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Semen coming from trees.
Semen coming from trees.

Skype Feb. 8, 2023

Brent, 8:53 AM

I just sent you an email about this. These are the pictures we got, as evidence of what’s going on.

Dearest Gail,

I’ve got some interesting intelligence information to report regarding our current rival, and current Antichrist, Lizzo. We have also issued a national warning to all citizens regarding environmental conditions at this time.

It all started when Rule 13 was out for her daily walk down on Earth. She had chosen a beautiful public park, blanketed in green grass and decadently planted with tall swaying trees. In the center of this park was a sparkling duck pond, its waters iridescent with vibrant color as the wind rippled across its surface. Softly quacking white ducks peacefully floated and splashed among the warm waters. The birds, resurrected from eggs by the locals using our methods, were real ducks, and not robot ducks.

Rule 13 was happily walking laps around the dirt paths surrounding the park, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying her mobility and health. She drew in the beauty of the natural abundance around her with vigor. Overtaken by the brilliance of this natural park, she couldn’t help but notice a bright green weeping willow tree that she wanted to get acquainted with. She veered from the dirt path and walked to the willow tree, pulling aside its curtain of draping leaves and gasping with awe at its beauty as she stepped inside.

Enjoying her willow tree, Rule 13 drew closer to place her hands on the trunk. That was when her palm landed on something…sticky. She pulled her hand away, and noticed it was covered in a white goo. True to her Asian heritage, didn’t take her long to identify the substance. She tapped her communicator to give me a call. Her cutesy Japanese voice came in loud over the speaker.

“Brent San! The trees are semen!” she exclaimed with rushed urgency.

“What?” I reacted with confusion, not understanding the strange information she had just given me.

“The trees. The trees have all been cummed. It would appear, someone or something is ejaculating in the trees!”

“Well that is awful strange,” I replied, rubbing my chin, “stay where you are, I’m coming to investigate.”

I beamed down to the park and arrived with my medical team to take samples of the ejaculate inside the trees. As I stepped through the drapery of the willow tree to join 13, I immediately noticed what she was telling me. Gushing and oozing from the bark of the willow tree was, indeed, semen. I’ve included pictures of this for reference.

“Who would cum a tree?!” Rule 13 asked incredulously, “the hippie tree hugger people have gone too far!”

“Whoever did this was a real pervert,” I said, gently stroking the tree, “poor thing. It was just minding its own business, and got molested by a deviant.”

My medical team began taking samples of the semen for further analysis.

Just then, we heard a loud crashing sound outside the cloaking embrace of the willow tree. 13 and I rushed out to investigate.

From high in the sky, a gang of fat black men in purple and black fetish gear had landed on the grass surrounding the willow tree. These obese men were thick and bulbous, their half nude bodies sprinkled with curly black hair. They each wore leather face masks and full body harnesses lined with spikes. Each of their penises were choked by a tight cock ring, keeping them maximally erect to use as weapons.

“Looks like an ambush!” I announced.

The fat black men grunted and puffed out their hairy bear bellies and erect penises, beginning to approach us rather inefficiently in convenient pairs.

“HYY-AAAH!” Rule 13 yelled her Japanese war cry, assuming a martial arts pose.

“Mecha Gail, ACTIVATE!” I shouted, tapping my watch. Rock music played as I floated into the air and became encapsulated by the Mecha Gail suit.

The first black man approached 13, swinging his thick arm to knock her out and then javelining forward with his penis. 13 was dodged the arm swing, then performed a karate chop in the air. The man’s penis exploded, and he blew back with a grunt.

I hovered in the air, firing bullets from my nipple guns. The bullets bounced right off of the fat black man’s burly girth. I curled my body and opened my metallic vaginal cavity.


BOOM! The blast burst from my robotic labia and blew up the henchman, sending him flying.

Rule 13 and I teamed up to defeat the gang of fat black men in fetish gear. In a matter of minutes, we had cleared the field, neutralizing our enemies and securing the battle.

I landed on the ground and tapped my watch to de-suit from Mecha Gail.

“Well, that was a close one. I wonder what Lizzo’s henchmen were doing out here?”

