor anti-Soviet feelings against the Russian people, no American citizen should be on the jury either. I know this, because I live in the United States and am a very perceptive person. It will be fairly impossible for an American to be neutral in this case, so let’s just eliminate the Americans.

666-Computer analysis will screen out those VOTER JURORS who have prejudice against the present-day Russians, the present-day Americans or Pope John Paul II. The way the 666-Computer analysis will work will be to show video footage of the present-day Russians and Americans and/or Pope John Paul II to that VOTER JUROR, and to analyze the emotional reaction of that potential VOTER JUROR to the footage. Any willing and knowing attempt or action to use VOTER JURORS who have prejudice against the present-day Russians or Americans or to Pope John Paul II, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.

There are enough VOTER JURORS in other countries that we can use and from other backgrounds which we can use.

It goes without saying that no Jesuits or UNWILLING AGENTS should be in the jury.

You might say this case is being tried in the United States, how do we find a jury that is not composed of American citizens?

We will handle the jury like we did for the Nuremberg case, except that no American citizens or citizens of Russia (or of countries that used to belong to the Soviet bloc) can be in the jury and no prejudicial persons will be used (see above paragraphs). Other than these exceptions, the jury will be composed of all people of the world (China, Japan, Korea, Phillippines, Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, India, Australia, England, France, Italy, Canada, etc.) and the requirements for the jury will be the same as they were for the Nuremberg case. See CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT, Sect. 29 through 31.

You might say, you shouldn’t use the French. I will use the French to be fair to the Jesuits, but REMEMBER, we won’t use anybody (French or otherwise) who has prejudice against the Russians, Americans, or Pope John Paul II. So, if the French person has a hang up about Americans, he/she won’t be used as a VOTER JUROR.

You might say China used to belong to the Soviet bloc. This is sort of true, but the Chinese culture is so different from the Russian culture, that I feel a Chinese person can be neutral about this case. So we will use the Chinese. I don’t think the Chinese fully identify with the Russians, so they won’t show favoritism to the Russians and they won’t show favoritism to the Americans, either–so they’re good to use. And it’s fair to have some juror members who come from a communist background–this is fair to the Russians.

You see, the reason the Russians are all fired up about this case is because they don’t want their country to return to communism (like they had under Stalin), so it’s fair to have some jurors who understand this. We just don’t want to use Russians in the jury because this case is too personal to the Russians and if we use Russians, the Jesuits will holler to high heaven, that there’s no way this case could be fair–with Russians in the jury.

I feel the evidence we have against the Jesuits is so strong, that it is safe to set up the jury as I suggested. We won’t have to use any Americans or any Russians or those from the former Soviet bloc or those with prejudice against the Russians or Pope John Paul II or Americans, and I guarantee we will still get a just verdict (if you follow the rules I set up for VOTER JURORS) as in the Nuremberg trial.

So we will have a jury trial, but because this case is of international concern, we will make our jury all those who watch the case on INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS (following the guidelines of Sect. 29 through 31 of CONSPIRACY LAWS AND GOVERNMENT), with the exceptions I noted above.

XXX1/2–G.S. (11-4-04)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 11-4-04
Place: Melbourne, FL