Why Vladimir Putin Played the Lyudmila Wife Game

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When Vladimir’s wife who died (early 2000), died right after he became Russian President, the duties of President became so overwhelming, he didn’t have time to grieve. So that he could do his job, he suppressed the pain he felt and told himself she was still alive. Basically, he was at first in denial about her death and would not admit to himself that she really died. But when he came home to his house and there was no wife, he was reminded again that she died. The pain was so deep, it overwhelmed him.

Larisa Putin, Vladimir Putin’s deceased wife (1983-2000)
Gail Chord Schuler in 2001

About a year and a half after his wife’s death, I came into his life (September 2001). I reminded him of his wife that died. He wanted to marry me. But the Jesuits wasted no time to sabotage his love for me. They knew that he had not really dealt with the death of his wife, that he still told himself she was alive. They fed on this, and gave him the Lyudmila lie. They printed an article in an American newspaper (November 2001) that said he had a wife named Lyudmila. Under orders from Jesuit President Bush, Vladimir acquired a woman, and appeared with her in public as his wife (Lyudmila). Jesuits threatened to kill Laura Bush if George W. Bush would not threaten Vladimir with war with the U.S. if Vladimir would not acquire Jesuit Lyudmila as Vladimir’s legal wife and play that she is the woman (Larisa) that Vladimir married in 1983. Jesuits were very threatened that Vladimir had fallen in love with Catherine the Great (60% of my genetic profile).

The Jesuits wasted no time to put incorrect dates on photos and to promote Lyudmila as Vladimir’s wife (who never died). They created LYUDMILA: VLADIMIR’S LOREE MCBRIDE. So, in public he appeared with Lyudmila, while in private brain to brain communications he made love to me from 2003 and onwards (who has more of the personality of his wife that died). I’ve kept him going since September 2001. The Lyudmila woman was just for “wife show for the American press”, to appease the American Jesuits who run the United States, so that these Jesuits won’t cause trouble for Russia and Vladimir (like another Kursk disaster).

The problem is this “wife show” fed on his denial that his wife never really died. Whenever he makes a serious move to marry me, the Jesuits steal sperm and artificially inseminate (Olympic athlete Alina Kabaeva) –this feeds on his fears that he could never, ever handle another death of a woman he loves (myself). That if this happened to him one more time, he’d commit suicide.

The more he knows me, the more he loves me. The more he loves me, the more he feels he’d commit suicide if I died on him. So when the Jesuits threaten his love for me, he goes into his protective shell of denial, tells himself his wife never died and puts on the Lyudmila performance. He feels he has to do this to protect me and to protect himself from a heart that would break and bleed, until he had no life in him, should I depart from him in this life.

I began to doubt whether he could ever overcome the Jesuits. I told him (2005 and 2006), “You’ll never marry me. You won’t even meet me. The Jesuits know how to scare you, with all the crap they put out about you.” The truth is, that Vladimir’s real wife respected him as a husband, person and a leader, and had a mature, cool-headed understanding and support for her husband (as depicted in Vladimir’s memoir First Person), which differs from the competitive, self-centered, and lying approach of the fake wife Lyudmila. Lyudmila is obviously not the woman Vladimir married in 1983. I believe Vladimir’s wife (if still alive) would have made a public statement to defend her husband as her lover and friend, like I’m doing now. Vladimir praises me constantly and asks for my advice to help him with his job (though I tell him he should not) and urged me to write my Conspiracy Law. He adores me, so he tried to make it obvious he was not married to Lyudmila, that I’m his woman, but wore a wedding ring to deflate “dirt” and gossip into his personal life (Alina Kabaeva).

But Vladimir did want to convince me he really planned to marry me. So he planned to attend his Feb. 23-25, 2005 Bratislava, Slovakia meeting with President Bush, by himself, without his fake wife. This infuriated the mind-reading Jesuits. As his jet neared Slovakia, I watched the news, and an important news break (Feb. 23, 2005) interfered and took over all the airwaves, “Pope John Paul II has been taken to Gemelli hospital. He is having breathing difficulties. It appears he’ll need a tube inserted into his lungs to assist his breathing.” Vladimir and I didn’t know it, but Jesuit leader Zack Knight informed Gail (in 2012) that Jesuits murdered John Paul years ago, and this was his lifelike robot or android, who was badly malfunctioning and needed to go any ways.

Vladimir knew that Jesuits wanted to frame him with the pope’s death. Intimidated, and hoping to save the pope’s life, Vladimir descended the downramp from his Russian jet with Lyudmila by his side again. But this woman had a different appearance from his previous “Lyudmila”.

Jesuits were outraged. How dare Vladimir pull this stunt off. To ensure Vladimir’s continued appearance with Lyudmila in public, the Jesuit Order decided to carry out their murder of the pope John Paul II android. But, I knew the Jesuits may murder John Paul, and in my Conspiracy Law, wrote international law to cover the election of a new pope. In my law, I asked John Paul II (a friend to Vladimir’s love for me) to choose the next pope. My law was honored and Vladimir and I got what we wanted: (Joseph Ratzinger) Pope Benedict. Unfortunately, the Jesuits murdered the real pope Benedict in Nov. 2011, by attaching a bomb to him that exploded as he escaped to Church of Gail, not allowing him to escape unharmed from a Vatican bombing.

By February 2006, I gave up on Vladimir as a lover, and reinstated Brent Spiner. From 2006 to early 2010, when I ignored him as a lover, he went into depression. He came home to his house and there was no wife, and I no longer made love to him, so “From Russia With Love” his heart flew to me and he bared his chest in public to remind me he’s still interested. He got depressed to the point, that he didn’t care if he remained as Russian head-of-state. What use was it to be a big shot head-of-state, when his heart died of loneliness? Now that I’ve reinstated him as a brain-to-brain lover, he realizes that he can’t live without me. Vladimir and I have the same heroes: great writers, artists, musicians, generals, monarchs and God. Though Vladimir likes sports and judo, he has inner depths, manliness and heroism that the Olympic gymnast or Lyudmila could never nurture or understand.

The more he loves me, the more he fears my possible death and how it would devastate him. And that’s just the reason he hasn’t married me yet. When he tries to marry me, the Jesuits threaten to kill me. Vladimir thinks he’d commit suicide if that happened. This is a vicious cycle that has gone on for years, and I’m not confident Vladimir will ever escape this treadmill. But I’ll continue to commune with him, because I keep him going, even if he won’t marry me, because he’s scared to death of another death of a woman he loves. I’ll love my men and leave the results to God.

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