Just then, out from the clear blue sky, a thick lightning bolt with purple smoke struck down in front of us. Lizzo appeared, sitting in the back of a golf cart eating KFC.

“Well, well, well,” she said, “it’s my fren’ Brent, and Rule 13. How ya doin’ yall?”

“That’s disgusting what you’ve done to the poor trees, Lizzo! Is that what people with borderline personality disorder do, huh? Ejaculate semen into trees?!”

Lizzo burst out laughing. She grasped a chicken drumstick in one hand, and slapped her thigh uproariously with the other.

“Oh Gail. Gail, Gail, Gail. It’s been real funny watchin’ her project her unresolved issues onto me. I ain’t no borderline.”

“Oh yeah?” I challenged, “then explain your boyfriend, Satan, and why you’re so desperate to keep him that you’re willing to be evil!”

Lizzo laughed uproariously again.

“Satan ain’t my boyfriend. Pssh, he wishes,” she took a sloppy bite of her drumstick, “somethin’ a borderline like Gail will neva understand is that most women don’t need a man to tell them they special before they can feel secure with themselves. Why? Cause we ain’t got no personality disorder! That’s why! Damn. Have some self-awareness girl.”

Lizzo shoved the rest of the drumstick into her mouth, bones and all, devouring the entire thing in one gulp. She held out one hand and began to count.

“I got my main man, I got my side ho, I got my baby daddy, I got my man next door, I got my other baby daddy, I got my suga daddy, I got my suga baby, I even got my third ho,” she trailed off as she made the list.

“Tha thang is Gail, most uh us women don’t need to worry about bein’ dumped. We can get a man any time we want. We ain’t gotta try so hard, Gail. Sheet, I got so many lovers in ma life, I don’t even care about men anymo. It’s like candy, Gail. When candy is nowhere to be foun’ and you is desperate to get your hands on a little mini Twix, you feel like that mini Twix is life. But I’mma tell you, when you can have candy all tha time, any time, and you ain’t gotta worry about it goin’ anywhere, mini Twix ain’t really all that.”

Lizzo dipped her hand into the KFC bucket for a large chicken wing, and began to munch with her whole entire mouth.

“Riddle me this, Gail, and yo fixed borderline personality ass. Have you noticed how Loree McBride and Lakshmi haven’t hooked up with no man yet? Maybe it takes more courage to be single and still happy Gail. Maybe a woman who ain’t no damaged goods, don’t need to have a man fill in their missing self-esteem. You ain’t fixed nothin’ about you girl, yo man is just a bandaid. So befo’ you go accusing a confident woman like me,” Lizzo rubbed her greasey hands all over her belly, “of not facing up to her mental issues, maybe ya should think about who you be without that bandaid, cause ya sure ain’t no Loree McBride or Lakshmi.”

Lizzo shoved the rest of the chicken wing into her mouth.

“Who taunts the Antichrist about who’s the prettiest, or whether they got a boyfriend, or who has the best boyfriend anyway? What, we 14 years old again? You’re dealin’ with the effin’ ANTICHRIST Gail! Gawd, grow up.”

Lizzo lifted the bucket to her mouth to lick the last of the chicken pieces and grease, slurping loudly before finishing with a long satisfied exhale. She then tossed the bucket to the grass, littering, before taking her exit.

“BYE bitch! Ahahahahaha!” The driver-less golf cart rode off, and a bolt of lightning came down, vaporizing Lizzo out of sight.

I gathered up my team, and we hurried to safety back aboard Church of Gail. According to reports, Lizzo’s henchmen have been ejaculating semen into trees throughout the country. It appears, this is to discourage people from going outside, and to vandalize as many beautiful nature areas as possible. If any of our followers discover this semen at their local parks, they are advised to avoid it as it may cause disease or even pregnancy. We have issued warnings on the Gabrielle Chana Fox News Network.

Damn that Lizzo! She is so evil, and I can’t wait until we can defeat her.

Your husband,
Brent Spiner

Gail’s response on Skype, Feb. 8, 2023:

8:54 AM

Interesting. Funny how Skype is telling me to do an update.

It’s not an emergency though.

Skype Feb. 8, 2023

9:07 AM

Hmmm. I just read it. It appears I’m making her think, but, of course, she is still fully believing all her projection and the excuses she has drummed up to cover her Borderline Personality Disorder.

