About Robin Williams' Death in The Shimmering Sea

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As Gail wrote this true story, Jesus revealed to her how He fulfilled the longings in Robin’s heart when the Jesuits murdered him. This story is for anyone, like Robin’s lovely daughter Zelda, who feels shattered about Robin Williams’ death. It was not Gail’s intent to write a comedy, but she did try to write in first person point of view as Robin Williams, and she laughed a lot as she read the Kindle version (paperback version is the same). She must have captured Robin Williams. It appears the story’s greatest strength is her believable portrayal of Robin Williams. This book will take the reader right into the soul of that man. Gail’s current writing projects entitled Vladimir & Catherine the Great will deal with the Lyudmila wife charade Jesuits forced on Vladimir Putin in 2001, and how Vladimir found the courage to be real in 2013, when he divorced his Jesuit clone wife & a sequel to her Robin Williams story called Jesus the Eternal Bridegroom: Catherine the Great Reincarnated.

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