Jack Chick Exposes the Jesuit Conspiracy

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My fiance gave me Jack Chick’s tape and his comic books such as Alberto and The Godfathers. I plopped Jack Chick’s CLICK HERE➔ Smokescreens

. . .into my portable cassette player, and heard the words from Jack Chick’s solemn voice. As I listened, I sensed that what Jack Chick said would be absolutely true. What I heard altered my life forever, and I’m sure what I heard horrified the Jesuits. After I listened to this tape, I wept for about ten minutes. . .

Update: Because this tape was made in the 1980’s, its information about Russia is outdated. Because of the fall of communism, there is now religious freedom in Russia. Most of what you hear in Smokescreens depicts the evil version of the Jesuits (whose current leader is Loree McBride, the Jesuit clone who poses as Brent Spiner’s wife), who, unfortunately, seems the real leader of the Catholic Church, and the evil Jesuits are depicted accurately in this tape. Zack Knight, former Jesuit leader and ex-Antichrist, ruled the Jesuits from about 1998 to August 2016. In August 2016, Zack Knight defected from Satan and came to Jesus Christ’s side after he learned that Angelina Ballerina (who tricked him into handing over his Antichrist powers to her and who was defeated in Jan. 2017) tried to murder his true love Rule 13. Loree McBride now rules the evil Jesuits in Angelina Ballerina’s stead.