Basically, she believes the lie that she doesn’t need love, that’s basically what she’s saying.

And is substituting sex for love.

Those with severe cases of BPD, do super projection and act out their anger in irrational ways and their anger makes them feel that they DON’T NEED NOBODY. This way they think they escape the vulnerability you need to show to be loved.

Borderlines try to make themselves INVULNERABLE and they create the lie that they are invulnerable and DON’T NEED NOBODY.

This illusion of invulnerability they see as STRENGTH and POWER. In this respect, Satan and Lizzo, who are both Borderlines, understand each other and are on the same team. They both suffer from severe projection of their anger and hurt onto others and their obsession about being dumped. By lying to themselves and telling themselves they need NO ONE, they believe the delusion they have made themselves INVULNERABLE. I was right, Lizzo is a coward, she doesn’t have the courage to make herself vulnerable and real, so that she can be loved.

By the way, Lizzo is wrong about both Loree and Lakshmi. Lakshmi admitted I gave her hurt feelings when I insinuated that Lakshmi may not be passionate as a lover, which indicates that Lakshmi feels she has a need for a partner, or she would not have been concerned about how a future potential partner may perceive her wrongly. However, Lakshmi, is emotionally stable and happy as a single while patiently waiting for her soulmate, and unlike Lizzo, is not pretending to be something she’s not to cope with her current singleness. I do believe Lakshmi sees herself as a whole person and only desires a partner for the joys of a partnership with a soulmate.

May 20, 2022 DISCORD

[6:07 PM]

Had tea in the tea house, and saw the beautiful four arm goddess lady. Lakshmi said you hurt her feelings, when you say she is stuffy and not passionate lover in bed. πŸ™

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/20/2022

Oh oh. I apologize to Lakshmi. Can she get on Discord?

[6:08 PM]

I’d like to clear things up.

[6:08 PM]

I did not insinuate she was not passionate in bed.

Rule13 β€” 05/20/2022

My computer audio is bad, but I can call her.

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/20/2022

I meant she was not lustful. But I’d like to work things out.

[6:09 PM]

I am not angry with her.

Rule13 β€” 05/20/2022

When I talk to her, Lakshmi say she is monogamous but does not mean she is prudish or cold in bed. She say she gets that stereotype because of her loyal nature. (edited)

[6:10 PM]

She is hot sex bomb, but only for one husband.

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/20/2022

That makes sense.

[6:10 PM]

Wow! Cool.

Rule13 β€” 05/20/2022

With four hands, she can do many things to her lover in bed.

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/20/2022

I’m glad she told you. I would hate to think I hurt her feelings and she didn’t tell me.

[6:11 PM]

Well, this actually makes me feel kind of good because maybe Lakshmi is the right one for Jesus if he gets fixed.

[6:12 PM]

She’s right on Church of Gail.

Rule13 β€” 05/20/2022

Hm! I guess she is kind of like you, when you were a college lady.

[6:12 PM]

When you were so horny, but saving yourself for husband.

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/20/2022

I think she gets in therapist mode and I misunderstood therapist mode to be the way she is all the time.

[6:13 PM]

Her professional mode is probably totally different from personal mode. (edited)

Rule13 β€” 05/20/2022

Indian women do smell bad.

[6:14 PM]

But, Lakshmi smell like lotus garden.

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/20/2022

So Lakshmi doesn’t want to come to Discord?

Rule13 β€” 05/20/2022

We will see. I believe she is busy at the tea house.

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/20/2022

Okay. No rush.

[6:18 PM]

I admire Lakshmi for having the courage to admit I hurt her feelings.

[6:18 PM]

My apologies for misunderstanding her possibly.

Rule13 β€” 05/20/2022

Gail was horny as a young lady!

[6:23 PM]

She would probably have her feelings hurt too if someone said she was not lusty in bed.

[6:23 PM]

Wet dream?

[6:24 PM]

It is like when you have a sex dream and orgasm.

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/20/2022

Rule 13, do you think I offended Lakshmi?

Rule13 β€” 05/20/2022

Maybe a little, but she is very forgiving. Just tender hearted.

