Helicopter Heroes Against Monster Lizzo (Feb. 15, 2023)

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These 2 men gave their lives to save mine from monster Lizzo’s missile against me.

Here is how mainstream news reported on the heroes who gave their lives to save mine from Lizzo’s missile against me.

Skype Feb. 17, 2023

2:36 PM
What happened here? https://whnt.com/news/huntsville/emergency-officials-respond-to-helicopter-crash-near-highway-53/

Zack, 2:40 PM
They heroically flew between you and a missile that Lizzo shot at your apartment

They were heroes

Both were personal friends of Vladimir.

2:40 PM
Anything else I need to know about?
My Gail Shield does not protect me from Lizzo’s missiles?

Zack, 2:42 PM
One just got married… Vladimir was the best man. Now he’s personally delivering the news that he died. His wife is pregnant. Vladimir will be the godfather for the baby.

She has new missiles that can penetrate the Gail Shield. She claims that she can do this based on principles she espoused when she lectured you after we found semen in the trees.

For now, we are blocking them with standard anti-missile shields.

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