(1992) Lal – Star Trek: The Next Generation teleplay

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Gail wrote “Lal” for Brent Spiner as a one month old writer. Can order teleplay “Lal” from amazon.com for $2.99 on Kindle. 
The character Lal comes from “The Offspring” . “Lal” is a sequel to the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode called “The Offspring”, which aired for the first time on March 12, 1990.

Here is a PREVIEW of the future audio book. Gail is very busy and may get around to this one of these days!

Brent had stated at a Star Trek convention that he’d like to bring the Lal character back, so Gail tried to do this for him. Unfortunately, due to Jesuit obsession over Brent’s love for Gail, and Jesuit takeover of Paramount Studios around 1992, this submission to Paramount went nowhere.

Gail still feels that around 1992 this would have made a great episode. Data went in a darker direction after 1992, and lost a lot of the innocence that Gail felt made him such an attractive character to her up until 1992. She captures in this teleplay the Data she loved from Melinda Snodgrass’s episode called “Pen Pals”. Gail believes that Melinda Snodgrass was the best writer Star Trek had.

Unfortunately, once Brent fell in love with Gail, Paramount Studios was so focused on destroying his love for Gail, they didn’t mind losing great writers and compromising writing quality in Star Trek episodes after 1992. Gail realized at the time she wrote this, that her technical details may be slightly off, but the Star Trek writers told their spec script writers (like Gail) to mainly focus on writing character stories, which she did, and to not be obsessed with the technical details–that if they got a great story, they could fix up the technical aspects.

Right click on bar on the left side to loop and hear “Lal” soundtrack over and over continuously.

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