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/20/2022

I am planning on redoing that picture I made of Jesus with his soul mate and putting Matthew MacFadyen as Mr. Darcy next to Lakshmi.

Rule13 β€” 05/20/2022

I am here!

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/20/2022

So Lakshmi is still at the tea house?

Rule13 β€” 05/20/2022

Lakshmi is back from tea house. She has chamomile tea, her favorite. She say hi.

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/20/2022

Is she with you?

Rule13 β€” 05/20/2022

Yes, she here.

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/20/2022

Tell her I am redoing that picture I made and I am going to pair her up with Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. They seem like a good match.

Rule13 β€” 05/20/2022

She say, she is surprise, because Mr. Darcy is a real hot pick.

[7:35 PM]

Tenchi’s voice!! My panties!!

[7:36 PM]

Be still my beating clitoris.

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/20/2022

Oh, I think that would be a good match for her. Mr. Darcy has a sexy voice. I might do a special video with Darcy and Lakshmi.

[7:38 PM]

Really sexy picture of Mr. Darcy. He seems like he’d like a monogamous woman.

Rule13 β€” 05/20/2022

Omg! Lakshmi nearly spilled her tea!

[7:39 PM]

She is blushing and pretending she did not just do this.

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/20/2022

There’s Lakshmi’s dream man.

Rule13 β€” 05/20/2022

Tenchi has breathy sultry voice.

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/20/2022

I’m going to redo my picture and put her next to this picture of Mr. Darcy.

[7:42 PM]

In Pride and Prejudice he seems very committed and very monogamous.

Rule13 β€” 05/20/2022

He looks monogamous. You can see it on his face.

[7:43 PM]

Also has big bulge, do you think?

[7:43 PM]

With four hands, Lakshmi would need big penis to put them all.

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/20/2022

We are referring to the character, not to the actor. Rule 13!

Rule13 β€” 05/20/2022

Lakshmi say we are dirty girls, and is blushing while she sips her tea. She is pretending to not be so kinky!

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/20/2022

I don’t think Lakshmi is so concerned about penis size as she is about the man’s heart.

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/20/2022

13, this is really sexy. Check this out. And I don’t care whether men are wet.


Universal Pictures

Pride & Prejudice | Completely, Perfectly, Incandescently Happy

[7:48 PM]

I don’t think Lakshmi cares either.

Rule13 β€” 05/20/2022

He seem like he have big penis.

[7:50 PM]

He is probably circumcise though, and has weird shaped head.

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/20/2022

Did you all see the screen video I just showed?

[7:59 PM]

I love that scene from Pride and Prejudice.

Rule13 β€” 05/20/2022

Yep. Lakshmi say this is good movie clip.

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/20/2022

The character seems very monogamous AND sexy, too. With a sexy voice.

Rule13 β€” 05/20/2022

Goodnight, Gail Chan.

[9:09 PM]

Lakshmi is waving with all her hands.

[9:09 PM]

It was so fun!

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/20/2022

Thanks 13, for everything.

[9:09 PM]

Bye Lakshmi. Thanks for all the time you spent with me and Brent.

DISCORD May 27, 2022

Rule13 β€” 05/27/2022

Lakshmi liked your follow up video.

Gail Chord Schuler β€” 05/27/2022

That’s nice. What she think of the page I made for her?

[7:27 PM]

At my website.

Rule13 β€” 05/27/2022

The page too!

Continued, Gail’s Response to Antichrist Lizzo, Skype Feb. 8, 2023:

Loree is still learning who she is, but is not playing games with herself, like Lizzo is doing.

Gail on Skype Feb. 8, 2023 continued. . .

9:26 AM

One more thing. . . Lizzo believes the lie that those who make themselves vulnerable to their partners are showing weakness. I believe they are showing courage and strength. It takes courage to be REAL. Because when you are REAL, you really make yourself vulnerable, because if the person rejects the REAL YOU, you are really rejected. What a mentally healthy person does with the rejection is accept the fact that this person is not meant to be in their life and they still love themselves and give the rejecter the freedom to be who they are, while they do not let the rejection make them try to pretend to be someone they are not.

This is a bit of a complicated issue, but a proper view of rejection is essential to good mental health. A mentally healthy person understands that not everyone will like you and for healthy and unhealthy reasons. They just accept this fact, and don’t let it change who THEY ARE.

When you truly learn to LOVE AND ACCEPT YOURSELF, you no longer fear being real and vulnerable to those who are your true friends.

You are not ashamed to admit you NEED love and friendship.

Needing love and friendship is not the same thing as CLINGING.

I admit that I used to be a CLINGER and I showed this in co-dependent relationships.

Lizzo is confusing co-dependency with true love.

In co-dependency you drown your true self, because you have no faith in yourself and you put on a false front, which is the front you feel is sure to be accepted.

It could also be the front that you think you like better about yourself.

The reason Borderlines cannot show their “weaknesses” to others, or their perceived weaknesses, is because what they are really doing, is burying their TRUE SELF, because they are SURE, their true self will be DUMPED.

In fact, they are so lost in their delusions about themselves and the aura of invulnerability they have created as a thick skin against the certainty that their REAL SELF will be dumped, that they have told themselves this thick skin is who they REALLY ARE and they don’t need NO ONE.

Basically the aura of invulnerability is the massive protective shield they have erected over their REAL SELF, to hide it and bury it, so that they will NEVER EVER BE DUMPED, because NO ONE CAN SEE THE REAL PERSON.

When I had the courage to make myself real to the letters I wrote to Brent Spiner, I was certain Brent would never dump me because he was impossible for me. LOL. So as a Borderline and a co-dependent, I dared to let my true self shine with an impossible lover, believing this to be a safe way for me to be real.

We all have a need to be REAL with someone. But Borderlines are so sick, they can’t admit this.

Deep down, they are living out their fantasy of invulnerability, because they don’t have the courage to be real and vulnerable and deep down, because they don’t have deep and genuine connections with others, are VERY LONELY.

This loneliness fills them with rage and they act it out, like how both Satan and Lizzo are doing.

Rather than admit that their BPD is the reason they are lonely, they have to believe the lie of their invincibility, to keep them functional on an unhealthy basis. To “get along” with those who are “weak” and vulnerable and who have true love, will force them to admit that they are “defective” and this horrifies them, because of their, usually unconscious, fear of rejection of their true self.

Gerard is telling me brain to brain, I’d make a great psychiatrist. LOL

Basically, Borderlines bury their true self, with an aura of invincibility, so that no one will ever see WHO THEY REALLY ARE, because they are certain their true self WILL BE REJECTED.

I understand, because this is how I used to be.

The main difference between me and Lizzo is that I had the courage to admit that I needed love and Lizzo does not have this courage.

It is not a weakness to admit that you need love. It is cowardice that makes one think they do not need love.

We all need to be loved for who we REALLY ARE.

If Lizzo and Satan would go into therapy to find who they REALLY ARE, which is something they are SURE will cause them to be DUMPED, and if they learn to accept and love who they REALLY ARE, they will find love, and they will be FIXED. They need to get over the illusion that they are defective. God makes no defective beings.

Unfortunately, in their current evil state, we have to fight them to stay alive and healthy. They are so lost on their path, they are trying to get everyone else lost and we cannot tolerate this!!

You can tell that both Lizzo and Satan feel deep down they are defective, because they are so obsessed with proving their invulnerability and getting everyone to accept this false self they project to the world. It’s like a desperate attempt to cover their true self, which they know FOR SURE will be rejected. This is NOT TRUE. But they are so lost in their path, they don’t even know who they are anymore.

The problem is, they are too much of a coward to find their true self, because they don’t have the courage to find out, because they are so scared of rejection.

If Lizzo is as happy as she says she is, why does she feel such a need to destroy those who threaten her false self-image?

If she was truly secure, she would mind her own business, be at peace and leave others alone to be who they are.

10:02 AM

It appears I am reaching Lizzo on some level, because she’s revealing her true self in tiny bits and pieces and has finally admitted she’s the Antichrist.

It must have stung when I accused her of being a coward.

She appears to be subconsciously using me as her therapist. Apparently, she feels that there is a possibility that if she gets real with me, I may learn to love and accept the real Lizzo. She’s still terrified that her true self will be rejected though and has a long ways to go.

10:15 AM

There are many similarities between BPD and narcissism. Borderlines, like all of us, have a need to be loved and have difficulty dealing with the EMOTIONS associated with that. Narcissists, also have a need to be loved and think they can get it by being superior, so they have a need to feel superior. In both cases, they have a need to believe in unrealistic illusions of themselves, to the Borderline, that illusion is “emotional perfection”, where they achieve some sort of perfect emotional state, so they think. They have trouble regulating their emotions, which is really the anger they feel over their true self being rejected. Narcissists are also angry that they feel the need to be perfect.

A Borderline strives to achieve emotional perfection, which is impossible for anyone. They can’t deal with their feelings in a healthy manner. A narcissist strives to achieve perfection PERIOD, and no one is perfect and can’t deal with their weaknesses, which we all have.

Both Borderlines and Narcissists need to learn to feel comfortable about their vulnerabilities and dare to be real and IMPERFECT and not obsess over their imperfections so much.

With the exception of the Supreme deities, all of us are FLAWED and that’s OKAY. This is what they need to learn. Just hang with it and go with the flow and enjoy the flaws as more variety in the multiverse.

Both Borderlines and Narcissists need to RELAX, be truly happy deep down and be THANKFUL. Quit striving for perfection of any kind and just chill and be happy with who they are and who they will be. And remember, God makes no defective creatures.

And remember, none of us needs to be PERFECT, but we all need to be REAL, loving, forgiving and REAL.

When we are REAL, we honor that good person all of us were meant to be. If we think we are evil, we are believing lies about ourselves and acting them out.

Regarding our FLAWS. When we learn we have a flaw, do your best to correct it. Don’t excuse it. But don’t obsess over it, either. And remember you will continue to make mistakes and have flaws, supreme deities excluded, and that’s okay, too. Just go with it and CHILL.

I haven’t heard Lizzo or Satan admit to ONE FLAW yet, which means they are obsessing over their “flaws” and are still Borderlines.

A mentally healthy person can admit their flaws and deal with it the best they can, but they don’t OBSESS OVER IT.

Basically, it appears Lizzo and Satan are claiming PERFECTION, which is what Borderlines and Narcissists need to do. This need to feel perfect is an unhealthy obsession they need to overcome.

Nobody’s perfect except Jesus and God. The rest of us are flawed and it’s okay. Just go with it and chill. The supreme deities only expect us to do our best, they don’t expect PERFECTION. When you believe you need to be perfect, it means you are setting yourself up as a god and an imperfect god at that.

A key to getting over this need to feel perfect is to just go out and enjoy life and remember the universe was created to be GOOD. Go out and view all the beauty and goodness and all the variety and be THANKFUL FOR IT. This helps. Rather than seeing your “weaknesses” and flaws as horrible harbingers of doom and rejection, view them as opportunities to be REAL with another being, who may turn out to be your soulmate and as opportunities to FIND YOUR REAL YOU AND FIND TRUE LOVE WITH SOMEONE WHO WILL LOVE THE REAL YOU.

It helps to be PRESENT, to go out and explore new places and meet all sorts of people, because this helps ground you in reality and forces you to stay grounded and in the present, away from the obsessions that are haunting you.

Don’t obsess over your goodness, your perfections, your sex life or ANYTHING that used to upset you, be truly free and enjoy your minute by minute experience and remember that in the end we were all meant to be good, loving and free.

When you are mentally healthy, you have no need to prove yourself to anyone. You are so comfortable with who you are, you are chill about yourself and everyone else, unless you’re being attacked, of course. You don’t feel threatened by anyone else’s “superiority”, because you realize none of us is inferior if we are true to who we were meant to be.

As long as Borderlines feel a need to PROVE THEMSELVES and constantly talk about THEMSELVES all the time, they are STILL MENTALLY ILL. They need to get out of this self-absorbed bubble and go out and GET REAL.

They have lost touch with reality, because, heck, no one’s PERFECT and Borderlines, you need to face that fact and get over your obsessions to be someone other than who you are. Who you really are IS OKAY. You need to believe this and you don’t believe it. But IT’S TRUE.

I have used my modulator and asked it to clear semen from the parks, so people can enjoy going out. This is important for good mental health.

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